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Unix Group Name Group Name Description Download
syntran(freshmeat) syntran In Haskell, data type declarations, Parsec pars... Download
formvalidator(freshmeat) Ruby FormValidator FormValidator is a Ruby port of Perl's Data::Fo... Download
p2pshaper(freshmeat) p2pshaper p2pshaper is a Linux QoS script to ensure good ... Download
videodog(freshmeat) VideoDog VideoDog is a command line tool to grab frames ... Download
bmp-rss-feeder(freshmeat) bmp-rss-feeder bmp-rss-feeder is a plugin for the Beep Media P... Download
antflow(freshmeat) AntFlow AntFlow builds upon Apache Ant to provide a new... Download
jical(freshmeat) Java iCal Group Scheduler Java iCal Group Scheduler enables several users... Download
filtergen(freshmeat) filtergen filtergen takes a high-level language and compi... Download
pyzam(freshmeat) Pyzam This is an archived comic book reader. The orig... Download
bigtext(freshmeat) BigText The BigText command is used to print big text u... Download
icegenerator(freshmeat) IceGenerator IceGenerator is a direct stream generator for I... Download
ampoliros(freshmeat) Ampoliros Ampoliros platform is a PHP 5 data presentation... Download
seahorse(freshmeat) Seahorse Seahorse is a Gnome front end for GnuPG, the GN... Download
rutil_tcpcgi(freshmeat) Reverse Utils::TCP-over-HTTP/CGI Reverse Utils::TCP-over-HTTP/CGI is useful for ... Download
pam_mobtok(freshmeat) PAM mobile token PAM mobile token offers a PAM module and a J2ME... Download
cactus(freshmeat) Cactus Cactus is a general, modular, parallel environm... Download
imapspamfilter(freshmeat) imapspamfilter imapspamfilter is a client-side IMAP client tha... Download
neteye(freshmeat) NetEye NetEye is a network monitoring and accounting s... Download
clwrap(freshmeat) Command Line WRAPper Command Line WRAPper is a tool that provides an... Download
vsound(freshmeat) Virtual Sound Virtual Sound provides unlimited effects and mo... Download
dbeagle(freshmeat) Distributed BEAGLE Distributed BEAGLE is a master-slave distribut... Download
gacxtool(freshmeat) GTK ACX Tool The GTK ACX Tool displays the status of the Tex... Download
ceespot(freshmeat) CeeSpot Ceespot lets you write C programs that appear t... Download
phplogfacility(freshmeat) phpLogFacility phpLogFacility is a log class for PHP (like log... Download
ltpconf(freshmeat) LaptopConfig LaptopConfig is a GUI for accessing laptop ACPI... Download
oow(freshmeat) Object-Oriented Widgets OO-Widgets is a Java Swing project that makes t... Download
amlc(freshmeat) Another Modeline Calculator Another Modeline Calculator is a modeline gene... Download
livepatch(freshmeat) livepatch "livepatch" is a small userland progr... Download
rmcc(freshmeat) Real Man's Compiler Collection Real Man's Compiler Collection is a collection ... Download
barchart4palm(freshmeat) barchart4palm barchart4palm is a simple component for display... Download
medcosmpictureframe(freshmeat) MedCosm PictureFrame MedCosm PictureFrame is a program useful for th... Download
basicplay(freshmeat) BasicPlay BasicPlay parses the PLAY statement from the BA... Download
gjtapi(freshmeat) Generic JTAPI, JAIN JCC, and JAIN Jcat Generic JTAPI, JAIN JCC, and JAIN Jcat is a fra... Download
fas(freshmeat) FileArchiveSearch FileArchiveSearch is a Web-based catalog system... Download
xsp(freshmeat) Spazio XSP Base Spazio XSP Base is a simple multi-platform file... Download
qmailmrtg7(freshmeat) qmailmrtg7 qmailmrtg7 utilizes qmail and tcpserver/multilo... Download
xfel(freshmeat) XML::Filter::ExceptionLocator This module implements an XML::SAX filter which... Download
macaulay2(freshmeat) Macaulay 2 Macaulay 2 is a system designed to support rese... Download
massiv(freshmeat) Massiv The Massiv is a distributed game middleware tha... Download
mybackware(freshmeat) myBackware myBackware is a set of scripts that create a re... Download
javafind(freshmeat) JavaFind JavaFind is an implementation of the Unix &quo... Download
galaxyplot(freshmeat) Galaxy NG Plot Galaxy NG Plot is a project for drawing diagram... Download
smbspider(freshmeat) SMBSpider SMBSpider is a fast, lightweight indexer for SM... Download
cfgarch(freshmeat) cfgarch cfgarch is a tool that should help system admin... Download
gnomoradio(freshmeat) Gnomoradio Gnomoradio finds, fetches, shares, and plays mu... Download
xtom(freshmeat) XML Tree Object Model Parser XML Tree Object Model (XTOM) is a Java 1.4 base... Download
malint(freshmeat) malint malint parses MPEG audio streams and prints inf... Download
farm(freshmeat) farm farm is a script to accelerate program builds t... Download
rexxgd(freshmeat) Rexx/gd Rexx/gd is a Rexx extension which wraps the fun... Download
