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9dfb545 2017-06-30 16:28:47 CNSS_WLAN Service

Merge "AV: Use separate AV sig timeout timer for dual connections." into bt.lnx.2.1.c1-dev

9dcf5f1 2017-06-24 10:25:33 android-build-team Robot

Merge cherrypicks of [2455372, 2455337, 2455612, 2455497] into oc-release

Change-Id: Ie2ffaf2b1f80b803134226aa0f884367caf218ef

eff259b 2017-06-24 10:25:21 Marie Janssen

btif: Pass UIDs changed up to the Java layer

Previously we were simply responding with an INTERIM response and
leaving it at that.

Test: connect to BMW kit and check that interim is sent from Java
Bug: 62775732
Change-Id: Idb7de4417438f0c9697ee5c838b511cdd2223e80
(cherry picked from commit 3d7c99dc6db3f2a0392a0b273140eb03e0050ee5)
(cherry picked from commit 39f664e629bf0727792d4670229d5dcb595c6c0a)

a21498d 2017-06-23 18:56:07 Linux Build Service Account

Merge e6ba9c4225b7639ce152017fa78356551d8756d8 on remote branch

Change-Id: Iffaf6d12087d527a6694cbc0221aaedb51ade44e

f5382a7 2017-06-23 16:09:18 android-build-team Robot

release-request-160c4b31-7fa0-4e2b-aabe-85380836a1ce-for-git_oc-release-4129081 snap-temp-L15300000077039010

Change-Id: Id0604f682767c3bc99916ddfb34acc2f3f762b62

5235a8c 2017-06-23 09:50:29 Jacky Cheung

Fix BLE remote address resolution

The hash segment of the resolvable device address needs to be extracted
for comparison.

Bug: 62589903
Test: manual
(cherry picked from commit 7c58ca38433bc923c653c334b712fb05d25cab36)

Merged-In: I979a8ad3074b692503b0c882bd90041ba4fbfb4d
Change-Id: I5db8f266c9ee3022b2a8a882540870e5eecd0736

e8f96a6 2017-06-22 16:09:18 android-build-team Robot

release-request-767e2998-9243-43e0-b656-1acb30ac5115-for-git_oc-release-4124637 snap-temp-L74200000076595014

Change-Id: I6254038b63ca6ea5754028dc674572ddcf8e26f0

77ecddc 2017-06-22 06:21:37 Subramanian Srinivasan

Fix peer address type in LE extended create connection command

As per BT Spec 5.0, peer address type in LE extended create
connection command can have only either 0x00 or 0x01 as valid
values. This change fixes setting of incorrect peer address
type values in extended create connection command.

Bug: 62578331
Bug: 62358300
Change-Id: I792d48be7637fc571727e7e51de1fc397158b4d5

7ed5a3e 2017-06-21 16:12:36 android-build-team Robot

release-request-5bf29450-4eb0-4d71-a15a-d8858bf184d3-for-git_oc-release-4120128 snap-temp-L37600000076154351

Change-Id: I50760e813f381e1ee775f8a1f6183b012cd5f1dd

b5c932f 2017-06-21 03:32:48 Pavlin Radoslavov

Add a mechanism to avoid using AVDTP RECONFIGURE for blacklisted devices

Some carkits report SUCCESS for AVDTP RECONFIGURE commands when
changing A2DP codec configuration. However, there is no audio coming
from the carkit.

Bug: 37625892
Test: Manual - A2DP Codec reconfiguration while streaming audio
Change-Id: I01f37a2514e490986a20e96ace78c92463403396
Merged-In: I01f37a2514e490986a20e96ace78c92463403396
(cherry picked from commit e91297a4d1a77ae0c367fbe756090b7357e9893a)

78120a1 2017-06-20 13:29:43 Pavlin Radoslavov

Disable 48.0kHz sampling rate for AAC - update the unit test

Some carkits have issues playing A2DP audio using AAC with 48.0kHz
sampling rate, while playing AAC with 44.1kHz sampling rate is fine.

Bug: 38443632
Bug: 62301376
Test: manual
Change-Id: I5a8b72e86fb1a2cbf92f85e7a6c340cee58dadb5
(cherry picked from commit 858b6a15f528468e2b1b497dba27337f40220f7b)

31c34ae 2017-06-19 19:11:49 Linux Build Service Account

Promotion of bt.lnx.2.1.c1-00058.

