TortoiseSVN ist ein Subversion (SVN) -Client, implementiert als Windows-Shell-Erweiterung. Das bedeutet, dass es genau dort verfügbar ist, wo Sie es brauchen: im Windows-Datei-Explorer.

Es ist intuitiv und einfach zu bedienen, da der Subversion-Befehlszeilenclient nicht ausgeführt werden muss. Einfach das coolste Interface zur (Sub-)Versionskontrolle!

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Make sure to also check the changelog of Subversion.

Version 1.14.3

  • BUG: clipboard wasn't closed after pasting into the filter control in the log dialog. (Stefan)
  • BUG: when merging via log dialog, a warning was falsely shown "The target has local modifications". (Stefan)

Version 1.14.2

  • BUG: when starting a log dialog from an existing log dialog, the project properties were not read anymore. (Stefan)
  • BUG: When line-wrapping is on in TMerge and the window is resized, the current line was not kept in the view. (Stefan)
  • BUG: reload in TMerge with collapsed lines moved the view, the top line was not kept in place. (Stefan)
  • BUG: TortoiseBlame crashed when searching upwards from the last line. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Redo in TMerge failed to mark the document as modified. (Stefan)
  • BUG: race condition when syncing settings. (Stefan)
  • NEW: integration for context menu in Windows 11. (Stefan)
  • CHG: F1 opens help online. (Stefan)
  • BUG: menu bars in dark mode were not really dark. (Stefan)

Version 1.14.1

  • BUG: TortoiseMerge crashed if configured to not use Ribbons. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Bugtraq links in log dialog didn't work anymore. (Stefan)
  • BUG: various problems with dark theme. (Stefan)
  • BUG: TortoiseBlame showd NUL chars if the file contained an utf8 BOM. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Crash in ProjectMonitor when rearranging the tree view. (Stefan)
  • BUG: opening the properties dialog from command line with param /property showed wrong or empty values. (Stefan)
  • BUG: hook scripts were executed for wc's that didn't have them set up when updating multiple wcs at once. (Stefan)
  • BUG: "compare with working copy" from the file list of the log dialog failed if the path wasn't a child of the path the log dialog was shown for. (Stefan)
  • BUG: crash when updating an external with an invalid/non-existing URL. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Lines with only ignored whitespace changes were not collapsed in TMerge. (Stefan)

Version 1.14.0

See the release notes:\_1.14\_releasenotes.html

Version 1.13.2

  • BUG: Crash in TMerge when indenting. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Context menu in log dialog bottom pane would not work properly if repo url contains escaped chars. (Stefan)
  • BUG: The "open with" from commit and other dialogs could show a dialog "server busy" that blocks the app. (Stefan)

Version 1.13.1

  • BUG: binary files were not digitally signed for the release. (Stefan)
  • BUG: missing c-runtime dlls. (Stefan)

Version 1.13.0

  • NEW: linked against svn 1.13.
  • BUG: various bugfixes.

Version 1.12.2

  • BUG: Exporting files from the log dialog stopped at deleted entries. (Stefan)
  • BUG: the word/excel diff scripts allowed macros to be executed. (Stefan)

Version 1.12.1

  • BUG: Crash in the repo browser if externals with relative paths were present. (Stefan)
  • BUG: "save as..." from the log dialog saved the file with an escaped name. (Stefan)
  • BUG: When parsing SVNParentPath pages, the urls were not properly escaped. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Context menu in TMerge didn't show up on secondary monitors. (Stefan)

Version 1.12.0

  • BUG: Ignoring comments in TMerge could lead to memory exhaustion. (Stefan)

Version 1.11.1

  • BUG: Diffing from the log dialog failed if the repository name itself contained non-ASCII chars. (Stefan)

Version 1.11.0

  • BUG: Display issues in the log dialog when resizing the dialog. (Stefan)
  • CHG: splitter positions saved separately for log dialog and project monitor. (Stefan)
  • CHG: Restored files get their last-write-time set to the current time. (Stefan)
  • BUG: When merging, the copyfrom revision was shown as eligible for merging. (Stefan)
  • BUG: long paths in the conflict dialogs were cut off instead of properly shortened. (Stefan)

Version 1.10.1

  • BUG: Wrong texts in conflict resolving dialogs. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Shelving from TSVN dialogs returned an error. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Crash when trying to unshelve from an outdated or corrupted working copy. (Stefan)
  • CHG: Improved project monitor toolbar for high dpi monitors. (Stefan)
  • CHG: Various improvements for high-dpi monitors. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Wrong titles when editing a conflict. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Unshelving failed when the shelve name contained non-ASCII chars. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Showing the log if the repo url contained special chars sometimes failed. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Wrong behavior for 'lock' error. (Patrick Steinhardt)
  • CHG: Improved labels and text in dialog when creating a copy in repo browser. (Stefan)
  • BUG: When showing multiple diffs from the log dialog with added files, only the first one was shown multiple times. (Stefan)
  • BUG: When adding unversioned folders, the ignore properties were sometimes ignored. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Changing update depths of sparse checkouts failed when trying to add files in excluded folders. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Exception was shown when trying to show the log between a date and a number revision. (Stefan)

