milter manager is a milter to use multiple milters effectively.

If milter manager is introduced, milter manager administrates milters instead of MTA. The has some advantages:

  • reduce milter administration cost
  • combine milters flexibly


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Veröffentlicht: 2016-11-14 17:21
milter-manager 1.6.7 (1 files Verstecken)


A bug fix release of 1.6.6.

=== All

==== Improvements

* Don't create needless directories on install.
[Reported by OBATA Akio]

==== Fixes

* Fixed a bug that Ruby/GLib2 in system can't be found.
[Reported by OBATA Akio]

=== Package

==== Fixes

* [RPM] Fixed dependencies.
* [Debian] Fixed dependencies.
* [Debian] Don't use deprecated option in init script.
* [RPM] Don't use deprecated option in init script.

=== milter-manager

==== Fixes

* [S25R] Fixed a bug that milter is always run.

=== milter-core

==== Improvements

* Added "+LEVEL1|LEVEL2|..." syntax to add log levels.
* Added "-LEVEL1|LEVEL2|..." syntax to remove log levels.

=== milter-client

==== Improvements

* Added --log-level option.
* Added --quiet option.

=== Thanks

* OBATA Akio


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