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PDF Document Publication with GNU Troff

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d88f52432022-03-30 21:37:24Keith MarshallClean up extraneous trailing white-space. * pdfmark.ms: ...
852dc6c12022-03-30 21:05:29Keith MarshallAvoid keeps for widow and orphan line control. * pdfmark...
a01868c02022-03-30 04:12:08Keith MarshallImplement a more effective TOC generation strategy. * tm...
dfbd1d882022-03-29 00:43:31Keith MarshallPreserve pdfhref link text colour specification. * tmac/...
00105ad92022-03-29 00:43:31Keith MarshallMaintain separation of in-document pdfroff hints. * pdfr...
c43427d12022-03-29 00:43:31Keith MarshallAlways set the PHASE indicator when formatting body text....
99ad42802022-03-27 03:47:47Keith MarshallImprove handling of pdfbookmark names. * tmac/pdfmark.tm...
8dd4f5972022-03-25 07:11:04Keith MarshallPlace outline references before generating TOC entries. ...
aae8df302022-03-02 00:15:26Keith MarshallDocument "ms" section headings support features. * pdfma...
651fc10b2022-02-27 23:19:43Keith MarshallAdd discussion of "ms" document structure. * pdfmark.ms ...


  1. 2022-03-30 Keith Marshall <address@hidden>
  2. Clean up extraneous trailing white-space.
  3. * pdfmark.ms: Delete all white-space at end-of-line, throughout.
  4. 2022-03-30 Keith Marshall <address@hidden>
  5. Avoid keeps for widow and orphan line control.
  6. * pdfmark.ms (KS, KE): Avoid using these for widow and orphan line
  7. control; in particular do not include any section heading within such
  8. a construct, as it may result in incorrect page numbering within the
  9. generated table of contents; instead, use "ne" requests, with...
  10. (\n[PD]u): ...this form for paragraph distance references used
  11. consistently, in preference to...
  12. (\n(PDu): ...this.
  13. 2022-03-29 Keith Marshall <address@hidden>
  14. Implement a more effective TOC generation strategy.
  15. * tmac/toc.tmac: New file; it implements a basic, extensible,
  16. table of contents generator macro framework; use it...
  17. * pdfmark.ms (XH-UPDATE-TOC): ...here; modify it to generate...
  18. (pdfmark.toc): ...this new file, subsequently included and used by...
  19. (toc.outline, toc.refmark, toc.pageref): ...these new document-local
  20. toc.tmac extending macros, to generate TOC in-line, superseding...
  21. (TC): ...use of this spdf.tmac macro; delete reference.
  22. [TOC] (PDFHREF.TEXT.COLOUR): Set it to match...
  23. (\n[.m]): ...this.
  24. * Makefile.in (pdfmark.pdf): Update dependencies, requiring...
  25. (pdfmark.toc): ...this new intermediate file; add rules to generate
  26. it, by performing a separate pre-processing pass over...
  27. (pdfmark.ms): ...this primary source file.
  28. (clean): Remove "*.toc" files.
  29. 2022-03-28 Keith Marshall <address@hidden>
  30. Preserve pdfhref link text colour specification.
  31. * tmac/pdfmark.tmac (pdf*href)
  33. (PDFHREF.TEXT.COLOR): ...this, by specifying it as an alias for...
  34. (PDFHREF.TEXT.COLOUR): ...this; otherwise...
  36. (PDFHREF.TEXT.COLOUR): ...this, by specifying it as an alias for...
  37. (PDFHREF.TEXT.COLOR): ...this; otherwise...
  39. (PDFHREF.TEXT.COLOR): ...this, by assignment of default value, and...
  40. (PDFHREF.TEXT.COLOUR): ...this, as an alias for it.
  41. 2022-03-28 Keith Marshall <address@hidden>
  42. Maintain separation of in-document pdfroff hints.
  43. * pdfroff.sh (pdfroff-option:set): Quote collected hints, as returned
  44. by sed, to preserve separating newlines; without this, all hints will
  45. be evaluated as if representing a single, possibly malformed command,
  46. which is unlikely to have the desired effect.