Version 1.10.0

See the release notes here:\_1.10\_releasenotes.html

Version 1.9.8 (unreleased)

  • BUG: GDI leak in repo-browser. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Endless loop in vendor-branch. (Stefan)
  • CHG: New line margin icons and minor high dpi refinements in TortoiseMerge. (Ivan Zhakov)
  • BUG: Right click in touch mode wasn't working. (Stefan)
  • BUG: TortoiseUDiff shows invalid window title for patch files opened from shell. (Ivan Zhakov)
  • BUG: "not found" errors could happen for filenames that contain the "%" char. (Stefan)
  • BUG: TMerge did not select the whole line when clicked on the line number. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Horizontal scrollbar shown wrong if the view in TMerge had only one line. (Stefan)

Version 1.9.7

  • BUG: Drag copy-and-add did not add auto-properties. (Stefan)

Version 1.9.6

  • BUG: Crash when applying a patch from a drive root. (Stefan)
  • BUG: SubWCRev did not account for global ignore patterns. (Stefan)
  • BUG: TortoiseMerge jumped to the wrong line on startup if the view was collapsed. (Stefan)
  • BUG: TortoiseMerge: scale whitespace and newline symbol glyphs on High-DPI displays when Show Whitespaces option is enabled. (Ivan Zhakov)
  • CHG: Minor performance improvement for all operations when status cache is disabled. (Ivan Zhakov)
  • CHG: Improve startup performance of the update operation in common cases. (Ivan Zhakov)
  • CHG: Manifest TortoiseBlame and TortoiseUDiff as DPI-aware to avoid blurriness in high dpi mode. (Ivan Zhakov)
  • BUG: Icons in the log dialog filter do not render correctly in high dpi mode. (Ivan Zhakov)
  • BUG: Flickering mouse cursor when hovering over the log filter edit box. (Ivan Zhakov)
  • CHG: New action icons and minor high dpi refinements in the log dialog. (Ivan Zhakov)
  • BUG: changes to property-only items were not marked in the log dialog file list. (Stefan)
  • BUG: SubWCRevCOM choked on empty paths. (Stefan)
  • BUG: the filter in the recent messages dialog failed to work with uppercase letters. (Stefan)

Version 1.9.5

  • BUG: The "go to next diff" in TortoiseMerge stopped at lines filtered with a regex. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Changing the font in TortoiseMerge wasn't taking effect until a restart. (Stefan)
  • BUG: When a filter was active in TMerge, filtered lines could still be handled as a diff. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Changing the font in TMerge required a restart for the changes to take effect. (Stefan)
  • BUG: On Win8 and later, the spell checker wasn't properly handled in case there's no appropriate dict available. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Wording of the transfer speeds was wrong. (Stefan)
  • BUG: The externals property dialog did not handle HEAD revisions properly. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Autocompletion of filenames with umlauts in the commit dialog did not work. (Stefan)
  • BUG: The LogFindCopyFrom feature did not work properly for a branch that wasn't created from HEAD. (Stefan)
  • BUG: the conflict resolve buttons were not enabled in TortoiseMerge. (Stefan)
  • BUG: TortoiseMerge could hang with "ignore comments" enabled. (Sven Strickroth)
  • BUG: The patch window in TMerge could be shown outside of a multi-monitor setup, i.e. not in a visible area. (Stefan)
  • BUG: When deleting multiple files with unversioned files mixed in, the "do this for all unversioned/modified files" still showed a lot of error messages for unversioned files. (Stefan)
  • BUG: "Split lines" in the commit dialog with a log width marker set lead to memory exhaustion. (Stefan)
  • BUG: The tsvn:mergelogtemplatemsgtitlebottom property didn't work. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Creating an external via right-dragging if the name contained a space failed. (Stefan)
  • BUG: certain urls were not recognized as resulting in paths that are not valid on Windows. (Stefan)

