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About Internationalization of a Project

OSDN operates on a system with Japanese as the primary language, but all the menu items (including software map) and messages necessary for management are designed to be shown in either English or Japanese. We support other languages such as German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, and Korean with menu display, although they are still at a testing level and may be far from perfection. To learn about how to change the language setting, read below.

  • If you are using Japanese for the language setting on your browser, you will be seeing Japanese. And likewise with other eight languages including English.
  • By choosing a “Language” on “User Settings” page, you can set the language setting to your preference. This choice is dominant over your browser's language setting.

OSDN system adopts UTF-8. You can write and display in any languages you like as long as you are using letters that are covered by UTF-8.

Project Summary

For the project description that appears at the top of the project page, you can choose languages out of Japanese, English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, and Korean. Go to “edit project description”. The system will discriminately choose the language just like how it's done with the menu items which has just been described above. The switching of languages will also be reflected on the description of meta tag.

Also with “System Requirements” which appears on the download page, you can add languages to support different languages just the same as how it's done with the project summary. Go to the “Downloads” pull-down menu to click on “admin” for language setting.

File Release Documents

Release notes and ChangeLog that are attached to file release are also covered by our language support of eight different languages (Japanese, English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Korean.)


As system's default setting, there are three forums that are already set up, and those three are Developers, Help, and Open Discussion. If you wish to invite, for example, English speakers, we recommend that you create forums with the English setting, and likewise with other languages, to avoid coexistence and confusion of different languages.


Our Wiki system supports UTF-8, so if you want to upload contents in different languages, we recommend that you build a structure that leads visitors from Wiki FrontPage to their preferred language contents.

As for SideBar, you can switch languages. Based on the browser's language setting, it will search for SideBar.{language}, SideBar_{language}, and SideBar, and what becomes a match first will be used as the language for the SideBar.