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52cbd1432010-07-06 11:00:43Chih-Wei Huangadd notouch resources to avoid crash
985651882010-07-06 11:00:41Chih-Wei Huangenable video player
a541b7ef2010-05-18 03:37:35Kenny RootImport revised translations Change-Id: If36943649f75ad82...
80d3f5842010-05-12 02:08:23Marco NelissenRemove the calls to (un)registerAudioFocusListener that a...
71749f702010-05-05 04:04:26Andreas HuberSupport ogg vorbis through the StreamStarter in Music app...
09d413b72010-04-30 07:43:51Kenny RootImport revised translations Change-Id: If04c3d713ce2fefa...
ec2b427f2010-04-28 05:58:43Kenny RootImport revised translations Change-Id: I54c44e165163bf06...
1901e2f92010-04-23 23:03:20Daniel SandlerMore informative initial string for Music widget. On fir...
aa3318772010-04-21 09:00:26Jean-Michel TriviUpdate the Music app to fully use AudioFocus to implement...
196273622010-04-18 01:31:47Wallace Wangadd missing icons for mdpi

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