Version 1.9.4

  • BUG: GDI Resource leak when showing a file list. (Stefan, Ivan)
  • BUG: lifetime issue with path string for long paths. (Ivan Zhakov)
  • BUG: Race condition in the shell extension. (Ivan Zhakov)
  • BUG: Crash in Project Monitor when drag&drop item with children. (Ivan Zhakov)
  • BUG: Small memory leak in commit dialog when doing refresh. (Ivan Zhakov)
  • BUG: Repobrowser lost info about working copy when the revision was changed. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Drop-strings were shown wrong. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Conflicts were marked as resolved even if the changes could not be saved. (Stefan)
  • CHG: Improve text for screen readers in log dialog. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Unnecessary horizontal scrollbar was shown in case logwidthmarker is set. (Sven Strickroth)
  • BUG: The font size in the statistics dialog was wrong, font unreadable. (Stefan)
  • CHG: Improved stability of the log cache. (Ivan Zhakov)
  • BUG: TMerge could hang applying a patch. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Crash in log dialog when repo root isn't readable. (Ivan Zhakov, Stefan)
  • BUG: Repo browser slow to close. (Stefan)
  • BUG: CodeCollaborator was not properly detected. (Stefan)

Version 1.9.3

  • BUG: The DEL key didn't work in the filter box in the log dialog. (Stefan)
  • BUG: The %fname was not set when diffing two revisions of the same file from the log dialog. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Crash when showing the context menu in the status list control if the class associations couldn't be created. (Stefan)
  • BUG: TortoiseMerge: The horizontal scroll bar was wrong if the shown doc had a lot of tabs. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Adjusting externals to the HEAD revision used always the same revision if multiple externals were selected. (Stefan)
  • BUG: unicode data was not saved properly in the project monitor. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Project monitor accepted escaped urls. Automatically unescapes them now. (Stefan)
  • CHG: the "break locks" checkbox in the cleanup dialog is now unchecked by default, and remembers its state between sessions. (Stefan)
  • BUG: The "create vendor branch" command failed to copy over files that have the svn:needs-lock property set or are otherwise set as readonly. (Stefan)
  • BUG: The column "SVN Statusnumber" showed sometimes the wrong value. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Repobrowser failed to properly detect SVNParentPath pages which don't use xml output. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Adjusting externals used the wrong revision if the external was copied itself but not modified later. (Stefan)
  • BUG: The manual pre-commit hook script was executed with an outdated or empty log message. (Stefan)
  • BUG: TortoiseIDiff only zoomed one image in overlap mode when zooming with the Ctrl-mousewheel. (Stefan)
  • BUG: The tooltip of the tray icon mentioned commit monitor instead of project monitor. (Stefan)
  • BUG: project properties in the project monitor were not updated properly. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Windows and dialogs were shown with a wrong size if the monitor settings changed. (Stefan)
  • BUG: The log dialog could crash if revision zero contained user revprops. (Stefan)
  • BUG: "Drop vendorbranch here" could leave the target folder empty if multiple sources where dragged. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Possible crash when trimming the action log file. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Authentication wasn't properly saved. (Stefan)

Version 1.9.2

  • BUG: Performance issue if dragging lots of files in the explorer. (Stefan)
  • BUG: "Show unified diff" in the log dialog did not include the last (lowest) revision. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Adjusting externals to the HEAD revision used always the same revision if multiple externals were selected. (Stefan)
  • BUG: "Check all" in project monitor cleared the view. (Stefan)
  • BUG: When uninstalling TSVN, files from an installed language pack were left. (Stefan)
  • BUG: IDiff showed 256x256 icons with wrong size. (Stefan)
  • NEW: new library icon for Win10, new overlay icon set for Win10. (Stefan)
  • CHG: TortoisePlink uses new UX style. (Stefan)
  • BUG: "update all" was enabled even if there are no monitored working copies in the project monitor. (Stefan)
  • CHG: The option "LogFindCopyFrom" is now enabled by default, and revisions before the merge branch are grayed. (Stefan)
  • BUG: A blame started from the log dialog ignored the blame options from the dialog. (Stefan)
  • BUG: The option "Reopen dialog after commit if items were left uncommitted" was shown as active in the settings dialog, even though it was not. (Stefan)

Version 1.9.1

  • CHG: static linking to CRT and MFC. (Stefan)
  • CHG: Allow the SubWCRevCOM object to be reused, i.e. clear all gathered data when GetWCInfo2() is called. (Stefan)
  • CHG: Update TortoisePlink. (Stefan)
  • CHG: Moved all commands to the front view in TortoiseMerge. (Stefan)
  • CHG: Reintroduce the LogFindCopyFrom setting. (Stefan)
  • CHG: Updating a sparse checkout remembers the state of hidden items as well. (Stefan)
  • BUG: When Aero dialogs are disabled, the merge dlg background was painted black. (Stefan)
  • BUG: SubWCRev segfaulted when started for a non-wc path. (Stefan)
  • BUG: TMerge showed filtered diffs if "show whitespaces" was active. (Stefan)
  • BUG: TMerge could mark the wrong line as changed if the files contained mixed newlines at the start of the files. (Stefan)
  • BUG: "Show differences as unified diff" failed if the selected files were in different directories. (Stefan)
  • BUG: ProjectMonitor could not show any log messages if HEAD was more than log-limit above the corresponding log messages to show. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Stopping the monitoring thread failed when trying to show the log. (Stefan)
  • BUG: When a start commit hook script failed in the repo browser, the buttons (abort/proceed) were switched. (Stefan)

