PHP is a widely-used Open Source general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited for Web development and can be embedded into HTML. Its syntax draws upon C, Java, and Perl, and is easy to learn. PHP runs on many different platforms and can be used as a standalone executable or as a module under a variety of Web servers. It has excellent support for databases, XML, LDAP, IMAP, Java, various Internet protocols, and general data manipulation, and is extensible via its powerful API. It is actively developed and supported by a talented and energetic international team. Numerous Open Source and commercial PHP-based application packages are available.


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Dieses Release konzentriert sich auf die Verbesserung der Stabilität mit über 60 Bugfixes, von denen einige sicherheitsrelevant sind. Dieses Release markiert das Ende der aktiven Unterstützung für PHP 5.2. Nach dieser Version wird die PHP 5.2 Serie erhalten keine weitere aktive Fehler Wartung. Security Fixes für PHP 5.2 könnte von Fall zu Fall Basis veröffentlicht werden. Alle Anwender von PHP 5.2 werden ermutigt, auf PHP 5.3 zu aktualisieren.
This release focuses on improving stability with over 60 bugfixes, some of which are security related. This release marks the end of the active support for PHP 5.2. Following this release, the PHP 5.2 series will receive no further active bug maintenance. Security fixes for PHP 5.2 might be published on a case by cases basis. All users of PHP 5.2 are encouraged to upgrade to PHP 5.3.

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