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Unix Group Name Group Name Description Download
remailckd(freshmeat) remailckd remailckd is an RFC 1339 ("Remote Mail Che... Download
glickomania(freshmeat) Glickomania Glickomania is a simple but addictive puzzle ga... Download
cvsgrab(freshmeat) CVSGrab CVSGrab is a CVS client that reads the files fr... Download
lintar(freshmeat) LinTar LinTar is a decompressing tool written in GTK+.... Download
rbl-milter(freshmeat) rbl-milter Rbl-milter extends the capability of sendmail t... Download
advancedform(freshmeat) Advanced Form Framework with PHP Advanced Form Framework with PHP lets you gener... Download
phpnotes(freshmeat) PHPNotes PHPNotes is a reminder program that uses the PH... Download
palmrpn(freshmeat) RPN RPN is a Reverse Polish Notation calculator. Download
mycts(freshmeat) MyCTS My Centralized Timeregistration System (MyCTS) ... Download
diald-top(freshmeat) diald-top diald-top maintains a top-like listing of all p... Download
netdevicelib(freshmeat) netdevicelib netdevicelib is a Python module for interacting... Download
perlsgml(freshmeat) perlSGML perlSGML is a collection of Perl programs and ... Download
wmmixer(freshmeat) WMMixer WMMixer is a non-dockable Mixer application for... Download
php-fortune(freshmeat) PHP Fortune script PHP Fortune is a small script capable of readin... Download
phpshare(freshmeat) phpShare phpShare is a file browser written in PHP4. It ... Download
macwatch(freshmeat) macwatch macwatch is a small daemon that counts in- and ... Download
exact-audio(freshmeat) ExactAudio ExactAudio is a C++ digital audio signal proces... Download
fscvs(freshmeat) CVS for filesystem The fscvs is a group of tools to manage fspatch... Download
djbdns-conf(freshmeat) djbdns-conf djbdns-conf is a configuration tool for djbdns.... Download
axkit-wiki(freshmeat) AxKit Wiki AxKit Wiki is a Wiki built specifically for Apa... Download
knetscan(freshmeat) KNetScan KnetScan is a full-featured frontend for nmap, ... Download
kjsplit(freshmeat) KJSplit KJsplit is a file joiner and splitter. It can s... Download
pperl(freshmeat) PPerl PPerl is a persistent Perl interpreter that was... Download
htmldefaultify(freshmeat) HTML::Defaultify The HTML::Defaultify Perl module is designed t... Download
bonk-xmms(freshmeat) bonk-xmms bonk-xmms is an XMMS input plugin to play bonk ... Download
jregex(freshmeat) jregex jregex is a regular expression library for Java... Download
libformat1(freshmeat) libformat1 libformat is an adaptation of the mod_format A... Download
async(freshmeat) Asynchronous Socket Library The Asynchronous Socket Library provides event-... Download
pnmtopng(freshmeat) pnmtopng The pnmtopng package contains the official pnmt... Download
xoopsforge(freshmeat) XoopsForge XoopsForge is a SourceForge clone built on top ... Download
bondlog(freshmeat) James Bond Log James Bond Log is a daemon log watcher written ... Download
xleague(freshmeat) xleague xleague is a Motif 2.1 frontend for myleague, a... Download
remote_update_pl(freshmeat) is a script that utilizes Expe... Download
mod_pointer(freshmeat) mod_pointer mod_pointer is an Apache module for making doma... Download
mockmarket(freshmeat) mock market mock market is a program that lets users create... Download
web-panacea(freshmeat) web panacea panacea is the overly pretentious name for an o... Download
dcalc(freshmeat) dcalc dcalc(1) is a (fairly) portable character-based... Download
vladed(freshmeat) VladEd VladEd is an Italian text and HTML editor writt... Download
smbaccess(freshmeat) smbaccess smbaccess is used to restrict access to a Samba... Download
phpdocutron(freshmeat) PHPdocutron The PHPdocutron is an application to document P... Download
msgcat(freshmeat) PHP Message Catalog System PHP Message Catalog System is a PHP class that ... Download
fm(freshmeat) Fm FM is a Gtk+ file manager which aims to offer t... Download
kcast(freshmeat) Kcast Kcast is an application written in C++ and Qt f... Download
stwebinvoice(freshmeat) WebInvoice WebInvoice is a Website project to manage cli... Download
phprpg(freshmeat) phpRPG phpRPG is a multiplayer fantasy role-playing ga... Download
easypass(freshmeat) is a short script that can be used ... Download
emacs-vvb-mode(freshmeat) Emacs vertical bar mode Emacs vertical bar mode is an Emacs minor mode ... Download
blacknovatraders(freshmeat) BlackNova Traders BlackNova Traders is a strategy game, loosely b... Download
milterplusplus(freshmeat) libmilter++ Libmilter++ is a C++ wrapper library for the Se... Download
nicestep(freshmeat) NiceSTEP Java Components NiceSTEP Java Components is a set of Java Beans... Download