Version 1.9.0

See the release notes here:\_1.9\_releasenotes.html

Version 1.8.12

  • BUG: Issue #691: Bug when SVN-copying (overwriting) files inside a working copy. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #692: Cleanup reports error when there is no cleanup to perform . (Stefan)

Version 1.8.11

  • BUG: Issue #682: Statistics graph for "Commits by author" error when "Authors case sensitive" is toggled. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #685: Memory leak showing status. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Autocorrect case-renames if already done manually. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Focus lost in File diff dialog. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Cached HEAD revision when doing updates. (Stefan)
  • BUG: empty path shown in tree conflict resolver dialog. (Stefan)
  • BUG: working copy revision not shown in revision graph. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Focus problems when diffing. (Stefan)

Version 1.8.10

  • BUG: Fails to run on Windows XP. (Stefan)

Version 1.8.9

  • BUG: Issue #661: memory leak committing multiple working copies. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #662: drawing bug in progress dialog. (Stefan)
  • BUG: issue #665: inherited properties give unexpected results. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #667: Detect if repository browser was cancelled. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #669: Repobrowser closes when escape is pressed to cancel an edit. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #671: Crash editing properties from the repository browser. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #672: merging from progress dialog does not record merge info. (Stefan)
  • BUG: renaming in the repobrowser tree view with F2 did not work. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #673: filtering out regular expressions crashes. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #674: illegal temp file name when diffing from server root. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #675: bug-id field not set correctly for a restarted commit. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #676: file diff dialog sorts case-sensitive. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #677: Escape must not close dialog if an autocompletion is in progress. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #679: "Get Lock" on file external shows empty dialog. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #680: Settings: Page title and selection in index not updated when using PageUp/PageDown. (Stefan)

Version 1.8.8

  • BUG: Issue #640: Restore after commit - Unchecked files are not restored upon commit. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #641: svn:global-ignores does not work with multiple targets selected. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #642: Log message not saved in history on cancel. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #644: Bug in rename when "similar file name" renames are involved and file names include multiple dots. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #653: Unified diff from log no longer includes property changes. (Stefan)

Version 1.8.7

  • BUG: Issue #633: Relocate dialog does not remember urls. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #634: Repo browser does not show nested externals. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #635: externals property not correctly converted to a relative url. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #636: externals property dialog does not handle multiple selections. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #637: TortoiseMerge fails to detect utf16 files if BOM is missing. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #638: log dialog filter not fully reapplied after refresh. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #639: File externals not committed. (Stefan)

Version 1.8.6

  • BUG: Issue #617: Checkbox size too big on Aero area in high dpi mode. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #619: "show log" from merge dialog fetches all revisions if no revision range is specified. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #621: Export Log Cache did not export to the expected path. (Sup Yut Sum)
  • BUG: Issue #620: merge message truncates url. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #622: generated merge message contains too many entries. (Stefan)
  • CHG: Issue #624: in page error writing log file. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #626: Applying patch can find wrong "better" path. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #628: Invalid urls in repobrowser for SVNParentPath. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #629: log dialog closes merge dialog. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #630: svn:global-ignores not used when adding. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #631: Assertion when showing properties dialog for url. (Stefan)

Version 1.8.5

  • BUG: Issue #594: "Diff with url" generated patch does not apply. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #497: "restore after commit" must restore on cancel as well. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #595: TortoisePlink crash for x64. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #601: Crash fetching properties in CfM dialog. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #602: Log dialog message loses formatting after clicking a link. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #603: TortoiseBlame: Blue wavy lines in C header files. (Sup Yut Sum)
  • BUG: Issue #607: TortoiseMerge fails to restore Unicode characters. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #608: revision graph export to svg fails to escape text. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #611: log dialog does not fetch all revisions specified in merge dialog. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #614: TSVNCache crash when removing cached data. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #616: "update" not available in check-for-modifications context menu. (Stefan)

Version 1.8.4

  • BUG: Issue 584: Revert from log dialog bottom pane fails if the file was deleted. (Sergey Azarkevich)
  • BUG: Issue #585: repo browser doesn't refresh directory browser when clicking "up a directory". (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #587: wrong colors in locatorbar in TortoiseBlame. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #588: subwcrev crash after replacing $WCREV$ in UTF-16 encoded file. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #590: "create patch" for added files always includes parent folders. (Stefan)
  • NEW: Issue #586: Option to disable SVNParentPath handling in repo browser. (Stefan)

