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2024-02-18 10:21
LIBSTDC++-6.DLL bundled in latest package requires an export named CreateHardLinkW in KERNEL32.DLL, which seems not t...
2023-05-20 00:11
A number of functions such as fileno are not declared in the headers if STRICT_ANSI is defined, which has the side ef...
2023-02-20 13:56
Has there been any consideration to moving away from OSDN? I have had nothing but problems with OSDN and it seems the...
2022-06-01 10:43
The latest version of GCC, 9.2.0, available for MinGW development, was released almost 2 years ago and last updated m...
2022-05-31 05:26
As noted on ticket #44470, the current GDB-9.2 release has trouble debugging any application which has been compiled,...


2023-06-04 05:10

muy buena la aplicasioen es super

2023-06-03 22:55


2023-05-11 16:14

that is so great .when i am tired of working,this reminds me how much i hate....

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