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Neueste Datei-Release

sagcad-0.9.14 (0.9.14)2009-04-27 12:56
sagcad-0.9.4 (0.9.4_SuSE82_RPM)2003-09-09 07:58

Recent Tickets

2015-10-29 08:42
すばらしいCADなんですが… DXF,IGES変換時の精度を10桁にして頂ければ使い道が広がると思います。(Keine)
buttons not shown entirely2009-07-03 04:27
the buttons with the texts "MAG 1" "Layer 1" "R10" "SP50" are cut at the unde...(Keine)
version info2009-07-03 04:21
i clicked on version info (button with star) ...after this the program closed.(Keine)
English documentation translation2008-03-04 06:36
I appreciate the mechanical transliteration of the documentation for SAGCAD and wish I had the skills to do a trans...(Keine)
Segmentation fault2005-07-07 02:50
At the initial startup, A information box with the title of SagCAD states "An initial setting file ...(Keine)