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Unix Group Name Group Name Description Download
minerva(freshmeat) Minerva Minerva is a complete, easy to use home automat... Download
xxy(freshmeat) XXy XXy is a WYSIWYG-editor for Xy-pic code, which ... Download
python-dime(freshmeat) python-dime python-dime provides a way to parse and generat... Download
trainsched(freshmeat) Train Scheduler for Palm Pilot trainsched displays train schedules in an easy-... Download
booleano(freshmeat) Booleano Booleano is an interpreter of Boolean expressio... Download
looper-advance(freshmeat) Looper Advance Looper Advance allows you to compose beats, loo... Download
itzamsharp(freshmeat) Itzam/Sharp Itzam/Sharp is a C# class library for creating ... Download
cactusjukebox(freshmeat) Cactus Jukebox Cactus is an audio player. It shows all your mu... Download
poe-perl(freshmeat) Perl Object Environment POE (Perl Object Environment) is a general fram... Download
spiked(freshmeat) spiked Spiked is a Python Web development framework bu... Download
shttpd(freshmeat) shttpd shttpd is very small, simple, and perhaps even ... Download
syllable(freshmeat) Syllable The Syllable project creates a family of operat... Download
dyncall(freshmeat) dyncall The dyncall library project provides a clean an... Download
collectd(freshmeat) collectd collectd is a small and modular daemon which co... Download
ip-id(freshmeat) IP-ID By using the nmblookup facility from Samba, and... Download
lsnet(freshmeat) lsnet lsnet is a system monitor that generates detail... Download
python-modular-dns-server(freshmeat) pymds pymds is a simple, authoritative-only DNS serve... Download
dualscreen-mouse-utils(freshmeat) dualscreen-mouse-utils dualscreen-mouse-utils is a set of two useful u... Download
drizzle-jdbc(freshmeat) Drizzle-JDBC Drizzle-JDBC is a JDBC driver for drizzle, a mi... Download
freevms(freshmeat) FreeVMS FreeVMS is an OpenVMS-like operating system whi... Download
libcdio(freshmeat) GNU CD Input and Control Library The GNU Compact Disc Input and Control library ... Download
fjbtndrv(freshmeat) fjbtndrv fjbtndrv is a Linux driver for the tablet butto... Download
sside(freshmeat) sside SSIDE is a lightweight GTK+ based IDE for the C... Download
easyphpthumbnailclass(freshmeat) Easy PHP Thumbnail Class Easy PHP Thumbnail Class can be used to manipul... Download
openeafdss(freshmeat) OpenEAFDSS OpenEAFDSS is a Perl library that handles the c... Download
vedga(freshmeat) Kalpa.Cloud Kalpa.Cloud is a toolkit for developing SaaS ap... Download
qtlua-library(freshmeat) QtLua library The QtLua library aims to make Qt 4 application... Download
3d-memory-game(freshmeat) 3D Memory Game 3D Memory Game is a game in which you play with... Download
ragel(freshmeat) Ragel State Machine Compiler Ragel compiles finite state machines from regul... Download
simpat(freshmeat) simpat simpat packages a simple Patricia trie datatype... Download
interkonekto(freshmeat) Interkonekto Interkonekto helps with drawing electrical inte... Download
ffdperl-flat-file-database-for(freshmeat) FFDPERL FFDPERL (Flat File Database for PERL) makes it ... Download
lasem(freshmeat) Lasem Lasem is a library for SVG and MathML rendering... Download
funky-2(freshmeat) Funky Funky is an embeddable functional programming l... Download
installation-automation(freshmeat) Installation Automation Installation Automation is a PHP thatclass can... Download
conman(freshmeat) ConMan ConMan is a serial console management program d... Download
reefless(freshmeat) reefLESS reefLEES is a script for creating a Web site to... Download
livecd-server(freshmeat) LiveCDserver is a live CD Linux system that doe... Download
encog-java(freshmeat) Encog for Java Encog is an advanced neural network and bot pro... Download
cjklib(freshmeat) cjklib Cjklib provides language routines related to Ha... Download
lib4d_sql(freshmeat) lib4d_sql lib4d_sql is a C library that provides the requ... Download
reactivision(freshmeat) reacTIVision reacTIVision is a computer vision framework for... Download
audiopreview(freshmeat) Audiopreview audiopreview is a command-line tool that plays ... Download
backintime(freshmeat) Back In Time Back In Time is a simple backup tool for Linux ... Download
psycopg(freshmeat) psycopg psycopg is a PostgreSQL database adapter for th... Download
uvga-conio-library(freshmeat) uvga-conio-library MicroVGA-conio library is a minimalistic librar... Download
easy-php-event-calendar(freshmeat) EasyPHPEventCalendar EasyPhpEventCalendar is a PHP class that allows... Download
autosnippet(freshmeat) AutoSnippet AutoSnippet automatically generates Web code sn... Download
cartstore-shopping-cart-softwa(freshmeat) CartStore CartStore is commercial grade shopping cart sof... Download