  47. 2022-03-28 Keith Marshall <address@hidden>
  48. Always set the PHASE indicator when formatting body text.
  49. * pdfroff.sh (BODY_FORMAT): Do not clear it, when...
  50. [--no-toc-relocation]: ...this option is active; we require...
  51. [-rPHASE=2]: ...this, even when PHASE=1 is omitted.
  52. 2022-03-26 Keith Marshall <address@hidden>
  53. Improve handling of pdfbookmark names.
  54. * tmac/pdfmark.tmac (pdfbookmark): Define...
  55. (PDFBOOKMARK.NAME): ...this, on entry, rather than on final output.
  56. (pdfbookmark) [-N]: Add support; suppress automatic name generation,
  57. and use specified bookmark name instead; separate name sequencing from
  58. bookmark cache sequencing; transfer automatic name sequencing to...
  59. (pdf:bm.ix): ...this new auto-incrementing register, retaining...
  60. (pdf:bm.nr): ...this for cache sequencing; make it auto-increment.
  61. 2022-03-24 Keith Marshall <address@hidden>
  62. Place outline references before generating TOC entries.
  63. * tmac/spdf.tmac (spdf:XH.format, spdf:XN.format): Do not call...
  64. (XH-UPDATE-TOC): ...this directly; instead, call it indirectly from...
  65. (spdf:XH.finalize): ...here, whence call it after invoking...
  66. (pdfhref O): ...this.
  67. 2022-03-01 Keith Marshall <address@hidden>
  68. Document "ms" section headings support features.
  69. * pdfmark.ms (Section 3.1.2): Update and expand; refer to...
  70. (XH, XN): ...this pair of section heading specification macros.
  71. (Subsection Add content to document them.
  72. (Subsection Add content; document...
  73. (XH-INIT, XN-INIT): ...this pair of user-definable macros.
  74. (Subsection Add content; document...
  75. (XH-UPDATE-TOC): ...this user-redefinable macro.
  76. (Subsection Add content; document...
  77. (XH-REPLACEMENT, XN-REPLACEMENT): ...these user-redefinable macros.
  78. * tmac/spdf.tmac (XN): Correct comment typo; should refer to...
  79. (NH <n>): ...this, rather than implied use after self.
  80. 2022-02-27 Keith Marshall <address@hidden>
  81. Add discussion of "ms" document structure.
  82. * pdfmark.ms (Section 3.1.1): Add content.
  83. (Section 4): Add cross-reference label, named...
  84. (pdf-publishing): ...thus.
  85. 2022-02-27 Keith Marshall <address@hidden>
  86. Add footnote concerning choice of layout macro package.
  87. * pdfmark.ms (Section 3): Add footnote #16.
  88. 2022-02-26 Keith Marshall <address@hidden>
  89. Correct page trap macro assignment syntax.
  90. * pdfmark.ms (Section Insert missing initial period...
  91. (pfdhref I -PT ...): ...introducing this macro usage example.
  92. 2022-02-11 Keith Marshall <address@hidden>
  93. Document reference text custom formatting capabilities.
  94. * pdfmark.ms (Section Replace and expand content; explain
  95. operation of the default reference text formatting macro, and use of
  96. 'pdfhref K', to implement user-defined formatting keywords.
  97. 2022-02-11 Keith Marshall <address@hidden>
  98. Add support for custom location keyword interpretation.
  99. * pdfmark.tmac (pdf*href.format): Generalize keyword interpreter.
  100. (pdf*href-K): New internal macro; it implements the interpreter for
  101. "pdfhref K ..." macro calls; use it to map location keywords to...
  103. (pdf*href.format.file, pdf*href.format.page, pdf*href.format.section):
  104. ...these become redundant; delete them.
  105. * pdfmark.ms (pdfhref K): Document it; add keeps, to avoid potential
  106. widow lines in following paragraphs.
