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Unix Group Name Group Name Description Download
amosfcd(freshmeat) [Amos-Effect] [Amos-Effect] parses and visualizes mobile phon... Download
spybye(freshmeat) SpyBye SpyBye is a tool to help web masters determine ... Download
yelo(freshmeat) Yelo Yelo is a standalone service catalog for SOA (s... Download
koffice(freshmeat) KOffice KOffice is an integrated office suite based on ... Download
polliwog(freshmeat) polliwog polliwog is a Java-based Web server log file an... Download
vodovod(freshmeat) Vodovod Vodovod is a single-player action puzzle game. ... Download
xmms-jack(freshmeat) xmms-jack xmms-jack is an XMMS audio output plugin for th... Download
jope(freshmeat) JOPE Application Server JOPE is an implementation of the SOPE server an... Download
thcnetmessagesystem(freshmeat) THCNET Message System The THCNET Message System is a customizable PHP... Download
jackrabbit(freshmeat) Apache Jackrabbit Apache Jackrabbit is a fully conforming impleme... Download
pmpkg(freshmeat) pmpkg pmpkg provides a script and definitions to buil... Download
th-03(freshmeat) TH-03 TH-03 is an application that provides an interf... Download
bugwerk(freshmeat) BugWerk BugWerk is an adaptable, platform-agnostic appl... Download
multitask(freshmeat) multitask multitask allows Python programs to use generat... Download
fftscope(freshmeat) FFTscope for AlsaPlayer FFTscope is a visualization plugin for AlsaPlay... Download
genesis_framework(freshmeat) genesis framework genesis is a framework that aims to bring simpl... Download
tigerenvelopes(freshmeat) Tiger Envelopes Tiger Envelopes makes encryption automatic with... Download
hometvstream(freshmeat) homeTVstream homeTVstream is a collection of shell scripts a... Download
assogiate(freshmeat) assoGiate assoGiate is an editor of the file types databa... Download
iridiumflares(freshmeat) IridiumFlares IridiumFlares is an application that can predic... Download
dangerdeep(freshmeat) Danger from the Deep Danger from the deep (aka dangerdeep) is a WW2 ... Download
luca(freshmeat) Luca Luca is a Web-based based accounting (double-en... Download
rextile(freshmeat) Rextile Rextile allows you to build XHTML documents and... Download
jcite(freshmeat) JCite JCite makes it possible to cite snippets of Jav... Download
writetarget(freshmeat) WriteTarget WriteTarget is a universal text generator based... Download
gvrpad(freshmeat) gvrpad This daemon makes GVRP announcements of all VLA... Download
qpamat(freshmeat) QPaMaT QPaMaT is a password manager which stores passw... Download
wmfrog(freshmeat) wmFrog wmFrog is a weather dockapp for use in Window M... Download
goat(freshmeat) GOAT Goat is a tournament organizer assistant. It is... Download
opensign(freshmeat) OpenSign OpenSign is a collection of Java applets provid... Download
fb-ng(freshmeat) FileBrowser-NG FileBrowser-NG is a Web application that helps ... Download
sipscreen(freshmeat) sipscreen sipscreen is a Linux iptables QUEUE target hand... Download
krdm(freshmeat) krd remote desktop connection manager krd eases the configuration and utilization of ... Download
pclinuxos(freshmeat) PCLinuxOS PCLinuxOS is an English-only GNU/Linux distribu... Download
chessx(freshmeat) ChessX ChessX is a chess database that allows you to b... Download
k3dsurf(freshmeat) K3DSurf K3DSurf is a program for visualizing and manipu... Download
gpsman(freshmeat) GPSMan GPSMan (GPS Manager) is a graphical manager of ... Download
vayala(freshmeat) Vayala Vayala is a multi-purpose chat client for devel... Download
rhinohide(freshmeat) Rhinohide Rhinohide is a Java implementation of the W3C D... Download
pybonjour(freshmeat) pybonjour pybonjour provides a pure Python interface (via... Download
resolvr(freshmeat) Resolvr Resolvr is a framework for Zeroconf naming, ser... Download
juxtaphoto(freshmeat) JuxtaPhoto JuxtaPhoto is a PHP photo album that lets you s... Download
streamnikserver(freshmeat) Streamnik Server The streamnik server is an IPTV server based on... Download
vinetto(freshmeat) vinetto Vinetto is intended to extract thumbnails and a... Download
idealmysql(freshmeat) IdealMySQL IdealMySQL is a PHP class that provides an inte... Download
ttwidget(freshmeat) widget The Dashboard widget lets you quic... Download
kernelkit(freshmeat) KernelKit KernelKit is a Knoppix derivative dedicated to ... Download
qgo(freshmeat) qGo qGo is a Go board, SGF editor, and client for t... Download
ptest(freshmeat) pTest The pTest framework is an Object Oriented PHP 5... Download
krumo(freshmeat) Krumo Krumo is a debugging tool for PHP that is inten... Download
