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6fb8fd6678dd 2024-02-24 21:06:00 Jaroslav Fojtik tip Wrong strip offset reading. Accepting ImageOrientation ta...
e447d96213a0 2024-02-20 17:55:53 Jaroslav Fojtik Multiple scenes from TIFF could be read.
5efa70f931bd 2024-02-19 11:39:27 Jaroslav Fojtik Fixed problem with TIFF image processing.
612bcdd814d7 2024-02-07 06:08:15 Jaroslav Fojtik Year step up to 2024.
7e1a81680959 2023-12-16 06:46:39 Fojtik TIFF IFD field must be 4 for values>FFFFh.
a050a7b2aa9f 2023-12-14 07:20:11 Fojtik JPG reader should create RGB raster with 3 channels.
89db5eb7d09b 2023-12-03 21:00:37 Fojtik Update WP2LaTeX documentation.
31ae28c356b3 2023-11-28 09:06:18 Fojtik GCC considers this to be compillation error - fixed.
a2c8a8717ede 2023-11-28 08:54:41 Fojtik 4.4
f1957fedc512 2023-11-26 10:46:14 Fojtik Duplicated attribute VectorCurve::Filled has been removed.

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tip 6fb8fd6678dd 2024-02-24 21:06:00 Jaroslav Fojtik


Name Rev. Zeit Autor Nachricht
default 6fb8fd6678dd 2024-02-24 21:06:00 Jaroslav Fojtik Wrong strip offset reading....

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