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Unix Group Name Group Name Description Download
tsclassic(freshmeat) tinysofa classic server tinysofa classic server is a small, fast and se... Download
phpmms(freshmeat) phpMMS phpMMS is a Web-based frontend for XMMS. It all... Download
skystreets(freshmeat) SkyStreets SkyStreets is a remake of the old DOS game Skyr... Download
twindb(freshmeat) TwinDB TwinDB is an embedded key/value database based ... Download
gtweakui(freshmeat) gTweakUI gTweakUI is a collection of extra preference di... Download
unirewriter(freshmeat) Unicode Rewriter Unicode Rewriter is a tool that converts ID3 ta... Download
onlineorganizer(freshmeat) MyOrgBook MyOrgBook is an Open Source online organizer ... Download
psgml(freshmeat) PSGML PSGML is a GNU Emacs major mode for editing SGM... Download
records(freshmeat) Online Journal (Records Mode for Emacs) Records allows Emacs users to keep an online pe... Download
htmltidy(freshmeat) HTML Tidy HTML TIDY is a free utility to fix mistakes mad... Download
gnake(freshmeat) Gnake Gnake is a Nibbles-like game for the console. I... Download
picocom(freshmeat) picocom picocom is a minimal dumb-terminal emulation pr... Download
asparaginoscomicviewer(freshmeat) Asparagino's Comic Viewer Asparagino's Comic Viewer is a minimal applicat... Download
confstore(freshmeat) confstore Confstore is a configuration backup utility. It... Download
narc(freshmeat) NARC NARC (Netfilter Automatic Rules Configurator) i... Download
xmlmp(freshmeat) xmlmp xmlmp facilitates authoring of Unix manpages us... Download
bannerfilter(freshmeat) BannerFilter BannerFilter is a redirect script for the Squid... Download
bie(freshmeat) BIE BIE (Business Integration Engine) is an open so... Download
gspeedstep(freshmeat) gspeedstep gspeedstep is a small GTK tool that allows you ... Download
esound(freshmeat) esound EsounD mixes multiple digitized audio streams a... Download
daemon(freshmeat) daemon daemon turns other processes into daemons. Ther... Download
movix2(freshmeat) MoviX2 MoviX2 is a small Linux distro that transforms ... Download
m3uniq(freshmeat) m3uniq m3uniq removes duplicates from m3u (Winamp) pla... Download
qvv(freshmeat) QVV The QVV image viewer is targeted for keyboard u... Download
crasm(freshmeat) crasm crasm is a portable assembler for 6800, 6801, 6... Download
spinneret(freshmeat) Spinneret Spinneret is a structured storage engine that c... Download
elmo(freshmeat) elmo Elmo is a feature-rich console mail client for ... Download
avsap(freshmeat) avsap avsap is a powerful, flexible, and complete fin... Download
libtholoura(freshmeat) libtholoura libtholoura is a text-image distortion library,... Download
ct48fb(freshmeat) C&T 65548 fbdev driver This is a framebuffer driver for the Linux 2.4.... Download
wdfink(freshmeat) WDFink? WDFink? is a GUI wrapper for the Fink project. ... Download
makerpm(freshmeat) automatically builds an RPM or PPM p... Download
synclair(freshmeat) Synclair Synclair is a command-line tool for diffing and... Download
cdmp3(freshmeat) cdmp3 cdmp3 uses cdparanoia or cdda2wav to extract si... Download
lavaps(freshmeat) lavaps LavaPS is an interactive process-tracking progr... Download
xephyrus-jst(freshmeat) Xephyrus Java Simple Template Engine The Java Simple Templates Engine provides an ea... Download
kahenbook(freshmeat) kahenbook Kahenbook is a simple, easy-to-use guestbook. ... Download
stonx(freshmeat) STonX StonX is an Atari ST emulator for X. It support... Download
midea(freshmeat) midea Midea is a robust C string API set with regex ... Download
oligopoly(freshmeat) Oligopoly Oligopoly is a Monopoly-like game as a Java app... Download
tabatha(freshmeat) Tabatha Tabatha is a GTK2 popup menu for tablet PCs, ha... Download
up2dateiso(freshmeat) up2dateiso up2dateiso is a program that creates current CD... Download
itm_libxml(freshmeat) IT/m libxml IT/m libxml provides the required class and fr... Download
recap(freshmeat) ReCaP ReCaP (Remote Copy and Paste) is a piece of sof... Download
dndskan(freshmeat) DndSkan DndSkan is an helper for developers that want t... Download
uschedule(freshmeat) uschedule uschedule is a job scheduler aimed to replace c... Download
ccs(freshmeat) Console Configuration Suite The Console Configuration Suite will be a set o... Download
dnbc(freshmeat) Digital Network Bind Chrooter Digital Network Bind Chrooter is a simple bash ... Download
xtpl4py(freshmeat) XTemplate4Python XTemplate4Python is a Python port of PHP XTempl... Download
operbot(freshmeat) OperBot OperBot is an IRC bot that provides /ctcp INVIT... Download
