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Split of code into user mode GUI and service for disk accesses

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Konichi wa, Hiyohiyo San,

This is a very nice application. It seems to me that it would be very much more useful if it was split into two parts, with all of the functionality that is needed to run as SYSTEM context to be a well behaved service and then another user mode application that would have all of the graphical interface elements, communication to be done via localhost sockets.

I run Windows XP as a limited user, not admin, and this would make this application completely useful to me. I am currently running the monolithic application as a desktop interacting service using SRVANY but it is not working all that well; the tray icon most of the time does not appear since the service comes up before the tray icons have a chance to be created correctly. Also, most of the time, the service seems to block normal logging off.

Again, all of the problems would be solved if there was a split of the code as I suggested.

Have you thought about doing this at all? Have you even started? I wouldn't mind doing it with your blessing and perhaps a bit of help now and then if there was any of the code I didn't understand.

Domo Arigato.

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This is an important feature request. As we all know, one of the first basic security practices on an OS is separating the regular account for daily tasks (browsing, emails and whatnot) from the elevated rights Admin account.

However it is still important to be able to interact with CrystalDiskInfo and see alerts, which could happen anytime.

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CrystalDiskInfo Ver.9 or Ver.10 will be split into UI and Service.

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