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Unix Group Name Group Name Description Download
chinesechess(sfnet) Chinese Chess Java Applet V0.9 A Chinese chess Java Applet using alpha-beta ga... Download
dtictactoeai(sfnet) dtictactoeai An AI implementation to a computer player playi... Download
aimlbot(sfnet) AIMLBot (Program#) AIMLBot (Program#) is a small, fast, standards-... Download
language-detection-library-for(freshmeat) Language Detection Library for Java The Language Detection Library for Java is a Ja... Download
shinycms(freshmeat) ShinyCMS ShinyCMS is a content management system intende... Download
teavm(freshmeat) TeaVM The TeaVM project is somehow related to GWT. Bu... Download
fellow(sfnet) WinFellow - Amiga Emulator for Windows WinFellow is a high performance Amiga Emulator ... Download
libserial(sfnet) Serial Port Programming in C++ A collection of C++ classes which allow the ser... Download
callmonitor(sfnet) Callmonitor for Fritz!Box Callmonitor enables you to perform arbitrary ac... Download
libpcap(freshmeat) libpcap This is a handy little library which provides a... Download
sacd-extract-gui(sfnet) sacd_extract-gui A simple GUI written on .net for sacd_extract t... Download
wgetandroid(sfnet) wget File downloader for Android. Support HTTP Basic... Download
igj(sfnet) Indie Game Jam The Indie Game Jam is a yearly experimental gam... Download
popcorn-time(sfnet) Popcorn Time I have made this project in hopes of bringing b... Download
uvfs(sfnet) UVFS UVFS is a userspace filesystem kit for Linux. Download
log4delphi(sfnet) Log4Delphi Log4Delphi is an Open Source project that aims ... Download
dita-ot(sfnet) DITA Open Toolkit The DITA Open Toolkit is an implementation of t... Download
doodleproject(sfnet) DoodleProject DoodleProject is a collection of open source so... Download
semex(freshmeat) semex semex is a tester and exerciser for Unix System... Download
pywake(freshmeat) PyWake PyWake is a command line Wake-On-LAN (WOL) clie... Download
zappwm(freshmeat) ZappWM ZappWM is a small, fast, and complete desktop f... Download
dvblinkplexclient(sfnet) dvblink-plex-client DVBLink Channel for Plex Media Server Installa... Download
gcmc(freshmeat) Gcmc Gcmc is a front-end language for generating G-c... Download
magento-media-gallery-extensio(freshmeat) Magento Media Gallery Extension Magento Media Gallery Extension allows you to m... Download
droopy(freshmeat) Droopy Droopy lets your friends upload files to your c... Download
open-vm-tools(sfnet) Open Virtual Machine Tools The Open Virtual Machine Tools project aims to ... Download
boost-sandbox(sfnet) Boost Sandbox The Boost Sandbox is the location for collabora... Download
pycx(sfnet) PyCX The PyCX Project aims to develop an online repo... Download
silverstripe(freshmeat) SilverStripe SilverStripe is a Web application framework and... Download
jtlmage(freshmeat) JTLmage JTLmage offers synchronization facilities betwe... Download
machinet-autoresponder(freshmeat) machiNET autoresponder machiNET autoresponder provides vacation messag... Download
dectool(sfnet) dectool DecTool konvertiert Dezimalzahlen in fraktional... Download
marsadventures(sfnet) MarsAdventures Digger-like 2d arcade game written in c++ Download
orion-viewer(sfnet) Orion Viewer Orion Viewer - pdf, djvu, xps and cbz file view... Download
medi(sfnet) Medi - a media archiver It is a Java-based media archiver, that is a to... Download
movix(sfnet) MoviX MoviX is a series of 3 tiny -live CD- Linux Dis... Download
netchecker(freshmeat) netChecker netChecker is a local area network scanning too... Download
android-binding(freshmeat) Android Binding Android Binding provides a framework to enable ... Download
rdp2tcp(freshmeat) rdp2tcp rdp2tcp is a tunneling tool on top of remote de... Download
pypam(freshmeat) PyPAM Python bindings for PAM (Pluggable Authenticati... Download
erlymud(freshmeat) ErlyMUD ErlyMUD is a rather minimalistic MUD server, wr... Download
opensg(sfnet) The OpenSG Scenegraph OpenSG is a scenegraph system for realtime rend... Download
praze-cam(freshmeat) Praze cam Praze cam is a simple HTML5 image viewer where ... Download
gub-grand-unified-builder(freshmeat) Grand Unified Builder Grand Unified Builder (GUB) is a mini source-ba... Download
wanlanchat(sfnet) WANLAN-Chat Mit diesem Programm kann man im Internet und im... Download
transportgiantconfigeditor(sfnet) Transport Giant Config Editor Transport Giant Config Editor allows you to edi... Download
geodome(sfnet) Geodome -- geodesic dome design program A small suite of programs to help you design a ... Download
sleon(sfnet) Asociación de Software Libre de León SLeón (Asociación de Software Libre de León). T... Download
mmtribute(sfnet) Might and Magic Tribute: Book of Ceth A tribute episode to the famous Might and Magic... Download
folk(sfnet) Functionally Overloaded Linux Kernel This project aims to pool together as many kern... Download