Version 1.8.3

  • BUG: Issue #546: "Restore after commit" fails to restore in some situations. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #547: "Show Log" fails from the merge dialog. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #549: spell checker misses last char in a word. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #550: shell column handler not registered. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #556: Crash closing properties dialog. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #557: Ignored items always set global ignores. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #554: newline symbol is always the same in TortoiseMerge. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #558: Crash in log dialog. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #559: Crash in moved-blocks detection in TortoiseMerge. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #561: unified diff shows absolute paths. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #565: spurious NUL chars shown in blame. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #566: Wrong encoding detection in TortoiseBlame. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #567: too many rename suggestions. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #568: missing autocompletion for filenames with '-'. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #569: Redirects not fully followed in repo browser. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #570: moved-blocks detection changes diff blocks. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #571: multi-rename renames the first file wrong. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #573: Crash applying patch with urls. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #576: TortoiseMerge: Double-click word should highlight whole word only. (Sup Yut Sum)
  • BUG: Issue #577: TortoiseMerge: LocationBar highlights should respect all options in FindDlg. (Sup Yut Sum)
  • BUG: Issue #578: resolving types of conflicts individually. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #579: UI glitch renaming in tree view in repo browser. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #580: Crash in TortoiseIDiff loading corrupted icon file. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #581: Restore-after-commit leaves temp file flag. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #583: Tagging with fixed externals revision fails if spaces in target path is used. (Stefan)
  • NEW: Issue #551: Remember the 'ignore ancestry' option. (Stefan)
  • NEW: Issue #552: Tri-State checkbox handling in repo browser. (Sergey Azarkevich)
  • NEW: Issue 563: Add "do this for all items" checkbox when removing multiple properties. (Stefan)

Version 1.8.2

  • BUG: Issue #522: OK button falsely enabled in lock dialog. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #523: merge log template is not saved. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #526: branch/tag fails to tag externals. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #527: Commands in log dialog fail if started for a URL instead of a working copy path. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #528: Abort when editing file from repo browser. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #529: SVN Vendorbranch here does not copy all files. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #534: Compare Working on Multiple Updates broken in 1.8.x. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #535: diffing file externals shows empty base. (Stefan)
  • CHG: Updated TortoisePlink to Putty/Plink v0.63. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #536: Crash in TortoiseMerge trying to find moved blocks. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #537: Unnecessary warning after successful auto-resolve. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #538: merging UI inconvenient when source branch was (re)moved. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #539: Junctions marked as versioned. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #540: Branch from SVN Log does not create intermediate folders. (Stefan)

Version 1.8.1

  • BUG: Issue #481: wrong parameter when showing diff. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #482: user hook scripts not loaded and saved correctly. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #483: merge error "Invalid 'conflict_result' argument". (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #484: Crash when providing a client certificate file. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #486: Assert when creating a unified diff. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #487: Crash when parsing URLs from the command line. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #490: Crash when closing progress dialog early. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #491: Sort state is lost when refreshing the status list control. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #493: Ribbon system menu not working. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #494: renaming in repo browser shows empty cell. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #496: include svnmucc in the installer. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #497: "restore after commit" must restore on cancel as well. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #498: Repo browser stops showing items in the list view. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #499: Subclassing static control can fail. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #502: repo browser shows context menu for SVNParentPath item. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #505: Crash in log dialog editing message. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #504: Log message editor always use antialiased fonts. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #506: SubWCRev aborts if date template is wrong. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #507: Vendorbranch feature needs safeguards. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #508: Annoying dialog when closing TortoiseMerge. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #509: VersionCheck = false not working like it should. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #510: Property diff shown in reverse. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #511: wrong tab order in cleanup dialog. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #512: old-style reintegrate merge: disable record-only option. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #515: Crash in TMerge when copying text. (Stefan)
  • CHG: Issue #516: Remove reintegrate merge page from merge wizard. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #517: statistics button stays disabled when filter is cleared. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #520: TortoiseMerge fails to detect utf-16 without BOM. (Stefan)
  • NEW: Issue #521: Show inherited properties. (Stefan)

Version 1.8.0

See the release notes here:\_1.8\_releasenotes.html

Version 1.7.13

  • BUG: Issue #477: Drag and drop causes incorrect timestamp. (Stefan)

Version 1.7.12

  • BUG: Issue #446: Infotip is shown even if path is fully visible. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #447: "Show Log" dialog chooses wrong range when invoked from "Changed Files" dialog. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #449: Invalid quotation in %burl and %yurl diff tool arguments. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #450: Windows path check fails if the path/URL is escaped. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #455: Crash in TortoiseIDiff and TortoiseUDiff on Windows8. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #456: offline log mode does not activate. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #459: Setting a property recursively in the repo browser segfaults. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #462: revision links not created in commit comments when started from the repo browser. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #463: Selection is wrong after sorting the file column in the log dialog. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #464: TortoiseBlame does not detect utf8/ansi encodings correctly. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #466: Error opening a new file in Check for modifications. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #467: Warning not shown about non-recursive commits. (Stefan)

