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4c9e1fbd2019-08-18 11:12:43icanFix SetupController. If exist database.ini then goto ind...
ebe08f242019-08-16 17:13:30weblocksMerge pull request #39480 (ican/weblocks/develop into dev...
055165062019-08-16 17:08:30icanFix schema. Delete objects.php, Add setup.php. Add view ...
e519dc362019-08-15 16:50:51weblocksMerge pull request #39478 (ican/weblocks/develop into dev...
cfca95872019-08-15 16:46:01icanFix setup page. DBMS selection in extension loaded modul...
3a03ee3f2019-08-15 13:40:46weblocksMerge pull request #39477 (ican/weblocks/develop into dev...
1dd218be2019-08-15 13:34:13icanFix create database. if exists database then remake data...
0e6eb8722019-08-09 17:56:45weblocksMerge pull request #39458 (ican/weblocks/develop into dev...
7f7b7b672019-08-09 16:00:21icanNo advice in language file, No logs.
3a4d88d52019-07-19 22:17:26weblocksMerge pull request #39415 (ican/weblocks/develop into dev...

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