ocratato-vici(sfnet) vici Vici aims to make the UNIX command line program... Download
extensionconverter(sfnet) Extension Converter Extension Converter is a useful, fast and relia... Download
nxweb(freshmeat) NXWEB NXWEB is ultra-fast and super-lightweight web s... Download
badgui2(sfnet) BADgui2 A C++ implementation of Dynamic Field Theory (D... Download
taskcontrolsys(sfnet) Easy Task Control This project provide features to manage your ta... Download
snorty(sfnet) snorty snorty rules will be saved here Download
geexboxforwii(sfnet) GeeXboX for Wii GeeXboX for Wii is the linux-based media center... Download
usercontrol(sfnet) User Control Package Delphi (and Kylix) component package to user an... Download
bytewalla(sfnet) Bytewalla DTN on Android Phones This project aims at connecting african rural v... Download
git-link(freshmeat) git-link git-link is a Git sub-command for getting a rep... Download
openotp-authentication-plugin-(freshmeat) OpenOTP Authentication Plugin Drupal OpenOTP Authentication Plugin Drupal is a Drupa... Download
x3d-library(freshmeat) X3D Library The X3D library is used to load an X3D file and... Download
redis-faina(freshmeat) Redis-faina Redis-faina is a query analyzer that parses Red... Download
openode(sfnet) Openode Tools ASK:Webapps front-end Application Server, offer... Download
sqlremoteaccess(sfnet) SQL remote access Program łączy się z bazą danych, w której zapis... Download
v4lgrab(sfnet) Video4LinuxGrab The v4lgrab project is a realtime capturing sof... Download
javabomberman(sfnet) Bomberman Java This is a free implementation in Java of the X-... Download
javampeg1video(sfnet) javampeg1video An application that decodes and plays MPEG-1 el... Download
random-wordlist-generator(freshmeat) Random Wordlist Generator Random Wordlist Generator is a simple multiplat... Download
infinisql(freshmeat) InfiniSQL InfiniSQL is a distributed in-memory NewSQL rel... Download
doceboreborn(sfnet) docebo reborn Docebo is a Learning Management System (LMS) or... Download
sparkingin(sfnet) Spark This is a prototype for Desktop Search Engine f... Download
perfomancelog(sfnet) Perfomance Loging Проект дипломника. вносит Perfomance Count в My... Download
jweb1t(freshmeat) jWeb1T jWeb1T is an Java tool for efficiently searchin... Download
quartznet(sfnet) Quartz Enterprise Scheduler .NET Quartz.NET is a full-featured, open source job ... Download
macroquest(sfnet) MacroQuest MacroQuest is a full featured macroing subsyste... Download
md5summer(sfnet) MD5summer - Win MD5 file hash utility The MD5summer is a GUI application for generati... Download
jfritz(sfnet) JFritz, FRITZ!Box Call Manager JFritz is a application written in Java, which ... Download
mailwatch-2(freshmeat) mailwatch Mailwatch is a simple Python program to show th... Download
automation(freshmeat) Automation Automation is a Web application used to digital... Download
xdf(freshmeat) xdf The Exquisite `df' (xdf) is a souped-up version... Download
asimplesmssende(sfnet) A Simple SMS sender/receiver API Basically an API for J2SE 1.4+ to talk to a GSM... Download
ultimatetetris(sfnet) Ultimate Tetris Ultimate Tetris is a tetris-like game with a sk... Download
usarsim(sfnet) USARSim USARSim (Unified System for Automation and Robo... Download
idleserver(freshmeat) idleserver idleserver provides a server agent and reportin... Download
netconnect(freshmeat) NetConnect NetConnect is a command line tool for automatin... Download
nioreactor(freshmeat) nioReactor nioReactor is a framework for quickly building ... Download
peda(freshmeat) peda PEDA is electronic design automation software f... Download
lout(freshmeat) Lout Lout is a document formatting system which read... Download
haskell-augeas(freshmeat) haskell-augeas haskell-augeas is a Haskell FFI wrapper for the... Download
addboint(freshmeat) addboint addboint is a script that generates and adds wa... Download
containerswitch(sfnet) Video container switcher GPL This project contains two separate interfaces f... Download
iknetworkactivitymanager(freshmeat) IKNetworkActivityManager IKNetworkActivityManager is a Cocoa class that ... Download
tadedon(freshmeat) tadedon tadedon is a set of utilities that form a found... Download
dos32a(sfnet) DOS/32 Advanced DOS Extender DOS/32 Advanced DOS Extender is a drop-in repla... Download
icesoundmanager(sfnet) IceWM Control Panel A full-featured, GTK-based control panel for Ic... Download
maven-plugins(sfnet) Maven Plugins Plugins for Maven 1.x ( Download
etmeventandtask(sfnet) etm: event and task manager etm provides an intuitive format for using plai... Download
rgnuplot(sfnet) Gnuplot for Ruby This project has been moved from this website t... Download
xpe(sfnet) XPath Explorer XPath Explorer (XPE) is a GUI application that ... Download

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