Version 1.7.11

  • BUG: Issue #428: out-of-date error when modifying properties from the repository browser. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #429: crash if config file is invalid or corrupted. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #430: repo browser does not refresh properly. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #433: Show log by date range is using only "start" or "end" date, not both. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #435: child items not shown when adding an ignored folder. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #437: wrong error message shown in repo browser. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #440: svn:needs-lock not recognized if it has an empty value. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #441: crash in commit dialog. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #442: "File not found" error when showing log of file whose folder has been copied from an older revision. (Stefan)

Version 1.7.10

  • BUG: Issue #406: wrong image positioning. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #408: repeated authentication and crashes. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #409: language pack fails to install in silent mode. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #412: TMerge options affect other instances. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #413: wrong unescaped path in Log Dialog. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #414: Words with German umlauts not highlighted after log message search. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #415: Check-for-modifications dialog shows folders as files for sparse checkouts. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #418: Unexpected warning - Non-recursive commit of moved/renamed folders. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue # 398: Copied files don't get reverted to recycle bin. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #421: Checkout dialog ignores OK button after directory warning. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #426: reverting a file destroys the sort order in the status list control. (Stefan)

Version 1.7.9

  • BUG: Issue #394: crash when refreshing status list control. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #396: crashes in various commands if the config file is invalid. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #398: Copied files don't get reverted to recycle bin. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #399: Selecting a URL from the repbrowser clears the URL. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #400: repo browser crash when refreshing. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #401: Exception shown when blame is called for a URL. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #402: various crashes in other applications. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue 404: checkbox width calculated wrong if visual styles are disabled. (Stefan)

Version 1.7.8

  • BUG: Issue #297: "Show changes as unified diff" from Log window fails. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #299: crash in repobrowser when refreshing. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #301: Crash in log dialog when selecting all revisions with Ctrl-A. (Stefan)
  • BUG: issue #302: segfault in status cache. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #304: buffer overflow when saving column data. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #305: diff from log for URL fails. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #298: crash when editing files in repo browser. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #307: Repository browser does not check empty selections. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #308: closing merge wizard with log dialog open segfaults. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #309: file diff dialog can segfault. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #315: long paths handled incorrectly. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #316: Threads not correctly synchronized in repo browser. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #317: progress dlg can't be closed with the red X button. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #318: Command URLs with spaces parsed incorrectly. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #320: segfault when unloading the shell extension. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #321: TortoiseMerge asserts on start. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #324: Exception when checking for admin dirs. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #327: Access violation with "Show log" on copied entry. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #330: crash with invalid config file. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #332: crash when closing log dialog. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #335: stack overflow when unchecking items in the commit dialog. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #336: crash when closing the progress dialog too early. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #337: out of memory exception when opening large files in TortoiseMerge. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #338: cache crash on startup. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #339: too short checkbox and radio controls in high dpi mode. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #340: reverting files from log dialog fails. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #344: DC leaks cause crashes. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #345: Crash in progress dialog. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #346: crash diffing invalid icon files. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #347: long paths crash TortoiseBlame. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #348: crash closing merge wizard. (Stefan)
  • CHG: Issue #349: Language packs downgrade. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #351: crash in status cache. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #352: overlay icons disappear after moving the .svn folder. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #353: Repo browser: Creating folder in just renamed folder with space in name fails. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #354: After reloading cursor and position don't match. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #355: newline symbols are shown incorrectly. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #357: tagging externals from log dialog not implemented. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #359: out of memory exception in commit dialog. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #360: Crash using blocks. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #361: merge log messages not generated for 'record only' merges. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #362: crash when adding/removing properties. (Stefan)
  • CHG: Issue #363: make crash reporter optional during install. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #365: moved line detection can segfault. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #367: temp files created with wrong names. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #368: accessing invalid data in repobrowser. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #370: number of added files is wrong. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #371: Cleaning up unversioned/ignored items can fail without an error being shown. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #372: log dialog refresh does not refresh merged info. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #373: Right-clicking on files ceases to function in Commit dialog on occasion. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #376: Incorrect checkbox selection in Repo browser. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #377: file lock without owner crashes status cache. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #379: Access violation when reading the w/c state for the revision graph. (Stefan Fuhrmann)
  • BUG: Issue #380: Crash in log reporter when author information is empty. (Stefan Fuhrmann)
  • BUG: Issue #381: Exception when updating revprops in log cache. (Stefan Fuhrmann)
  • BUG: Issue #382: Don't crash in log cache when path info is not available. (Stefan Fuhrmann)
  • BUG: Issue #383: access violation if context creation fails. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #384: Crash when removing old log caches. (Stefan Fuhrmann)
  • BUG: Issue #385: Log cache not filled after REPLACE. (Stefan Fuhrmann)
  • BUG: Issue #386: double entries in log dialog after "next 100". (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #388: Wrong/duplicate info in the explorer Subversion properties tab. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #389: Blame using the wrong pegrev. (Stefan Fuhrmann)
  • BUG: Issue #393: Crash when dragging files with long paths. (Stefan)