interactivestats(freshmeat) interactiveStats interactiveStats can analyze arbitrary log file... Download
beej(freshmeat) Boolean Expression Editor for Java The BEEJ library provides a Java Swing GUI to b... Download
xngr-browser(freshmeat) XNGR XML Browser The XNGR XML Browser is an XML browser framewor... Download
ntfs-3g(freshmeat) NTFS-3G NTFS-3G is a stable read/write NTFS driver. It ... Download
vacuum(freshmeat) Vacuum Magic Vacuum Magic is a fast-paced action game. The p... Download
php_solr(freshmeat) php_solr php_solr is a lightweight php client library fo... Download
famflows(freshmeat) famflows Famflows is a program which tracks "flows&... Download
squirrelmail(freshmeat) SquirrelMail SquirrelMail is a standards-based Webmail packa... Download
snakes(freshmeat) SNAKES SNAKES is the Net Algebra Kit for Editors and S... Download
lirc(freshmeat) lirc LIRC is a package that supports receiving and s... Download
cx_oracle(freshmeat) cx_Oracle cx_Oracle is a Python extension module that all... Download
membrane-soap-router(freshmeat) Membrane SOAP Router Membrane SOAP Router is a modular SOAP intermed... Download
cout(freshmeat) cout Cout highlights the output of different program... Download
ganymedssh2(freshmeat) Ganymed SSH-2 for Java Ganymed SSH-2 for Java is a library that implem... Download
libfake437(freshmeat) libfake437 Libfake437 is a cross-platform library for rend... Download
fourinaline(freshmeat) Four in a line Four in a line is a Connect four game that can ... Download
drkhtb(freshmeat) drkhtb The drkhtb project was designed with medium to ... Download
jsbfck(freshmeat) Kit's JavaScript Brainfuck Interpreter Kit's JavaScript Brainfuck Interpreter is a rat... Download
l2j(freshmeat) L2J L2J is an alternate game server for Lineage2. T... Download
kohanaphp(freshmeat) Kohana Kohana is a PHP 5 framework that uses the Model... Download
amfast(freshmeat) AmFast AmFast is a Flash remoting package for Python. ... Download
yahtzeesharp(freshmeat) YahtzeeSharp YahtzeeSharp is a Yahtzee game written in C#. I... Download
8-kingdoms(freshmeat) 8 Kingdoms 8 Kingdoms is a 3D turn-based fantasy strategy ... Download
pybag(freshmeat) pybag PYBAG implements a portable bag and is intended... Download
unknown-horizons(freshmeat) Unknown Horizons Unknown Horizons is a 2D realtime strategy simu... Download
phorum-5(freshmeat) Phorum Phorum is a Web-based forum application built f... Download
lesauf-crud(freshmeat) Lesauf CRUD Lesauf CRUD is a Zend application skeleton that... Download
remotecores(freshmeat) remotecores remotecores is a client/server application used... Download
indices(freshmeat) indices indices is a console application that fetches s... Download
hackeros(freshmeat) HackerOS HackerOS is a Linux distribution aimed at provi... Download
mbfl(freshmeat) MBFL MBFL is a collection of libraries for the GNU B... Download
rss-glx(freshmeat) Really Slick ScreenSavers GLX Port The Really Slick ScreenSavers GLX Port is a por... Download
libelf(freshmeat) libelf libelf lets you read, modify or create ELF file... Download
rotter(freshmeat) Rotter Rotter is a transmission recording and audio lo... Download
unifiedsessionsmanager(freshmeat) UnifiedSessionsManager UnifiedSessionsManager is a unified and simplif... Download
project-planner(freshmeat) Auto Project Planner Auto Project Planner automatically calculates a... Download
dapper(freshmeat) Dapper Dataflow Engine Dapper, or "Distributed and Parallel Progr... Download
curlpp(freshmeat) curlpp cURLpp is a C++ wrapper for libcurl (curl back-... Download
jamp(freshmeat) JAMP JAMP is a PHP framework for producing Web appli... Download
untahris(freshmeat) Untahris Common Playground In Untahris Common Playground, one can play sev... Download
isdngw(freshmeat) isdngw isdngw is an H.323 to ISDN gateway using the Op... Download
session-reader(freshmeat) Session reader Session reader is a tool for LAMP and WAMP serv... Download
sail-samba-administration-inte(freshmeat) SAIL SAIL (Samba Administration Interface for LDAP) ... Download
vchkuser(freshmeat) vchkuser vchkuser is a qmail-spp plugin which checks for... Download
prometheus(freshmeat) Prometheus Prometheus is a strategical game for 10 to 20 p... Download
seldon(freshmeat) Seldon Seldon is a C++ library for linear algebra. It ... Download
ntop(freshmeat) ntopng ntopmg is a network probe that shows network us... Download
tre(freshmeat) TRE TRE is a lightweight, robust, efficient, portab... Download
psmisc(freshmeat) psmisc PSmisc is a set of small useful utilities that ... Download
chmlib(freshmeat) MS CHM library Microsoft help files and technical documentatio... Download
conkeror(freshmeat) Conkeror Conkeror is a keyboard-oriented, highly-customi... Download

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