CRs Change ID Subject
2005284 Ic1debdee4b2140eb6400fecbaacb5909fbce6535 BT : Introduced an internal queue in hci thread to hold
2033948 I43f47e61a31cf917a4ddc1a9e6c5c13a25f8730d SDP: Dont start SDP search with invalid BD Addr

Change-Id: I1ea61f551a23b1b36492188a1f6c177caca3f135
CRs-Fixed: 2005284, 2033948

64ed2f4 2017-06-17 12:21:52 Linux Build Service Account

Merge "BT : Introduced an internal queue in hci thread to hold commands"

787caa4 2017-06-16 15:30:40 Sumit Bajpai

AV: Use separate AV sig timeout timer for dual connections.

In dual a2dp connection scenario, if both remote devices
initiate connection at same time, DUT replaces AV signalling
timeout timer which started for 1st device when avdtp l2cap
sig channel was established with that of 2nd device when
its channel is established. In case remote1 doesn't start
AV signalling procedure hence, then DUT also fails to do
so as timer for remote1 was lost. The fix keeps two separate
timers for two connections.

Change-Id: I3ceea4f035a115985d692d30f39c3a0e4729a323

5b3a691 2017-06-16 14:55:44 CNSS_WLAN Service

Merge "SDP: Dont start SDP search with invalid BD Addr" into bt.lnx.2.1.c1-dev

d6120e3 2017-06-14 18:10:16 Bandari Ramesh

BT : Introduced an internal queue in hci thread to hold commands

- Added an internal queue to avoid making hci thread busy
due to unavailability of credits.

CRs-Fixed: 2005284
Change-Id: Ic1debdee4b2140eb6400fecbaacb5909fbce6535

421d5d9 2017-06-14 16:12:32 android-build-team Robot

release-request-0b3ce0b0-0f38-494b-a590-b594ba11c2d2-for-git_oc-release-4098933 snap-temp-L41500000074000728

Change-Id: I0ccedaf9244030c16adf4cba200064b4c9d4826b

a87ca9a 2017-06-14 08:47:56 Jakub Pawlowski

Fix HID crashing on no descriptor

Bug: 62461796
Test: compilation test
Change-Id: Ic7b1fcc4b6f3c8680f1810679ed609f2691fa4aa

331fc1e 2017-06-13 17:20:44 Gabriele M

bt: Disable AVRCP 1.6

Some car-kits won't display audio metadata if AVRCP 1.6 is enabled.
Disable it so that AVRCP 1.4 is instead used.

This change also fixes the build without AVRCP 1.5 and AVRCP 1.6
support enabled.


Change-Id: I83323291a0f3a4dcfecb914a02b675366768059a

aceb70c 2017-06-13 16:11:10 android-build-team Robot

release-request-7d12f16b-b4a7-4324-8b59-be2d4e07dcb3-for-git_oc-release-4094438 snap-temp-L80000000073561277

Change-Id: Id863e2d680c62d2cb4deb0efa229c3b873a4d6c1

e926486 2017-06-13 01:19:30 Martin Brabham

bta_dm: Stop copying garbage

After we reach 7 ACL connections we have 7 peer device records.
Once we reach this then we lose a connection and shrink the list we
copy garbage into the last peer device record. This can cause the flag
remove_dev_pending to be set to something > 0 thus true which causes the
stack to remove the device and its bonding information on the next
acl change event.

ACL Connections can happen from any connection (pairing, SDP, etc...)

Bug: 36598959
Test: Manual
Change-Id: Ifbaa4098edba442274ffde183960ef53169988e7
Merged-In: Ifbaa4098edba442274ffde183960ef53169988e7

9b4c09c 2017-06-11 18:30:30 Linux Build Service Account

Merge 0ebd2aa961dec52be53c255c47d478f0c52bbe48 on remote branch

Change-Id: I18ae4b4790902db3fe1bf0aff5ebd2db62780247

6abaa04 2017-06-11 16:11:50 android-build-team Robot

release-request-276f9f52-87fd-4915-bd79-9a2f0ee77433-for-git_oc-release-4090213 snap-temp-L31600000073091223