  107. 2021-12-31 Keith Marshall <address@hidden>
  108. Describe automatic pdfhref annotation capability.
  109. * pdmark.ms (Section Add content; introduce and explain
  110. the default provisions, with examples, for the automatic generation
  111. of reference text to describe pdfhref links.
  112. 2021-12-31 Keith Marshall <address@hidden>
  113. Fix a "pdfhref" arguments evaluation bug.
  114. * pdfmark.tmac: Squeeze unnecessary vertical space.
  115. (pdf*href) [.$]: Do not delay assignment of arguments to...
  116. (PDFHREF.DESC): ...this; deferring the evaluation of \$*, until...
  117. (pdf*href.format): ...here, is too late; it interprets the wrong \$*,
  118. resulting in failure of the intended arguments override feature;
  119. additionally, quote PDFHREF.DESC, only when NOT overridden.
  120. 2021-12-20 Keith Marshall <address@hidden>
  121. Describe explicit pdfhref annotation capability.
  122. * pdfmark.ms (Section Add content; show, by example, how
  123. text within a link "hot-spot" may be explicitly specified at time of
  124. link placement.
  125. 2021-12-15 Keith Marshall <address@hidden>
  126. Describe pdfhref colour management mechanism.
  127. pdfmark.ms (Section Add content; state purpose and use of...
  129. 2021-11-18 Keith Marshall <address@hidden>
  130. Correct a statement with inverted logic.
  131. * pdfmark.ms (Section 2.5.6): Insert missing "not", in opening
  132. paragraph; links become problematic when they do not function as
  133. expected, not when they do!
  134. 2021-11-18 Keith Marshall <address@hidden>
  135. Avoid unwanted line-breaks at hard hyphenation points.
  136. * pdfmark.ms: Ensure that all explicitly hyphenated words are prefixed
  137. by "\%", to make hard hyphens non-breaking.
  138. 2021-11-18 Keith Marshall <address@hidden>
  139. Set initial view to page width.
  140. * pdfmark.ms (pageview): Add /View /FitH specification for /Page 1.
  141. 2021-11-17 Keith Marshall <address@hidden>
  142. Widow and orphan line adjustments.
  143. * pdfmark.ms: Add vertical space reservations, or specify keeps, as
  144. appropriate, to avoid widow lines and orphaned examples, when a short
  145. paragraph precedes an example; adjust paragraph spacing, as necessary
  146. around keeps.
  147. 2021-11-17 Keith Marshall <address@hidden>
  148. Sentence space adjustments at footnote markers.
  149. * pdfmark.ms (FZ): New document-local macro; define it such that it
  150. behaves as FE, augmented to preserve the effect of sentence spacing,
  151. when invoked with arguments having end-of-sentence punctuation.
  152. [GhostScript 8.14.\**, MSYS.\**]: Follow with FS ... FZ.
  153. 2021-11-15 Keith Marshall <address@hidden>
  154. Adjust footnote marker position over punctuation.
  155. * pdfmark.ms ["," or "." followed by "\**"]: Suppress horizontal
  156. spacing in way of the punctuation mark, causing the footnote marker to
  157. be positioned above it.
  158. 2021-11-15 Keith Marshall <address@hidden>
  159. Correct paragraph spacing irregularities.
  160. * pdfmark.ms [QS followed by IP, QS followed by LD]
  161. [DE followed by QE, QE followed by LP]: Each of these combinations
  162. results in doubling of the normal inter-paragraph vertical spacing at
  163. the location of the combination; suppress the excess.
  164. 2021-11-14 Keith Marshall <address@hidden>
  165. Implement publication system management infrastructure.
  166. * configure.ac Makefile.in: New files; they support independent
  167. publication per GNU autoconf build-system conventions.
  168. 2021-11-14 Keith Marshall <address@hidden>
  169. Create free-standing groff-pdfmark publication system.
  170. * cover.ms pdfmark.ms pdfroff.1.man
  171. * pdfroff.sh: Import from GNU Troff project.
  172. * tmac/pdfmark.tmac tmac/s.tmac tmac/sanitize.tmac tmac/spdf.tmac
  173. * artwork/gnu.eps: Import, and relocate.

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