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= Note =

This is the server component for Mozilla's legacy sync system, which
has been deprecated and will be shut down after September 2015:


For the code behind the new sync system, see:


= Sync =

The Python Sync Server is composed of four parts:

* ''server-core'': library containing various helpers. 
* ''server-storage'': the storage server. 
* ''server-reg'': the user registration/management server.
* ''server-full'': a server that reunites the server and the user servers so
you can run everything in a single box.

= Running The Sync Server =

Please refer to the online documentation at http://docs.services.mozilla.com/howtos/run-sync.html

== More documentation, Feedback ==

- Dev guide: http://docs.services.mozilla.com
- IRC channel: #sync. See http://irc.mozilla.org/
- Mailing list: https://mail.mozilla.org/admin/services-dev

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