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Unix Group Name Group Name Description Download
djamolwap(sfnet) Wap Auto Index Advance Djamolwap 13v -Advance Auto Index With Web Admi... Download
pstoolsgui(sfnet) PSTools GUI PSTools GUI is a graphical frontend for the PST... Download
likwid(freshmeat) likwid Likwid is a set of easy to use command line too... Download
jam-os(sfnet) Jam OS JAM OS is a completely new desktop operating sy... Download
sigasi-vhdl(freshmeat) Sigasi VHDL Sigasi is an intelligent Eclipse- based develop... Download
ejbca(freshmeat) EJBCA EJBCA is a fully functional Certificate Authori... Download
amix(sfnet) Amix Amix is lightweight business software written a... Download
coils(sfnet) OpenGroupware Coils Originally a reimplementation of OpenGroupware'... Download
rubioseq(sfnet) RUbioSeq The vast number of data produced by next-genera... Download
dlc(sfnet) Dead Link Check (DLC) DLC - HTTP link checker written in Perl. Can ge... Download
asmlibrary(sfnet) asmlibrary/aamlibrary Active Shape/Appearance Model Library (ASMLibra... Download
rubyzip(sfnet) rubyzip rubyzip is a ruby module for reading and writin... Download
mactimeclock(sfnet) EZPunch Standard EZPunch Standard is a stand alone Time Clock ap... Download
cd-linux(sfnet) CDlinux CDlinux is a compact Linux disto. It is small i... Download
libhdate(sfnet) libhdate, hcal and hdate libhdate is a C library for Hebrew calendar inf... Download
rpmerizor(sfnet) rpmerizor rpmerizor is a Perl script that allows you to c... Download
phycluster(sfnet) PhyCluster PhyCluster: A fast and stable procedure for sam... Download
dar(sfnet) DAR - Disk ARchive DAR is a command-line backup and archiving tool... Download
pychem(sfnet) PyChem A univariate and multivariate analysis UI. This... Download
reinernotes(sfnet) Reiner Notes A simple, small, portable text editor. Doesn't ... Download
eclipseme(sfnet) EclipseME EclipseME is an Eclipse plugin to help develop ... Download
zentao(sfnet) ZenTao project & scrum tool ZenTaoPMS is an open source project management ... Download
odb-2(freshmeat) odb ODB is a compiler-based object-relational mappi... Download
watin(sfnet) WatiN WatiN (pronounced "what-in") aims to ... Download
jmechanic(sfnet) jMechanic jMechanic is an Eclipse Java IDE plugin providi... Download
echomac(sfnet) EchoMac EchoMac: A Program for MacOS X to connect to th... Download
genethello(sfnet) GeneThello: Genetic Othello GeneThello (read jə-ˈne-ˈthe-lō), is an acronym... Download
packeth(sfnet) ethernet packet generator packETH is a Linux GUI packet generator tool fo... Download
matepuppy(sfnet) MATE desktop for Puppy Linux, GeNOME This distribution is Puppy Slacko based, with t... Download
mngzilla(sfnet) MNG/JNG support for Mozilla Software development in support of restoring MN... Download
dday-ical(sfnet) DDay.iCal - an iCalendar class library DDay.iCal is an iCal (RFC 5545) class library f... Download
mooffanka(sfnet) Mooffanka CMS CMS for iter/intra/extranet and complex HTTP ap... Download
infact(sfnet) Infact Infact is a tool for knowledge visualisation ba... Download
webminstats(sfnet) Webmin System stats Webminstats is a Webmin's module which display ... Download
taskhelm(freshmeat) Taskhelm Taskhelm is a graphical shell that sits on top ... Download
confctl(freshmeat) confctl Confctl is a sysctl-like tool to provide access... Download
dns_c(freshmeat) dns.c dns.c is a recursive, re-entrant, non-blocking ... Download
nbportable(sfnet) NetBeans Portable NetBeans Portable just makes NetBeans IDE (http... Download
ioswinsigner(sfnet) iOS Win Signer Kind of a working progress, but I wanted to fin... Download
punypng-php-api(freshmeat) PunyPNG PHP API PunyPNG PHP API compresses images using the Pun... Download
mathomatic(freshmeat) Mathomatic Mathomatic is a portable, general-purpose compu... Download
portalxl40(sfnet) phpBB3 PortalXL 5.0 PortalXL 5.0 the worlds leading Open Source por... Download
eug(sfnet) Europa Universalis Game Tools Java library and application to edit game files... Download
libnfnetlink(freshmeat) libnfnetlink libnfnetlink is a low-level userspace library f... Download
scid-vs-pc(freshmeat) Scid vs. PC Scid vs. PC is a powerful chess toolkit. It has... Download
ccache(freshmeat) ccache ccache is a compiler cache. It speeds up recomp... Download
libunibreak(freshmeat) libunibreak libunibreak is an implementation of the line br... Download
gtkada_contributions(freshmeat) GtkAda contributions The library is a contribution to GtkAda, an Ada... Download
log4cplus(freshmeat) log4cplus log4cplus is a simple to use C++ logging API pr... Download
upnp-portmapper(sfnet) UPnP PortMapper The UPnP PortMapper can be used to easily manag... Download
