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SDMetrics Core is a Java library to calculate metrics of structural design properties such as coupling, size, and complexity for UML designs. It also checks design rules to automatically detect incomplete or incorrect design, and adherence to style guidelines such as circular dependencies or naming conventions. The library provides an XMI parser for import of XMI 1.x files with UML1.3/1.4 models, and XMI 2.0/2.1 files with UML 2.x models. Design metrics, rules, and XMI import are highly customizable.


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2012-03-20 06:14

Verbesserte Unterstützung für UML 2 Profile, benutzerdefinierte Funktionen in metrische Ausdrücken und Unterstützung für UML 2.4.1.
Improved support for UML 2 profiles, user-defined functions in metric expressions, and support for UML 2.4.1.

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