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4c6c3b142020-04-23 03:26:04Alexander LarinRemove redundant std::move
3d4d548f2020-04-22 18:52:09Alexander LarinAnother small changes
07b0060e2020-04-22 17:59:02Alexander LarinChanges for clang
ca7408122020-04-22 03:44:39Alexander LarinSome tests
82dd88752020-04-22 02:33:31Alexander LarinSeparated checking for unique_ptr
19bc05a22020-04-22 01:51:24Alexander LarinFix string literal conversion
df581b732020-04-21 05:18:42Alexander LarinExpression for possibility output checking added
5ae79f882020-04-21 04:52:23Alexander LarinSmall change
d0a48b282020-04-21 04:50:57Alexander LarinReplace std::string to sbis::String
123939952020-04-19 22:06:00Alexander LarinSmall fix

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