sploitego(freshmeat) Sploitego Sploitego is a rapid local transform developmen... Download
dbpersister(freshmeat) DBPersister DBPersister (database persistent library) is a... Download
simgrid(freshmeat) SimGrid SimGrid is a toolkit which provides core functi... Download
localupdatepubl(sfnet) Local Update Publisher Local Update Publisher allows system administra... Download
guile(freshmeat) guile Guile is a portable, embeddable Scheme implemen... Download
ntemacs(sfnet) Emacs bzr for w32 This project provides clean, optimized w32 bina... Download
webcert(freshmeat) WebCert WebCert is a Web application to generate and m... Download
openor(sfnet) OpenOR Parallax Resolvable Depth Axis Transformation O... Download
agendaj(sfnet) Agenda_J Agenda de contactos y asuntos creada en Java y ... Download
libnetfilter_cthelper(freshmeat) libnetfilter_cthelper libnetfilter_cthelper is a library which allows... Download
sourcenav-ng(freshmeat) Source Navigator NG Source Navigator NG is based upon Red Hat's Sou... Download
dwarves(freshmeat) dwarves dwarves is a set of tools to inspect the DWARF ... Download
mysql-python(sfnet) MySQL for Python MySQLdb is a Python DB API-2.0-compliant interf... Download
entrainer(sfnet) Entrainer Entrainer is a Java program (JRE 1.8.0_05+ requ... Download
ansilove-php(freshmeat) Ansilove/PHP Ansilove/PHP is a set of tools that convert ANS... Download
mcmc-jags(sfnet) JAGS: Just Another Gibbs Sampler JAGS is Just Another Gibbs Sampler. It is a pro... Download
urqm(freshmeat) Micro Request Queue Manager Micro Request Queue Manager is a request queue ... Download
cinelerra(freshmeat) Cinelerra Cinelerra is a complete audio and video product... Download
private-logistics-privacy-sens(freshmeat) Private Logistics Private Logistics is a partial personal informa... Download
soundbench(sfnet) Soundbench Soundbench is high-quality GPL-licensed softwar... Download
cpuse(sfnet) CPU Scheduler Evaluation CPU Scheduler Evaluation (CPUSE) Patches to Lin... Download
rrd-merge(freshmeat) rrd-merge rrd-merge merges RRD (round robin database) fil... Download
esiobjects(sfnet) EsiObjects An Object Oriented Programming Language and Dev... Download
peyote(freshmeat) Peyote Peyote is an audio player with a friendly MC-li... Download
e-adventure(sfnet) eAdventure eAdventure (formerly <e-Adventure>) is an... Download
sqliteman(sfnet) sqliteman: sqlite3 admin and devel tool The best developer's or admin's GUI tool for Sq... Download
ts3love(sfnet) Teamspeak 3 Love Plugin A plugin for Teamspeak3. This plugin allows you... Download
jmlspecs(sfnet) Java Modeling Language (JML) The Java Modeling Language (JML) is a behaviora... Download
coopy(freshmeat) coopy COOPY is a set of tools for distributed data pr... Download
vrapper(sfnet) Vrapper Vrapper is an eclipse plugin which acts as a wr... Download
mp3grabber(sfnet) mp3 Grabber This app is designed to facilitate the review o... Download
cudatemplatex64(sfnet) cuda template x64 cuda 5.0版本的模板 x64 win7 vc2010 与nvidia整合... Download
plantumlqeditor(sfnet) PlantUML QEditor A simple editor for PlantUML. Requires PlantUML... Download
sfall(sfnet) sfall A set of engine modifications for the classic g... Download
haredbhbaseclie(sfnet) HareDB HBase Client Most people are not familiar with command mode.... Download
xastir(sfnet) XASTIR Real-time tracking & messaging of stations ... Download
ccv(sfnet) Stat cvs/svn Code Change It's a web application which provides a unify s... Download
cyclograph(sfnet) CycloGraph CycloGraph is an application to plot the gradie... Download
loginids(freshmeat) LoginIDS LoginIDS provides functions to analyze log file... Download
lmdbg(freshmeat) LMDBG LMDBG is a collection of small tools for collec... Download
the-legend-of-edgar(freshmeat) The Legend of Edgar The Legend of Edgar is a 2D platform game with ... Download
tikzit(sfnet) TikZiT TikZiT is a cross-platform application that all... Download
ibpp(sfnet) IBPP, a C++ API for Firebird Server IBPP, where the 'PP' stands for '++', is a C++ ... Download
php-session-upload-progress-ba(freshmeat) PHP Session Upload Progress Bar PHP Session Upload Progress Bar tracks the prog... Download
openfx(sfnet) Open Plug-ins For Visual Effects A cross host, cross platform C API for visual e... Download
macsvn(sfnet) Mac SVN Mac OS X GUI client for Subversion Download
gocontactsync(sfnet) GO Contact Sync GO Contact Sync is a tool that synchronizes you... Download
halo-extension(sfnet) Halo extension to Semantic MediaWiki SMW Semantic web technologies and wiki paradigms ar... Download
geiser(freshmeat) Geiser Geiser is a generic Emacs/Scheme interaction mo... Download
polywithgcd(sfnet) Polynomials calculator with gcd Calculator for polynomials that can do add, dif... Download

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