neatupload(freshmeat) NeatUpload NeatUpload allows ASP.NET developers to stream ... Download
snmptt(freshmeat) SNMP Trap Translator SNMPTT is an SNMP trap handler written in Perl ... Download
privbind(freshmeat) privbind Privbind is a small tool that allows unprivileg... Download
web2newsportal(freshmeat) Web 2.0 News Portal Web 2.0 News Portal is a small, easy-to-install... Download
tunapie(freshmeat) TunaPie TunaPie is a directory browser for Internet rad... Download
rajax(freshmeat) RAJAX RAJAX is an approach to remove the repetitive c... Download
cgeddie(freshmeat) CgEddie CgEddie is a very simple editor for writing and... Download
checkaccess(freshmeat) CheckAccess CheckAccess is a PHP script to build a report o... Download
gadminhttpd(freshmeat) gadminhttpd GadminHTTPD is an easy to use GTK+ user interfa... Download
gproftpd(freshmeat) GProFTPD GProFTPD is a GNOME frontend for the ProFTPD st... Download
qalculate(freshmeat) Qalculate! Qalculate! is a modern multi-purpose desktop ca... Download
pivot(freshmeat) Pivot Weblog Pivot is a tool to create weblogs (and to some ... Download
dwprj(freshmeat) Dataweb Project Dataweb Project is a RAD (rapid application dev... Download
jtrana(freshmeat) Jtrana Jtrana is a Java-based NS2 wireless trace analy... Download
pam_mktemp(freshmeat) pam_mktemp pam_mktemp is a PAM module which may be used wi... Download
gmsl(freshmeat) GNU Make Standard Library The GNU Make Standard Library (GMSL) is a colle... Download
metacity(freshmeat) Metacity Metacity is a window manager for GNOME. It uses... Download
kernbench(freshmeat) kernbench kernbench is a CPU throughput benchmark. It is ... Download
aquamacs(freshmeat) Aquamacs Emacs Aquamacs is a Mac-like version of the powerful ... Download
tbibtools(freshmeat) tbibtools tbibtools provide a simple regexp-based BibTeX ... Download
jcameo(freshmeat) JCameo JCameo is a model-driven Swing framework with s... Download
wildcatcobol(freshmeat) Wildcat COBOL Compiler The Wildcat COBOL Compiler is an up-and-coming ... Download
enigform(freshmeat) Enigform Enigform is a Mozilla Firefox extension that pr... Download
gnumonitor(freshmeat) GNU-Monitor GNU-Monitor is a transactional monitor that all... Download
yalcd(freshmeat) yaLCD yaLCD is a simple LCDproc client. It displays s... Download
pvault(freshmeat) Photovault Photovault is an image archiving and organizati... Download
perldebugger(freshmeat) PerlDeBugger PerlDeBugger (PDB) is a Perl debugger. In contr... Download
symbolica(freshmeat) Symbolica Symbolica is a remake of the C-64 game of the s... Download
pidginhotkeys(freshmeat) pidgin-hotkeys pidgin-hotkeys is a Pidgin (previously known as... Download
pam_userpass(freshmeat) pam_userpass pam_userpass is a PAM module for use specifical... Download
dotnetfromjava(freshmeat) dotnetfromjava dotnetfromjava is a Java software API to provid... Download
pyqglviewer(freshmeat) PyQGLViewer PyQGLViewer is a set of Python bindings for the... Download
dvdspanky(freshmeat) dvdspanky dvdspanky is a CLI tool for converting video fi... Download
log4c(freshmeat) log4c Log for C is a library for flexible logging to ... Download
palava(freshmeat) Palava Palava is a communication protocol to build Web... Download
finomaton(freshmeat) Finomaton Finomaton lets you comfortably draw and typeset... Download
openxdas(freshmeat) OpenXDAS OpenXDAS is a Novell-sponsored fully functional... Download
netoscar(freshmeat) Net::Oscar Net::Oscar is a pure Perl implementation of the... Download
bbgun(freshmeat) bbgun bbgun moves phpBB forums to WordPress blogs. bb... Download
xbig(freshmeat) XBiG XBiG uses XSL transformations to generate forei... Download
psg(freshmeat) Project Steve Guttenberg Project Steve Guttenberg is a PHP-driven diary/... Download
ogre4j(freshmeat) ogre4j ogre4j provides JNI bindings for the popular Ob... Download
mairix(freshmeat) mairix mairix is a tool for indexing and searching ema... Download
quikwiki(freshmeat) QuikWiki QuikWiki is a Perl CGI Wiki that supports norma... Download
gearhead(freshmeat) GearHead: Arena GearHead is a mecha roguelike roleplaying game.... Download
tvmet(freshmeat) tvmet This Tiny Vector and Matrix template library us... Download
monq_jfa(freshmeat) monq.jfa monq.jfa is a class library for fast and flexib... Download
pr3287(freshmeat) pr3287 pr3287 is an emulator for an IBM 3287 printer, ... Download
x3270(freshmeat) IBM 3270 Terminal Applications Suite The IBM 3270 Terminal Applications suite consis... Download
procpile(freshmeat) ProcPile ProcPile is a pure Ruby distributed computing c... Download

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