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4494f4962021-10-15 18:09:14Lorenzo IsellaI do not need to load huxtable.
422ecc482021-10-15 17:38:38Lorenzo IsellaA simple script to generate the global EU report in the r...
adb326922021-10-15 17:37:46Lorenzo IsellaI fixed some typos in the production of the output after ...
13c9d5e92021-10-15 17:29:50Lorenzo IsellaI fixed the destination of the files.
8481ce452021-10-15 17:11:53Lorenzo IsellaMinor modifications to account for the new directory stru...
416c05dc2021-10-15 17:06:52Lorenzo IsellaMinor modifications to use the new directory structure.
05a4f19e2021-10-15 17:06:23Lorenzo IsellaThe final correction to use the new directory structure.
5a64379e2021-10-15 16:44:53Lorenzo IsellaI fixed a typo (reading twice the gdp and from the wrong ...
6fb922e52021-10-15 16:37:25Lorenzo IsellaI rewrote the part of the code dealing with the durations...
fe6186612021-10-12 23:26:02Lorenzo IsellaI added an extra Word table and I also read and save the ...

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Private Repository/Chamber on OSDNMittel2019-08-23 18:26:592019-08-23 18:26:59

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