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2019-04-24 03:43
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  1. I am using Fedora Linux, but the procedure should not vary wildly. You will see
  2. that it is very easy to get started.
  3. 1. Download from (1,1 GB)
  4. 2. Unpack (e. g. `sudo tar xzvf android-studio-ide-*-linux.tar.gz -C /opt`)
  5. 3. Start (for me `/opt/android-studio/bin/`)
  6. This is everything there is needed. Current Android Studio (since v3) supports
  7. Kotlin and it is even pre-selected! Let's clone into an easy Kotlin project and
  8. compile it. There is a bunch of Kotlin projects on Github alone[3]. From the
  9. first page we randomly open actorapp/actor-bots, copy the git-URI from there:
  11. In Android Studio select File/New/Project from Version Control/Git and paste in
  12. the link. Building should start instantly after the project has been cloned.
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