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176e4b6d2018-07-17 00:22:00MikhailMerged in mboldyrev/ziplib (pull request #4) * Fixed loc...
76a5389a2018-07-17 00:15:00Mikhail Boldyrev* Fixed local file header extra field reading.
b8ea9b8f2017-02-20 22:00:50Adam SeeringMerged in aseering/ziplib (pull request #2) Fix Deflate ...
65d893a72017-01-25 09:36:13Adam SeeringUpdate Deflate decoder to handle the case where zlib's 'i...
bd816c2d2014-07-06 19:05:07wbenny* Removed unnecessary files.
b86b1e362014-06-28 09:22:01Petr Benes* Initial commit for unit tests.
1737af532014-06-28 08:50:12Petr Benes* Fixed several bugs.
cbcac24c2014-05-19 05:12:50wbenny* Rename serialization to storage (serialize - store, des...
78e54ff32014-05-19 05:10:30wbenny* Remove dependency on char_type in non-stream classes an...
af7a39bd2014-05-18 02:31:02wbenny* ZipLib is now using "char" streams.

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