poogle(freshmeat) Poogle Poogle is a POP3 proxy for Gmail. Items in your... Download
multigate(freshmeat) MultiGate MultiGate is a multi-function security gateway ... Download
tps(freshmeat) TransparentPreparedStatement TransparentPreparedStatement is a class that pr... Download
linux-igd(freshmeat) The Linux UPnP Internet Gateway Device Project The Linux UPnP Internet Gateway Device Project ... Download
phplayersmenu(freshmeat) PHP Layers Menu PHP Layers Menu is a hierarchical DHTML menu sy... Download
yajoglb(freshmeat) YAJOGLB YAJOGLB (Yet Another Java OpenGL Binding) allow... Download
groovestry(freshmeat) Groovestry Groovestry integrates the Groovy scripting lang... Download
mod-auth-plain(freshmeat) mod_auth_plain mod_auth_plain implements authentication routin... Download
elbot(freshmeat) ELBot ELBot is a automated character (a "bot&quo... Download
fench(freshmeat) fEncH fEncH is a fast and simple, yet hard to crack ... Download
loaf(freshmeat) LOAF LOAF (List Of All Friends) is an extension to e... Download
kstella(freshmeat) KStella KStella is a KDE frontend to the Atari 2600 emu... Download
highlnk(freshmeat) HighLnk HighLnk is a hard-linking tool, which scans the... Download
sharpwebmail(freshmeat) SharpWebMail SharpWebMail is an ASP.NET webmail application.... Download
openupsd(freshmeat) OpenUPSd OpenUPSd is a UPS monitoring daemon for some Be... Download
e-xmms(freshmeat) E-xmms E-xmms is a Enlightenment epplet that interface... Download
icewmcp(freshmeat) IceWM Control Panel IceWM Control Panel is a full-featured, GTK-bas... Download
icepref2(freshmeat) IcePref2 IcePref2 is an updated, overhauled, improved, a... Download
icewm-td(freshmeat) IceWM Theme Designer IceWM Theme Designer is an intuitive program f... Download
icesoundmanager(freshmeat) Ice Sound Manager Ice Sound Manager was designed to ease the mana... Download
gtkpccard(freshmeat) GtkPCCard GtkPCCard is an application for managing PC car... Download
phrozenclock(freshmeat) PhrozenClock PhrozenClock is a Gtk-based clock application, ... Download
gib_(freshmeat) GNOME Iconset Builder GIB is a tool which takes an existing icons/ima... Download
helene(freshmeat) Helene Helene is a Web-based text editor with syntax h... Download
guile-alsaplayer(freshmeat) guile-alsaplayer guile-alsaplayer is a set of guile bindings for... Download
rulz_net(freshmeat) Rulz.NET Rulz.NET is an extension to C#. It brings the b... Download
rioutil(freshmeat) rioutil rioutil is a utility designed for the use of in... Download
qpopper-mrtg(freshmeat) Qpopper-mrtg Qpopper-mrtg is a script to generate qpopper st... Download
phpfotolog(freshmeat) phpFotolog phpFotolog is a PHP/MySQL script that mimics th... Download
mckoidb(freshmeat) Mckoi SQL Database Mckoi SQL Database is a full featured SQL-92 re... Download
outlook2ical(freshmeat) Outlook2Ical outlook2ical is a simple Perl script that conve... Download
xeuphoric(freshmeat) Xeuphoric Xeuphoric is a port of Euphoric, Fabrice Francè... Download
quasi(freshmeat) Quasi Quasi is a Python shell which supports pluggabl... Download
alienblaster(freshmeat) alienblaster alienblaster is an action-loaded 2D arcade shoo... Download
qmptombox(freshmeat) qmptombox qmptombox converts QuickMail Pro files to mbox ... Download
macy(freshmeat) MaCy MaCy is a cybercafe administration system. It f... Download
jammr(freshmeat) Jam Jam is a make(1) replacement that makes buildin... Download
bbiso(freshmeat) bbiso bbiso is a shell script used to build a CD imag... Download
tritag(freshmeat) TriTag TriTag helps you to get a clear MP3 collections... Download
ibank(freshmeat) IBank IBank is an image message board featuring forum... Download
earth3d(freshmeat) Earth3D Earth3D visualizes the earth in realtime in a 3... Download
itramp(freshmeat) iTramp iTramp is a small personal accounting applicati... Download
codeprinter(freshmeat) CodePrinter CodePrinter is a tiny utility to print out sour... Download
fam-ruby(freshmeat) FAM-Ruby FAM-Ruby provides FAM bindings for Ruby. Download
xmms-ruby(freshmeat) Xmms-Ruby Xmms-Ruby provides XMMS bindings for Ruby. Download
pycrash(freshmeat) PyCrash PyCrash is a run-time exception dumper which h... Download
apctl(freshmeat) apctl A simple command line sound player based on gui... Download
airportstatus(freshmeat) AirportStatus AirportStatus is a gtkmm2 program that can mon... Download
smindexer(freshmeat) Simple Media Indexer Small Media Indexer is a small and easy applica... Download
xbashserv(freshmeat) XBashServ XBashServ is program to help run and manage com... Download

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