Liste der Projekte, an denen quiret beteiligt ist

Eir ASI Collection

Various GTA engine .asi hacks to try out for yourself. Many are based on plugin-sdk by DK22Pac. Each displays a unique feature. Coded entirely in C++ with MSVC.

Eir asmjit Fork

MSVC compatible fork of asmjit. Contains build files for the latest MSVC version. Also contains helper classes for other projects, such as embedding asmjit code into PE executables.

Eir Compile

Binary compiler of program code made using the Eir development environment. It supports the Lua programming language (version 5.1).

Eir Debug SDK

Win32 debug toolchain that supports per-module page heaps, allocation callstacks and more. Used to fight heavy memory heap corruption. Very little dependencies on other libraries.

Eir FileSystem

Filesystem abstraction library for the Eir development environment. Supports .ZIP archives and GTA game data containers. No need for CRT access or OS headers in application code.

Eir Lua

Custom Lua 5.1 implementation of the Eir development environment. Object orriented, thread safe and modern. Created to increase robustness in comparison to the original.

Eir Common Shared Code

Commonly used code by the Eir development environment. This tiny SDK includes algorithms for Memory management, type system, paging and more. Contains classes for type abstraction such as DynamicTypeSystem.

Eir Sample Collection

Sample applications for various Eir projects, like magic-rw. They display the purpose behind the Eir projects, but are too small to warrant own codebase.


Multi Theft Auto San Andreas Eir client and server. Created using the Eir development environment. An enthusiast project to improve the MTA experience.

GTA Config Tools

Grand Theft Auto game series configuration file helper library. Required for implementation-compatible parsing of GTA configuration files. File formats such as IPL and IDE are supported.

Apache Subversion Hacking

Redistribution of Apache Subversion and related code for hacking, testing and developer tool creation. Contains samples on how to use subversion C API.

Eir Lua Interpreter

Lua 5.1 interpreter for the Eir development environment. Uses a custom Lua implementation derived from Puc Rio's codebase. Provides a scripting env compatible with MTA:SA.


Modern RenderWare toolchain that can be used to work with Criterion's RenderWare formats. It powers Magic.TXD. Goal is to create a middleware for game production. Supports Direct3D12 and contains optimized math functions. Check out M...


RenderWare TXD Editor von DK22Pac und The_GTA. Dieses Programm solle alle RW Texturen von kommerziellen RW Spielen bearbeiten können, wie zum Beispiel GTA:San Andreas. Basiert auf magic-rw und der Qt GUI Umgebung. Läuft auf Windows und...


Lightweight threading library designed with object orrientation. Used by MTA:Eir and Magic.TXD. Provides an alternative to compiler-generated TLS. Threads, fibers and sync objects.


PE File modification and execution library that is OS independent. It is written against the official Microsoft PE COFF standard document. Minimal dependencies on other libraries.

PEFramework Binaries

Applications written with the PEFramework library for PE executable modification and execution, for example embedding DLLs into EXEs, generating PDB databases and manual-mapping executables (relocatable or fixed-base).


Converts GTA engine IPL and IDE files into MTA map format so that maps can be played in multiplayer. Compatible with GTA3/VC/SA maps. Written entirely in C++ using MSVC. GameBanana mirror:

TidesNet Networking Library

C++ Networking Library for the Eir development environment.


RenderWare TXD conversion and generation framework clean implementation. Made to easily improve TXD files or port them to different platforms (PS2, XBOX, Gamecube, ...).

UES Programming Language

Scripting language that compiles to machine instructions. It is designed to be embedded into game engines. Performance and security driven. Compatible with the C language.