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a6c73a812021-11-05 10:36:41Chih-Wei HuangAdd Android-x86 dashboard Add an option to enable or dis...
eb1cc8622021-11-05 10:36:41Steve KondikSettings: Add developer setting for root access Also inc...
c3305a182021-11-05 10:36:41Chih-Wei HuangAdd information about OpenGL driver version In order to ...
df6f820c2021-11-05 10:36:41Chih-Wei HuangAdd Manufacturer to device info Add an item to display m...
72c60f0d2021-08-16 13:15:31Android Build Coastguard WorkerMerge cherrypicks of [15581311, 15581312, 15581313, 15581...
c7882bb32021-08-16 13:15:16Weng Su[DO NOT MERGE] Add SafetyNet logging - Add SafetyNet log...
69cae4fe2021-08-16 13:15:13Weng Su[DO NOT MERGE] Add permission checking to WifiDialogActiv...
d93220052021-08-16 13:15:10Weng SuAdd comment to AndroidManifest - Wi-Fi result data will ...
601f20322021-07-06 17:17:51Chih-Wei Huang Android 9.0.0 Release 61 (6780336) -----BEGIN PGP SIGNA...
caca20d42021-07-01 20:04:01Android Build Coastguard WorkerMerge cherrypicks of [15172584, 15172286, 15172594, 15172...

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