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Unix Group Name Group Name Description Download
pcpview(freshmeat) Performance Co-Pilot Viewer pcpViewer is a 3D viewer of data gathered throu... Download
rwfphp(freshmeat) PHP Reusable Web Framework PHP Reusable Web Framework (rwfPHP) is a set of... Download
web-calendar(freshmeat) Web Calendar Web Calendar is a powerful group calendaring an... Download
stardust(freshmeat) Stardust Stardust is a 3D space flight game. It is porta... Download
imediff2(freshmeat) imediff2 Imediff2 lets you merge two (slightly different... Download
phpcodegenie(freshmeat) phpCodeGenie phpCodeGenie (PCG) is a code generator for data... Download
jmoduleloader(freshmeat) jModuleLoader jModuleLoader is a set of classes designed to m... Download
mozilla_af(freshmeat) Mozilla Afrikaans Language Pack The Mozilla Afrikaans Language Pack provides tr... Download
docsis_config(freshmeat) DOCSIS Config DOCSIS Config is a PHP library to encode binary... Download
grabinfo(freshmeat) grabinfo grabinfo navigates the /proc filesystem and exe... Download
ceeceetee(freshmeat) CCT Chinese TeX system CCT is a Chinese Language Extention to TeX that... Download
chemodose(freshmeat) ChemoDose ChemoDose is a chemotherapy prescribing calcula... Download
alteruphono(freshmeat) AlteruPhono AlteruPhono is a software for developing and te... Download
hermescl(freshmeat) Hermes Computational Linguistics Hermes is a Computational Linguistics library w... Download
xmms-xf86audio(freshmeat) xmms-xf86audio xmms-xf86audio is a simple XMMS plugin which ad... Download
superconductor(freshmeat) SuperConductor SuperConductor is a multi-platform render farm... Download
shasplit(freshmeat) Shasplit Shasplit takes a large data block, splits it in... Download
ttlinux(freshmeat) TomTom Go Linux TomTom Go Linux is the version of Linux used by... Download
catty(freshmeat) Catty Catty is an interesting chatter bot that uses G... Download
xmlio(freshmeat) XmlIO XmlIO is a framework for reading XML files into... Download
q(freshmeat) Q Q is a powerful and extensible functional progr... Download
mangleme(freshmeat) mangleme mangleme is an automated broken HTML generator ... Download
mod_caml(freshmeat) mod_caml mod_caml is a set of Objective CAML (OCaml) bin... Download
dabouchottribioune(freshmeat) da bouchot Tribioune da bouchot Tribioune is a Web-based IRC style b... Download
ppmcaption(freshmeat) ppmcaption ppmcaption adds text to PPM, PGM, or PBM images... Download
gfingerpoken(freshmeat) GFingerPoken GFingerPoken is a BlackBox-type game written in... Download
freeopenml(freshmeat) freeOpenML freeOpenML is a fork of the OpenML standard. Th... Download
cocanwiki(freshmeat) COCANWIKI COCANWIKI is a full-featured Wiki and content m... Download
linkd(freshmeat) linkd This script provides a simple way to monitor Et... Download
newrepos(freshmeat) New Repository New Repository is an XML repository that sits o... Download
wastebug(freshmeat) Wastebug Wastebug is a minimalistic, yet usable bug mana... Download
phpmq(freshmeat) PHPMQ PHPMQ is a serverless messaging toolkit for PH... Download
mesh(freshmeat) M.E.S.H. MESH (Measuring Error between Surfaces using th... Download
jcluster(freshmeat) Jcluster Jcluster is a high performance Java parallel e... Download
entitytable(freshmeat) EntityTable EntityTable enhances/fixes JTable. Each table r... Download
pyhttpconn(freshmeat) pyHTTPConn pyHTTPConn is a Python module that builds upon ... Download
serialspy(freshmeat) SerialSpy SerialSpy acts as a serial pass-through device.... Download
ptopm(freshmeat) PTlink Open Proxy Monitor PTlink Open Proxy Monitor scans for and bans us... Download
ilib(freshmeat) Ilib Ilib is an image manipulation library for devel... Download
omnitty(freshmeat) Omnitty Omnitty is a curses-based program that allows y... Download
gc-linux(freshmeat) GameCube Linux GameCube Linux is a port of Linux to the Ninten... Download
nntprss(freshmeat) nntp//rss nntp//rss is a Java RSS feed aggregator for NNT... Download
snack(freshmeat) Snack sound toolkit The Snack sound extension adds commands for so... Download
synonym(freshmeat) Synonym Synonym is a flexible Milter-based extension ru... Download
diacanvas2(freshmeat) DiaCanvas2 DiaCanvas2 is a flexible diagramming widget. It... Download
trafficstatistic(freshmeat) MZL & Novatech TrafficStatistic Linux Server The MZL & Novatech TrafficStatistic Linux S... Download
indite(freshmeat) indite Indite is an extension for the rich-content edi... Download
rezound(freshmeat) ReZound ReZound is graphical audio file editor primaril... Download
f1wap(freshmeat) F1 Wap F1 Wap is a collection of PHP source code for c... Download
zephulor(freshmeat) Adventures on Planet Zephulor Adventures on Planet Zephulor is a side scrolli... Download
