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36b4b5e12019-11-01 19:25:45Jaime Marquínez FerrándizFix some PEP 8 issues
fa5c61342019-08-30 04:50:30Jaime Marquínez FerrándizUse the convert plugin
4d513a082018-02-17 05:48:53Jaime Marquínez FerrándizAdd support for converting to other formats
0c8bf1572018-01-15 07:05:47Jaime Marquínez FerrándizSync song if the file is older that the current version i...
7878ead32018-01-04 03:27:44Jaime Marquínez FerrándizFix playlists that contain path relative to the music dir...
cd03cc052017-12-26 20:53:57Jaime Marquínez FerrándizReduce the number of transactions
0704aeb52017-12-26 20:49:35Jaime Marquínez FerrándizFix song path type on python 3
ebe378b02017-10-15 00:30:14Jaime Marquínez FerrándizInitial commit

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