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bd8fc0142021-09-17 23:25:23Lorenzo IsellaA simple python code to produce an animation.
6540e33d2021-09-17 21:39:46Lorenzo IsellaI updated the code to make it work with Python 3.
64b6ee932021-09-17 18:59:49Lorenzo IsellaI merged some heads.
ef315c822021-09-17 18:56:02Lorenzo IsellaI added a function to change all the character columns to...
f736cd3c2021-09-16 19:00:37Lorenzo IsellaThe code now explicitly tells me if it reads an Excel fil...
d253bdeb2021-09-16 18:50:16Lorenzo IsellaI modified both codes to deal better with NACE 1-digit ca...
3fa1d9b62021-09-16 16:34:57Lorenzo IsellaI added a second plot and increased the height of the tot...
24d555a92021-09-15 23:09:20Lorenzo IsellaFurther improvements to the interface.
4823b9182021-09-15 22:48:55Lorenzo IsellaI can now choose between alternate elements in the main p...
c4b605cf2021-09-15 19:04:33Lorenzo IsellaI added some visualization to the plot.

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Private Repository/Chamber on OSDNMittel2019-08-23 18:26:592019-08-23 18:26:59

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