phptodo(freshmeat) phpToDo phpToDo is a simple todo list written in PHP wi... Download
collective(freshmeat) CMF Collective The CMF Collective project is an aggregation of... Download
racs(freshmeat) Racs Racs is a simple bash script that stores and ma... Download
paleta(freshmeat) Paleta Paleta is a personal log program for the GNOME ... Download
ruby-evas(freshmeat) Ruby/Evas Ruby/Evas provides Ruby bindings for Evas. Download
ddpo(freshmeat) Debian Developer's Packages Overview DDPO is a Web-based application that integrates... Download
reversi(freshmeat) Reversi Reversi includes two-player network support and... Download
dl(freshmeat) dl dl is a Perl script which provides a solution t... Download
contentionprofiler(freshmeat) Java Thread Contention Profiler Java Thread Contention Profiler is a simple JVM... Download
spaminator(freshmeat) Spaminator Spaminator is a combination of a MySQL and Perl... Download
standardtaglib(freshmeat) Standard Taglib (JSTL) The Standard Taglib from the Jakarta Apache pro... Download
sonomap(freshmeat) Sonoma Portal The Sonoma Portal is a Java/XML-based content ... Download
fonmon(freshmeat) fonmon fonmon is a remote phone monitor for isdn4linux... Download
coinflip(freshmeat) coinflip coinflip is a cryptographically secure program/... Download
rc5pipe(freshmeat) rc5pipe rc5pipe is a security program for encrypting an... Download
perlnuke(freshmeat) PerlNuke PerlNuke is a Content Management System like ph... Download
dama(freshmeat) Dama Dama lets you play Turkish draughts, which is r... Download
coreserver(freshmeat) C.O.R.E. server C.O.R.E. server is a small, robust, and fast fr... Download
irssibot(freshmeat) IrssiBot the IRC bot IrssiBot is an IRC bot written in pure Java. It... Download
dc395x_trm(freshmeat) Tekram DC395/DC315 (TRM-S1040) SCSI driver The Tekram DC395/DC315 (TRM-S1040) SCSI driver ... Download
bar(freshmeat) Bar BAR is a full reservations system intended for ... Download
friends(freshmeat) friends friends is a console tool that manages your con... Download
gcgi(freshmeat) GCGI GCGI implements NCSA's Common Gateway Interfac... Download
ftpmap(freshmeat) FTP Map Ftpmap scans remote FTP servers to identify wha... Download
reauth(freshmeat) reauth reauth is a utility which gets and maintains AF... Download
freefactor(freshmeat) Freefactor Freefactor is a Java refactoring framework. It ... Download
staff(freshmeat) ST@FF - Support Tool and Forum Frameset ST@FF is a forum frameset based on topic notes... Download
dudusdl(freshmeat) Duzzle Duddle DuduSDL is a clone of the well-known arcade gam... Download
gscanbus(freshmeat) gscanbus gscanbus is a little tool for testing and visua... Download
uclibclinux(freshmeat) uClibcLinux uClibcLinux is a purely uClibc-based Linux dist... Download
phpprofiler(freshmeat) PHP Profiler Class PHP Profiler Class performs code profiling and ... Download
mod_ifenv(freshmeat) mod_ifenv mod_ifenv is an Apache module that provides the... Download
texi2db(freshmeat) texi2db texi2db is a Perl script that converts a Texinf... Download
wt2db(freshmeat) wt2db wt2db converts WikiText files, or files in the ... Download
fwup(freshmeat) fwup Firewall is a set of scripts (firewall, fwup, a... Download
maki(freshmeat) maki maki is a Web-serving framework built on Python... Download
jcomm(freshmeat) J/CoMM J/CoMM is an OS independent RS232 remote contro... Download
nupop(freshmeat) Nupop nupop is a GPLd POP3 server designed for high-p... Download
openzz(freshmeat) OpenZz OpenZz is an interpreted dynamic parser which i... Download
datalang(freshmeat) Datalang Datalang (DL) was designed to be a pure data l... Download
fish(freshmeat) FISH FISH simplifies the installation of RPM packag... Download
sqlworksheet(freshmeat) SQLWeb Worksheet 3000 SQLWeb Worksheet is a Web-based SQL worksheet ... Download
amavis-n-parser(freshmeat) amavis-notify-parser amavis-notify-parser analyzes hostmaster notifi... Download
sacphp(freshmeat) SAC.php SACphp is a fully-featured, modular, multilingu... Download
jump(freshmeat) JUMP JUMP (The JUMP Ultimate Math Package) is a Java... Download
javadoxml(freshmeat) JavadoXML JavadoXML is a Doclet that produces XML as outp... Download
dir2xml(freshmeat) Dir2XML Dir2xml is a library for generating an XML file... Download
yerba(freshmeat) Yerba Yerba is a portal system created with PHP and S... Download
image2wav(freshmeat) is a simple python program to crea... Download
hafiye(freshmeat) EnderUNIX Hafiye Hafiye is a POSIX-compliant, customizable TCP/I... Download

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