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205e7cdf2018-01-06 00:10:06mitsuaki1987Add batch mode
9df5281f2018-01-04 14:41:22mitsuaki1987It is available to toggle OpenMP.
2b06f0332017-12-26 16:48:32mitsuaki1987Ignore very small trianglar patch.
076154862017-12-21 14:17:29mitsuaki1987Bugfix in cutting plane
2748e2f52017-10-10 16:22:08mitsuaki1987update web page
f75140892017-10-10 14:46:23mitsuaki1987Remove debug print
32b6cc1e2017-10-07 00:56:54mitsuaki1987Fix typo in manual
c0f33f032017-10-06 15:00:35mitsuaki1987Add figure in top page.
0c7ed46e2017-10-03 21:43:30mitsuaki1987BugFix in defining range of color scale
1abeeac12017-10-02 23:58:25mitsuaki1987 Add gray scale mode

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