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Release Files

The set of package files, which appear below, represent snapshots of the state of groff-pdfmark development on the date indicated, in the form YYYYMMDD.N, (with 'N' as a serialization index, to accommodate multiple snapshots in any given day), as the effective version number for the snapshot release. The content of the various package files comprises:

groff-pdfmark-YYYYMMDD.N-src.tar.xzA snapshot of the repository content, with the addition of generated configure script, and GNU format ChangeLog, as committed
on the specified date
groff-pdfmark-YYYYMMDD.N-posix-bin.tar.xzA generated executable copy of the pdfroff shell script, suitable for deployment on POSIX compliant operating systems
groff-pdfmark-YYYYMMDD.N-win32-bin.tar.xzA generated executable copy of the pdfroff shell script, suitable for deployment on MS-Windows operating systems,
(with a suitable Bourne shell execution environment)
groff-pdfmark-YYYYMMDD.N-doc.tar.xzGenerated copies of the pdfmark.pdf, and pdfroff.1.pdf documentation files, accompanied by the source for pdfmark.pdf,
offered as an example
groff-pdfmark-YYYYMMDD.N-man.tar.xzGenerated copies of associated manual pages ... currently pdfroff.1 alone
groff-pdfmark-YYYYMMDD.N-tmac.tar.xzgroff macro files which are maintained as groff-pdfmark components; (excludes s.tmac,
which must be as recent as that incorporated into the groff-pdfmark repository)

FilenameGrößeZeitAnzahl der Downloads
groff-pdfmark-20230406.1-src.tar.xz143.72 k2023-04-07 17:11:5314
groff-pdfmark-20230406.1-tmac.tar.xz24.53 k2023-04-07 17:11:449
groff-pdfmark-20230406.1-doc.tar.xz295.04 k2023-04-07 17:11:2414
groff-pdfmark-20230406.1-man.tar.xz6.84 k2023-04-07 17:11:1510
groff-pdfmark-20230406.1-posix-bin.tar.xz8.23 k2023-04-07 17:10:5714
groff-pdfmark-20230406.1-win32-bin.tar.xz8.41 k2023-04-07 17:10:4816
groff-pdfmark-20230406.1-shasum.gpg1.23 k2023-04-07 17:10:2513
groff-pdfmark-20230317.1-win32-bin.tar.xz7.98 k2023-04-07 06:34:4110
groff-pdfmark-20230317.1-tmac.tar.xz24.64 k2023-04-07 06:34:349
groff-pdfmark-20230317.1-src.tar.xz127.52 k2023-04-07 06:34:1413

Downloaded tarballs for groff‑pdfmark‑YYYYMMDD.N may be verified, by checking against the SHA512 checksums which have been enumerated within the corresponding validation file, groff‑pdfmark‑YYYYMMDD.N‑shasum.gpg, (which may, itself, be verified by GPG signature, since it has been signed with my public key, available from OpenPGP public key servers, with footprint C19E C018 1547 DE50 E1D4  8F53 C0AD 36C6 347E 5A3F), by running the command:

$ gpg --decrypt groff-pdfmark-YYYYMMDD.N-shasum.gpg | shasum --check --ignore-missing

(note that the --ignore-missing option is not strictly required, but is recommended when only a subset of the tarballs for the corresponding groff‑pdfmark‑YYYYMMDD.N release has been downloaded).

Unpacking of groff‑pdfmark‑YYYYMMDD.N‑src.tar.xz will create a free-standing source tree, below the current working directory; unpacking each of the other package tarballs will reproduce the structure of the 'bin' and 'share' subtrees of a standard installation, with the current working directory substituted in place of the normal installation prefix.

Recent Commits

Rev.ZeitAutorNachricht RSS
f3a5c3be2023-05-29 02:18:34Keith MarshallSome typographic and grammatical man page corrections. *...
c2145c702023-05-23 20:13:18Keith MarshallUse RCS keywords more consistently. * tmac/opmode.tmac t...
918f8bd22023-05-23 17:53:00Keith MarshallProvide pdfroff binding macros for rendering man pages. ...
e508edf72023-05-14 00:27:28Keith MarshallDescribe method of finished document assembly. * pdfmark...
4e3466df2023-05-09 21:10:17Keith MarshallDescribe method of document body formatting. * pdfmark.m...
60cd30462023-05-03 02:52:01Keith MarshallDescribe default method of table of contents generation. ...
dd12773e2023-05-03 02:05:30Keith MarshallEliminate a macro loading order dependency. * tmac/opmod...
914105592023-05-03 02:05:05Keith MarshallAdd a commit log typographic error notification. * pdfro...
85f523f52023-04-28 22:55:14Keith MarshallDescribe provisions for formatting front-matter. * pdfro...
347fc3a12023-04-20 05:58:04Keith MarshallDescribe in-document optional processing hints support. ...