expression-tree(freshmeat) Math Expression String Parser MESP is a parser for mathematical expressions. ... Download
reagent(freshmeat) reagent Reagent is a Web application that makes it easi... Download
zoidsquest(freshmeat) Zoid's Quest Zoid's Quest is a platform game in the style of... Download
gamestat(freshmeat) GameStat An easy to use library for querying status from... Download
idx-docbook2latex(freshmeat) IDX-DocBook2LaTeX IDX-DocBook2LaTeX is a stylesheet which transla... Download
thinksynth(freshmeat) thinksynth Thinksynth is a modular synthesizer. It uses th... Download
lineak(freshmeat) Linux Easy Access Keyboard Linux support for Easy Access and Internet Keyb... Download
sixbs(freshmeat) sixbs sixbs is a library capable of writing and readi... Download
plonecc(freshmeat) PloneCC PloneCC provides complete Creative Commons supp... Download
solveit(freshmeat) solveit solveit solves the following accounting problem... Download
sciense(freshmeat) Scientific Searcher The Scientific Searcher is a project that tries... Download
xcplay(freshmeat) xcplay xcplay is an ncurses interface to XMMS. The UI ... Download
x-desktop(freshmeat) x-Desktop The x-Desktop is designed to unify different o... Download
aimspy(freshmeat) AIMSpy AIMSpy is an application that parses and displa... Download
xlsstream(freshmeat) MS-Excel Stream Handler MS-Excel Stream Handler is a class that impleme... Download
kmodemlights(freshmeat) kmodemlights kmodemlights is an applet for the KDE kicker pa... Download
gpws(freshmeat) GNOME Personal Web Sharing GNOME Personal Web Sharing (GPWS) provides a qu... Download
beck(freshmeat) Beck Beck maps between Java objects and XML. The map... Download
genexva(freshmeat) GeneX Va GeneX Va is a gene expression database supporti... Download
zpg(freshmeat) Zub's Photo Gallery Zub's Photo Gallery is a simple photo gallery s... Download
senswsm(freshmeat) SENS Web Site Manager The SENS Web Site Manager (SENSwsm) generates ... Download
numberedlinks(freshmeat) Numbered Links Numbered Links is a Firefox extension that adds... Download
bmon(freshmeat) bmon bmon is a portable bandwidth monitor and rate e... Download
postmaster(freshmeat) Postmaster ESMTP Server Postmaster is an Internet mail transport agent... Download
npgpx(freshmeat) NPGPX NPGPX is a Netscape plugin that can display rou... Download
jsockets(freshmeat) Java Sockets Java Sockets is a class library which wraps the... Download
majix(freshmeat) Majix MajiX transforms RTF files such as Microsoft Wo... Download
mlgrace(freshmeat) mlGrace mlGrace is a high-level OCaml interface to the ... Download
cgicc(freshmeat) GNU cgicc GNU cgicc is an ANSI C++ compliant class librar... Download
portell(freshmeat) portell portell is a program that allows BSD users to v... Download
snowlist(freshmeat) Snowlist Snowlist generates an RDF (RSS 1.0) document fr... Download
autoui(freshmeat) AutoUI AutoUI is a mechanism to automatically construc... Download
ltraf(freshmeat) ltraf ltraf is a simple utility to list traffic flowi... Download
rm-old-files(freshmeat) remove/rename/move old files remove/rename/move old files assists in the ma... Download
bamboo-forum(freshmeat) Bamboo Bamboo is a forum application written in RIFE t... Download
dhcp-utils(freshmeat) MavEtJu's DHCP utils dhcp-utils is a set of utilities for managing D... Download
huntforgold(freshmeat) Hunt for Gold Hunt for Gold is a real-time strategy game impl... Download
flipit(freshmeat) Flipit Flipit is a simple command line program that su... Download
djwrap(freshmeat) DJWrap DJWrap is an effort to create an open format fo... Download
moosewrap(freshmeat) MooseWrap MooseWrap is a graphical tool that uses the DJ... Download
kbirthday(freshmeat) kbirthday kbirthday is a Panel applet which reminds you o... Download
deforaos-xmleditor(freshmeat) DeforaOS XMLEditor DeforaOS XMLEditor uses the libParser library ... Download
gwydiondylan(freshmeat) Gwydion Dylan Gwydion Dylan is a portable, optimizing Dylan c... Download
muwed(freshmeat) muwed Muwed is a PostgreSQL based database for managi... Download
musicd(freshmeat) Music daemon Music daemon is a music playing server that sup... Download
perfectmaildir(freshmeat) perfect_maildir perfect_maildir is a simple but 'perfect' mbox ... Download
beagleviz(freshmeat) BEAGLE Visualizer BEAGLE Visualizer is a set of tools to visualiz... Download
plircc(freshmeat) Perl LIRC Client plircc is a replacement for irexec and irxevent... Download
performulator(freshmeat) DBIx::Perform DBIx::Perform emulates the Informix Perform cha... Download
jisnview(freshmeat) JIS n' View JIS n' View is a Java image management program... Download

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