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Veröffentlicht: 2005-08-14 10:26
scim-anthy scim-anthy-0.6.1 (1 files Verstecken)


Overview of Changes from scim-anthy-0.6.0 to scim-anthy-0.6.1
* The bug that some key bindings is dead has been fixed.
Thanks Ryo Dairiki.
* The bug that custom typing tables aren't set correctly has been fixed.
* Pluged a memory leak.


2005-08-14 Takuro Ashie <>

* Version-0.6.1.

2005-08-10 Takuro Ashie <>

* src/scim_anthy_imengine.cpp: Revive multi/dead key related code.
Thanks Yukiko Bando.

2005-08-10 Takuro Ashie <>

* src/scim_anthy_table_editor.cpp: NULL check before strcmp().

2005-08-08 Takuro Ashie <>

* src/scim_anthy_factory.cpp: Plug memory leak. Check file name length
of style file before load it.
* src/scim_anthy_imengine.cpp: Set custom typing table correctly even if typing method label on toolbar is shown.

2005-08-02 Takuro Ashie <>

* src/scim_anthy_style_file.cpp: Always set file name of style file
object on loading even if it fails.

2005-08-02 Takuro Ashie <>

* src/scim_anthy_imengine.cpp: Process user defined key bindings before
input key event for [Scim-imengine-dev 573] issue.
Only thumb shift keys should be processed before user defined key
Thanks Ryo Dairiki.