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echo server for xchange

Commit MetaInfo

Revision0027b91734b5411825d6547eadb2893e84f52a01 (tree)
Zeit2022-05-04 09:06:52
AutorSatoshi Yasuda <7m3tjz@jarl...>
CommiterSatoshi Yasuda

Log Message

new file: crc.c
new file: crc.h
new file: dstar.h
new file: echo.h
new file: echo_in.c
new file: echo_server.c
new file: echo_utils.c
new file: extern_packet.h
new file: handler.c
new file: httpd_srv.c
new file: main.c
new file: packet.h
new file: portset.c
new file: read_config.c
new file: read_dsgwd_conf.c
new file: trust_read.c

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