Version 1.7.7

  • BUG: Issue #233: Crash when closing the progress dialog. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #234: Crash in repo browser. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #235: Crash when reverting/deleting items from the status list control. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #236: link-style buttons in commit dialog register on non-captured mouseup. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #237: crash with invalid config file. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #238: crash on doubleclick in TMerge. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #239: crash when entering new lines in invalid views. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #240: Cancelling revert/resolve dialogs can crash. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #241: crash when closing app using sasl authentication. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #242: crash when authenticating. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #243: deleting rev-selecting log dialog can cause a crash. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #244: Crash with hotkeys in TortoiseMerge. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #245: progress dlg can be closed while threads are running. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #246: crash in file diff dialog. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #247: crash when reading properties fails. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #248: division-by-zero with empty file in TMerge. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #249: invalid file crashes TortoiseBlame. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #250: invalid icon files crash TortoiseIDiff. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #251: uncaught exception when editing log messages or authors. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #252: Repo browser list control is not thread safe. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #253: Cancelling out of the repo browser takes too long. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #254: status cache crash before closing it. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #255: inconsistent unicode conversion. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #256: merge automation for tree and reintegrate fails. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #257: crash in TSVNCache when refreshing. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #258: log dialog exception during "next 100". (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #259: TMerge considers invalid views as writable. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #260: endless recursion when unchecking item in status list control. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #261: unchecking deleted items does not uncheck its parents. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #263: unversioned externals not grouped correctly. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #264: format exception in right-drag export. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #265: commit dialog "keep locks" ignored for unmodified items. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #266: recursion in checkout dialog. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #268: Exception when terminating thread. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #269: Crash if GdiPlus is not initialized. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #270: Exception when quitting the log dialog. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #271: Crash when showing RevGraph on an uncommitted, added node (Stefan Fuhrmann)
  • BUG: Issue #282: "Merge all revisions" generates empty log message. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #273: quotes are not escaped in repo browser. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #274: exception when dragging. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #275: "repair move" fails if target dir is missing/deleted. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #276: exception if more than 192 user defined properties are found. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #278: Scrolling in IDiff. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #279: applying patch with property changes shows error. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #280: saving patch to clipboard fails to open patch viewer. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #281: Log view may segfault for empty logs. (Stefan Fuhrmann)
  • BUG: Issue #282: Vector index exception when updating the log cache. (Stefan Fuhrmann)
  • BUG: Issue #283: Repobrowser crash after changing the URL. (Stefan Furhmann)
  • BUG: Issue #287: project properties are read over externals. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #288: object leak in log dialog. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #289: Post-commit errors not shown in repo browser. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #291: branch/tag always uses HEAD. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #292: TMerge segfault with select all. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #294: log dialog columns too small. (Stefan)

Version 1.7.6

  • BUG: Issue #209: repo browser doesn't handle putty session names. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #216: Apply patch marks deleted files as "missing". (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #177: TortoiseMerge truncates long lines. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #218: log dialog export uses wrong files when sorted. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #220: tripple-click on empty space crashes TortoiseMerge. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #221: diff uses wrong tool in case the filename matches a registered extension. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #222: log dialog does not refresh to HEAD. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #223: overlays not shown if wc contains unversioned folders. (Stefan)
  • CHG: Issue #224: use crashrpt. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #225: Error when creating a branch/tag from log dialog. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #226: context commands for externals can fail. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #228: commit dialog fails to enable OK button. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #230: Global Ignore Broken for Directories. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #231: 'show log' fails for deleted entry. (Stefan)

Version 1.7.5

  • BUG: Issue #184: Refresh in log dialog only refreshes the last fetched block. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #185: apply patch from clipboard fails for direct items. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #186: Overlays can crash the shell. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #188: edit log message fails to edit case changes. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #191: SubWRev fails when started from a short path. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #192: CL client does not expand wildcards. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #193: Bogus warning about non-recursive commit. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #194: 'Copy all information to clipboard' tree conflict information missing. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #197: "Update item to revision" missing in Repo-browser. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #198: Overlay lost on revert. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #199: cache crashes with too long paths. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #200: Result message box shows doubled entries when (un)ignoring. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #201: "Show Log" missing from renamed/copied files. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #204: Sparse update fails to fetch new items. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #205: Long URLs fail to checkout/export. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #206: Scroll problem in TortoiseMerge. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #208: filter highlighting fails with non-ASCII chars. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #209: repo browser doesn't handle redirects properly. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #210: blame "ignore all whitespaces" uses -b instead of -w. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #211: Properties dialog only shows files menu items. (Stefan)