The ten most recent commits to the repository are summarized below; for the full log, please refer to the ChangeLog page.

  1. 2023-05-28 Keith Marshall <address@hidden>
  2. Some typographic and grammatical man page corrections.
  3. * pdfroff.1.man (option --no-kill-null-pages): s/where/whence/ as
  4. argument descriptor; s/any/all/ as valid argument value.
  5. 2023-05-23 Keith Marshall <address@hidden>
  6. Use RCS keywords more consistently.
  7. * tmac/opmode.tmac tmac/pdfmark.tmac tmac/pdfroff.tmac
  8. * tmac/spdf.tmac tmac/toc.tmac ($Id$, $RCSfile$): Add annotations.
  9. 2023-05-23 Keith Marshall <address@hidden>
  10. Provide pdfroff binding macros for rendering man pages.
  11. * tmac/anpdf.tmac: New file; it is a wrapper around andoc.tmac,
  12. supporting use of -man only; (currently, -mdoc is not supported).
  13. * Makefile.in (man2pdf): Use it.
  14. (MAN2PDF_FLAGS): Enable features, controlled by addition of...
  15. (CS, CT): ...these registers; set both to 1.
  16. * tmac/sanitize.tmac (sanitize:esc-f): New alias; map it to...
  17. (sanitize:esc-generic): ...this, making its handling analogous to...
  18. (sanitize:esc-F): ...this.
  19. * tmac/strcase.tmac: New file; it retrospectively emulates...
  20. (.stringup, .stringdown): ...this pair of new groff-1.23 requests.
  21. * pdfroff.sh (MANPDF_OPTIONS): New internal-use variable; it provides
  22. a hook capability, whereby '-manpdf' triggers processing of '\" hints
  23. in man page source, causing nominated preprocessors to be invoked.
  24. * pdfroff.1.man: Various layout, and grammatical adjustments;
  25. reserve vertical space, as required, to avoid widow and orphan lines.
  26. (PDFROFF_POSTPROCESSOR_COMMAND): Disallow a page break within text
  27. specifying the default command.
  28. 2023-05-13 Keith Marshall <address@hidden>
  29. Describe method of finished document assembly.
  30. * pdfmark.ms (Section 4.1.7): Add content.
  31. (Section 4.1.4): Omit "$" prompt from "pdfroff" command example,
  32. to maintain consistency with all earlier, and new examples.
  33. 2023-05-09 Keith Marshall <address@hidden>
  34. Describe method of document body formatting.
  35. * pdfmark.ms (Section 4.1.6): Add content.
  36. 2023-05-02 Keith Marshall <address@hidden>
  37. Describe default method of table of contents generation.
  38. * pdfmark.ms (Section 4.1.5): Add content.
  39. 2023-05-02 Keith Marshall <address@hidden>
  40. Eliminate a macro loading order dependency.
  41. * tmac/opmode.tmac [!rPDFOPMODE] (OPMODE): Define it, otherwise...
  42. [rPDFOPMODE] (OPMODE): ...alias it, to make them equivalent.
  43. 2023-05-02 Keith Marshall <address@hidden>
  44. Add a commit log typographic error notification.
  45. * pdfroff.ms: File name reference is bogus, in four commits, dated
  46. between 2023-04-11 and 2023-04-28; correct file name is...
  47. * pdfmark.ms: ...this.
  48. 2023-04-28 Keith Marshall <address@hidden>
  49. Describe provisions for formatting front-matter.
  50. * pdfroff.ms (Section 4.1.4): Add content.
  51. 2023-04-19 Keith Marshall <address@hidden>
  52. Describe in-document optional processing hints support.
  53. * pdfroff.ms (Section 4.1.3): Add content.

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