milter manager is a milter to use multiple milters effectively.

If milter manager is introduced, milter manager administrates milters instead of MTA. The has some advantages:

  • reduce milter administration cost
  • combine milters flexibly


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Veröffentlicht: 2016-11-14 17:24
milter-manager-dev 1.3.1 (4 files Verstecken)


A development release. Evaluation mode was added.

=== milter-manager

==== Improvements

* Added ((<evaluation
that ignores a result of child milter.
* Added configuration items:
* max number of concurrent connections:
* max number of file descriptors:
* Supported EPEL [Reported by Syunsuke Komma]
* Supported timeout configuration based on
milter-greylist's tarpit configuration.

=== milter-toolkit

* Added more the Ruby bindings [Yuto Hayamizu]

=== milter manager admin

* Supported Rails 2.3.4

=== milter-test-client

* Added --syslog options that logs to syslog.

=== milter-manager-log-analyzer

* Supported milter-greylist's SPF result.

=== Thanks

* Yuto Hayamizu
* Syunsuke Komma


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