Version 1.7.4

  • BUG: Issue #169: Error "Access to C:\Users\ was denied." (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #170: svn URL fomatting broken on 'switch'. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #171: Right-Click Refresh not working in Repo Browser correctly. (Stefan)
  • NEW: Issue #172: Option to turn off case-fixing. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #174: applying patch fails with "path/path not found". (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #175: Scroll to moved block doesn't work. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #176: Diff settings "restore defaults" doesn't work correctly. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #177: TortoiseMerge shows long lines incorrect. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #178: copy of changed files list when sorted copies wrong items. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #179: Autoprops not applied when adding folders from the CSVNStatusListCtrl. (Stefan)
  • NEW: Issue #180: Optimize repo browser for big repositories. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #182: Tagging externals stopped working. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #183: exporting single files from log dialog doesn't work. (Stefan)

Version 1.7.3

  • BUG: Issue #149: Crash in OpenSSL. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #150: Repobrowser: Don't show externals in checkout selection mode . (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #152: log crashes with too many bugtrack links. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue 155: crash when accessing a server with an invalid ssl certificate. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #156: subdir within WC not recognized as WC. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #157: Title Bar not updating with currently viewed repository. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #158: IBugTraqProvider2 CheckCommit returns a relative commonURL. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #159: folder browse dialog can be closed with invalid paths. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #160: Repo browser shows incorrect contents for directories that differ only by case. (Stefan)
  • NEW: Issue #113: Option to turn off pre-fetching and external parsing in repo browser. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #161: repo browser shows invalid commands for the root. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Line wrapping problems in Log Messages dialog. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #166: TortoiseMerge slow with long lines. (Stefan)

Version 1.7.2

  • BUG: Issue #111: Crash in initializing the revision graph. (Stefan)
  • CHG: Issue #112: Unescaped URLs in switch dialog. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #115: non-existing folder shown in repo browser. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #110 (again): Bogus entries in Language Combo on x64. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #116: Language Packs don't have the dialog resources translated. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #117: Property name has only one char. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #118: Impossible to remove properties from repo browser. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Certificate Popups when smartcards are used. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #120: Copying part of URL copies entire URL in GUI. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #121: Authentication prompt when editing svn:externals. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #122: Column widths in repobrowser. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue @123: Crash when switching from single to double pane view. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #124: painting artifact in commit dialog. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #125: missing conflict summary. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #126: crashes in repo browser. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #127: missing bug id in log dialog. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #130: out-of-date update misses dragged items. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #132: Cleanup fails to find externals in subfolders. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #133: crash in log dialog when "show only affected paths" is active. (Stefan)
  • CHG: Issue #134: Show cached overlays for blocked paths. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #136: SubWCRev can use wrong casing for relative paths. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #108: log dialog uses wrong file if sorted. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #137: overlays don't propagate from externals to their parent folders. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #141: Inline diff shown for ignored whitespace lines. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #142: Crash in TMerge on doubleclick. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #143: Stealing locks from CSVNStatusListCtrl doesn't work. (Stefan)
  • NEW: Issue #145: Fill in image in open dialog. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #146: Repo browser won't show a directory whose parent directory cannot be read. (Stefan)

Version 1.7.1

  • BUG: Issue #88: Check for modifications on multiple targets. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #89: Crash in TSVNCache. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Cursor stayed as busy after an operation until it was moved. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #92 : checked item count in commit dialog is wrong. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #94: resolve conflict dialog resizing issues. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #95: docs are wrong for log filter automation. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Missing space in property status text. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #96: Unable to close repo browser to repository with username/password required. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #97: Too many accesses to the config files. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #98: Endless loop in repobrowser. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #100: wrong argument exception in repobrowser. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #99: Memory corruption in repository browser. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #102: renamed diff scripts. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #102: tagging externals errors not shown. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #104: tagging externals for files pegs to HEAD. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #105: Win7 library loses command buttons. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #106: "Search for:" string is trimmed forcibly in TortoiseMerge. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #107: Crash when editing externals property. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #108: log dialog uses wrong file if sorted. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #109: Log dialog does not refresh correctly. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #110: Bogus entries in Language Combo on x64. (Stefan)

Version 1.7.0

Too many changes to list here. See the release notes for an overview of the most visible and important changes:\_1.7\_releasenotes.html