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Submin provides a Web-based admin interface to your Subversion and Git repositories. Its features include user/group management, path permission management, the ability to create svn repositories and managing commit email messages. For Subversion, authentication is done with htpasswd/svn authz, so it can use the same login information as apache2/svn (and trac). For Git, ssh is used, and the login information is synched whenever a change is made. The Web interface can also work with NGINX/uWSGI, but the Subversion part only works with Apache.


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2012-12-25 13:50 Zurück zur Release-Liste

Diese Version verbessert die Stabilität und Leistung und hat einige kleinere Ergänzungen. Die wichtigsten Neuerungen sind die neue Diagnose-Seite, separate Apache Config Dateigenerierung, Git-Support-Merkmale und ein 'Quickstart' binary für einfaches Setup.
This release improves stability and performance, and has some minor feature additions. The most important new features are the new Diagnostics page, separate Apache config file generation, Git support features, and a 'quickstart' binary for easy setup.

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