ProjectLibre is an open source alternative to Microsoft Project. It is also the new updated version of OpenProj. We were the developers of OpenProj A compliment to Apache OpenOffice and LibreOffice. We have a community site as well at It has been downloaded over 500,000 times in 200 countries and was just won InfoWorld "Best of Open Source" award. ProjectLibre is compatible with Microsoft Project 2003, 2007 and 2010 files. You can simply open them on Linux, Mac OS or Windows. ProjectLibre has been rewritten and added key features:

* Compatibility with Microsoft Project 2010 * User Interface improvement * Printing (does not allow printing) * Bug fixes

The ProjectLibre team has been the key innovators in project management software. In development of a PPM and cloud/server replacement of Microsoft Project Server. If you download please donate so we can continue


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2020-08-04 14:38
Rezensionen von jun

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1.9.2になってから、正常に終了できなくなりました。 保存した後、Process Manager(Windowsなので)で、Killしています。 これがなければ、癖を理解すれば、使えるのですが。

2016-11-23 18:01
Rezensionen von のり

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皆さんの評価で、MSProjectと同様な使い勝手を期待して、使ってみましたが、正直期待したほどでなかったです。 Freeで使えるから文句言えませんけど。

2014-09-12 22:23
Rezensionen von cjsnh222

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