Change-Id: Ie159dd9b2134445778b9acd443fce70dbba4bde2

12fb888 2017-06-10 08:18:43 Jack He

eSCO: Limit number of retries after mSBC connection failure

* When peer device supports mSBC and codec negotiation, Fluoride stack
will try to do the following when establishing a eSCO/SCO connection:
1) Negotiate to mSBC by sending +BCS:2
2) Try establishing eSCO/SCO connection using mSBC T2 settings
3) If that failed, downgrade to mSBC T1 settings and retry
4) If that failed, re-negotiate codec to CVSD, by sending +BCS:1
5) Retry using CVSD S4 (HFP 1.7 and above) or S3 settings
6) If this failed stop trying and report failure to upper stack
* Retry is achieved by:
* Retry is only possible when inuse_codec = BTA_AG_CODEC_MSBC
* Set codec_msbc_settings to BTA_AG_SCO_MSBC_SETTINGS_T1 when T2
failed to connect in step 3 above
* Set codec_fallback to true when T1 failed so that CVSD is used
in step 4 above
* Retry stop is achieved by:
* Set inuse_codec = BTA_AG_CODEC_CVSD
* Set codec_msbc_settings back to BTA_AG_SCO_MSBC_SETTINGS_T2
* Set codec_fallback to false and codec_updated to true so that
the stack is ready for the next application triggerred SCO
connection attempt
* Removed retry_with_sco_only as both Setup Synchronous Connection
Command (0x0028) and Enhanced Setup Synchronous Connection Command
(0x003D) fall back to SCO connection if eSCO is not supported.
See page 858/2772 and 895/2772 of BT4.2 specification document
* Besides both code paths are the same for retry_with_sco_only after
eSCO changes went in

Bug: 62426841
Test: make, HFP regression, testplans/91406
Change-Id: I205311c55e8763c48b6eb43c27f242927384036e
(cherry picked from commit e82e56bb2a1e5565b73333b60dc6b30936f52e80)

e6ba9c4 2017-06-09 22:11:03 Linux Build Service Account

Promotion of bt.lnx.2.1.c1-00057.

CRs Change ID Subject
2050966 Id624f0eb656dc782948d14542e4d321abff4339f Fix: btapp will crash when pair request from both DUT &
2054878 Ied08635e3f786a175dab192a5aba069f33d3f36f RFCOMM: stop multiplexer disconnect timer while reconnec

Change-Id: I62ff1687eb03958327a1638c3eaa238eaaf6934c
CRs-Fixed: 2050966, 2054878

d24ed70 2017-06-09 20:32:26 CNSS_WLAN Service

Merge "Fix: btapp will crash when pair request from both DUT & Remote device simultaneously" into bt.lnx.2.1.c1-dev

7fe8691 2017-06-09 08:58:40 Pavlin Radoslavov

Ignore the Class Of Device if the value is invalid

If a Bluetooth Device is dual-mode and is discoverable as both
a Classic and a LE device, ignore unknown "zero" values
triggered by the LE advertisements. Otherwise, those could overwrite
a valid (previously discovered) Class Of Device.

Bug: 37615863
Test: Manual with LG HBS1100 headset
Change-Id: I5a0f6ef56248b41d973b850a5542475e45e0312d
(cherry picked from commit a052757882927c042399d614bc298f9704ce07a3)

e003572 2017-06-09 02:52:43 Jakub Pawlowski

Fix GATT over BREDR not connecting

For BREDR connections, the upper stack always sends the request with
transport type DUMO, and this should be treated as BREDR if the device
is not known as LE only.

Bug: 62387078
Test: pts GattOverBrEdrTest
Change-Id: I726252e85e78bff2c9585332d2748a0d92a9f6d3

019c97d 2017-06-08 19:04:18 android-build-team Robot

release-request-011e6329-d82e-4e46-980f-68776b0cd6b9-for-git_oc-release-4080367 snap-temp-L79900000072116775

Change-Id: Iccff37685682906f36a94e62e05dcf96beb5bb4b

ad73569 2017-06-08 02:08:45 Pavlin Radoslavov

Disable 48.0kHz sampling rate for AAC

Some carkits have issues playing A2DP audio using AAC with 48.0kHz
sampling rate, while playing AAC with 44.1kHz sampling rate is fine.

Bug: 38443632
Bug: 62301376
Test: manual
Change-Id: I50de2db1d5386d41bfe361fbac99fc7ebbbd3640
(cherry picked from commit 3d268331ae32bd70f60984c9553db1c961073c42)