ogmtools(freshmeat) ogmtools The ogmtools allow users to display information... Download
cayman3341(freshmeat) Cayman3341 USB Driver Cayman3341 USB Driver is a Linux 2.6 driver for... Download
transconv(freshmeat) transconv Transconv is a utility to switch between Jabber... Download
ballsmacker(freshmeat) ballsmacker Ballsmacker is a virtual pool game rendered in ... Download
links2world(freshmeat) links2world Firewall links2world Firewall is an iptables script gene... Download
appwrap(freshmeat) AppWrap AppWrap is a content management system for ente... Download
asm2class(freshmeat) asm2class Asm2class is an assembly Java to class file com... Download
jduplicate(freshmeat) JDuplicate JDuplicate is a multilingual, client/server mu... Download
pyc2latex(freshmeat) PyC2LaTeX PyC2LaTeX converts a given C, Java, or Think/Fr... Download
log2rss(freshmeat) Log2RSS Log2RSS is a simple script/daemon which convert... Download
openspear(freshmeat) open SPEAR open SPEAR stands for open Simulator of Physica... Download
phpom(freshmeat) PHP Open Monitor PHP Open Monitor is a Web-based network monitor... Download
wodan(freshmeat) Wodan Caching Proxy Wodan is an Apache module for reverse proxying ... Download
gst-editor(freshmeat) GStreamer Editor GStreamer Editor is a graphical editor for asse... Download
pixies(freshmeat) Pixies Pixies is a formatter that convert XSL-FO docum... Download
ppcdiag(freshmeat) PPC Diagnostics The PPC Diagnostics project provides hardware d... Download
my_yaca(freshmeat) my.yaca Yet Another Component Assembler is between Pico... Download
xlsql(freshmeat) xlSQL xlSQL is a JDBC Driver for Excel, CSV, and othe... Download
kplaylistcreator(freshmeat) KPlaylistCreator KPlaylistCreator is a jukebox for KDE. It scans... Download
protosquared(freshmeat) protosquared protosquared is a "data server prototype&q... Download
stableupdate(freshmeat) stableUpdate stableUpdate is an autoupdate tool for creating... Download
hidentd(freshmeat) hidentd hidentd is a simple and secure ident (RFC1413) ... Download
ltcc(freshmeat) Local Tcp Control Center Local Tcp Control Center is a tool that limits ... Download
qtswaret(freshmeat) Qtswaret QtSwaret is a Swaret frontend. Download
smmapdfw(freshmeat) Sendmail SocketMap Daemon Framework Sendmail SocketMap Daemon Framework provides to... Download
htmlscrub(freshmeat) html_scrub html_scrub filters HTML to eliminate or warn yo... Download
shadowsrising(freshmeat) Shadows Rising RPG Shadows Rising is an RPG game engine. The engin... Download
abcde(freshmeat) abcde abcde is a frontend to cdparanoia, wget, cd-dis... Download
vanilla(freshmeat) Vanilla Vanilla is a WikiClone written in REBOL. It is ... Download
pmwiki(freshmeat) PmWiki PmWiki is a WikiWikiWeb clone that is primarily... Download
ara(freshmeat) ara Ara is a command-line utility for querying the ... Download
mktestdata(freshmeat) creates quasi-real-world test dat... Download
unixtree(freshmeat) UnixTree UnixTree is a powerful and versatile console-mo... Download
pygtkforms(freshmeat) Python GTK Forms Python GTK Forms is a form generator. From a gi... Download
ksetiwatch(freshmeat) Ksetiwatch Ksetiwatch is a monitoring tool for the SETI@ho... Download
uiwithstyle(freshmeat) UI With Style Style is the ongoing C++ port of IBM's SWT for ... Download
explore2fs(freshmeat) Explore2fs Explore2fs is a Windows program that provides r... Download
musicdb(freshmeat) MusicDB MusicDB is a system for putting MP3 files into ... Download
lispreader(freshmeat) lispreader lispreader is a small library for reading expre... Download
preview-latex(freshmeat) preview-latex The purpose of the preview-latex package is to ... Download
postfix_memcached(freshmeat) Memcached patch for Postfix postfix_memcached is a patch to Postfix (2.1 an... Download
imc(freshmeat) imc imc is a Perl script that accepts a file with g... Download
sitecing(freshmeat) site-C-ing site-C-ing is a Web development engine that use... Download
fdsapi(freshmeat) FormattedDataSet API The FormattedDataSet API is an easy way to gen... Download
imposter(freshmeat) Imposter Imposter is a standalone viewer for the present... Download
exe2swf(freshmeat) exe2swf exe2swf is a tool that extracts SWF files from ... Download
kmenc15(freshmeat) kmenc15 kmenc15 is an MEncoder frontend, generally desi... Download
jim(freshmeat) The Jim Interpreter Jim is a small footprint implementation of the ... Download
kontent(freshmeat) kontent kontent is a local content management system. M... Download
jcraft(freshmeat) JCraft JCraft is a tile-based real-time strategy game ... Download
perlstat(freshmeat) PerlStat PerlStat is a Web app which displays useful i... Download

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