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MHash-384 development repository

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Revision912e018356728b0a77dacdcbb3f428855c37254f (tree)
Zeit2020-04-28 05:53:06
AutorLoRd_MuldeR <mulder2@gmx....>

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Updated README file.

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--- a/README.md
+++ b/README.md
@@ -519,7 +519,7 @@ Just follow the basic **MSYS2** setup procedure, as described on the [official w
520520 # Algorithm Description
522-This section contains a *pseudo-code* description of the **MHash-384** algorithm:
522+This section contains a complete *pseudo-code* description of the **MHash-384** algorithm:
524524 ## Constants
@@ -536,6 +536,10 @@ Pre-defined constants for MHash-384 computation:
537537 ***Note:*** The lookup tables **`MHASH384_XOR`** and **`MHASH384_ADD`** have been pre-computed in such a way that each of the 257 rows (each with a size of 48 Bytes) has a [hamming distance](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hamming_distance) of *at least* 182 bits to *any* other row. This ensures that, for each possible value an input byte can take, a *different* set of state bits will be "flipped" by the XOR (exclusive or) operation.
539+The table **`MHASH384_INI`** contains the first 384 bits of the number [π](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pi). The tables **`MHASH384_XOR`**, **`MHASH384_MIX`** and **`MHASH384_FIN`** have been created using the generator programs provided in the *`etc/gentable_XOR`*, *`etc/gentable_MIX`* and *`etc/gentable_FIN`* directory, respectively, to ensure the desired properties. And the table **`MHASH384_ADD`** has been generated using the same program as the **`MHASH384_XOR`** table; both tables have been generated completely independently. Please refer to the source code file *`src/mhash384.cpp`* for a full listing of the "official" pre-computed MHash-384 tables.
541+You ***may*** generate your own "nothing-up-my-sleeve" MHash-384 tables using the provided generator programs. This way you can be 100% sure that there are **no** secret hidden properties in these tables. Generating your own tables is going to take a long time, but only needs to be done once. However, be aware that such a "custom" variant of the MHash-384 function will **not** produce the same hash values as the "official" release version – and therefore will **not** match the "official" test vectors.
539543 ## State
541545 The state of an ongoing MHash-384 computation:
@@ -560,7 +564,7 @@ Update the MHash-384 state with the next *N* input (message) bytes:
560564 input:
561565 message: array[0..N-1] of Byte
562566 for each Byte b in message do
563- _MHash364_Iterate(MHASH384_XOR[b], MHASH384_ADD[b], MHASH384_MIX[rnd])
567+ MHash384_Iterate(MHASH384_XOR[b], MHASH384_ADD[b], MHASH384_MIX[rnd])
564568 state.rnd ← (state.rnd + 1) mod 256
566570 ***Note:*** This routine can be invoked multiple times in order to process in the input message in "chunks" of arbitrary size.
@@ -569,22 +573,24 @@ Update the MHash-384 state with the next *N* input (message) bytes:
570574 Compute the final hash value (digest), once all input has been processed:
572- procedure MHash384_Update
576+ procedure MHash384_Finalize
573577 var:
574578 previous: UInt16
575579 output:
576580 digest: array[0..MHASH384_SIZE-1] of Byte
577581 previous ← 256;
578582 for i = 0 to HASH384_SIZE-1 do
579- _MHash364_Iterate(MHASH384_XOR[previous], MHASH384_ADD[previous], MHASH384_MIX[rnd])
583+ MHash384_Iterate(MHASH384_XOR[previous], MHASH384_ADD[previous], MHASH384_MIX[rnd])
580584 state.rnd ← (state.rnd + 1) mod 256
581- previous ← (digest[i] ← _MHash384_GetByte(MHASH384_FIN[i]))
585+ previous ← (digest[i] ← MHash384_GetByte(MHASH384_FIN[i]))
587+***Note:*** After this method has been invoked, the state is "undefined" and needs to be re-initialized for further computation.
583589 ## Iteration Routine
585591 Internal processing routine, used by the "update" and "finalization" routines:
587- procedure _MHash364_Iterate
593+ procedure MHash384_Iterate
588594 var:
589595 temp: array[0..MHASH384_WORDS-1] of UInt64
590596 input:
@@ -599,9 +605,9 @@ Internal processing routine, used by the "update" and "finalization" routines:
600606 ## Extract Byte
602-Internal routine to extract a specific byte from the current state:
608+Auxiliary routine to extract a specific byte from the current state:
604- procedure _MHash384_GetByte
610+ procedure MHash384_GetByte
605611 input:
606612 index: Byte
607613 output:
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