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b516c1bf2020-01-13 23:15:48yyagi#xxxxx Updated: release version, release year
7f9eb01f2020-01-13 23:13:47yyagi#39823 Removed gray edge pixels in the judge strings
384581022020-01-13 23:09:42yyagi#39823 Now Guitar/Bass bar-line will be always shown unde...
4fd8adcd2020-01-09 00:17:53yyagi#39823 Coordinates.xml file to fix the shadow issue of wa...
760669152020-01-09 00:16:32yyagi#xxxxx add Win10 1909 version info
219491702020-01-09 00:14:01yyagi#39823 Fixed to show the shadow of Wailing chip and Waili...
ef9deb1c2020-01-09 00:09:32yyagi#39823 Fix the Z-order of Wailing Chip and Bar chip corre...
8cd89eae2020-01-09 00:08:19yyagi#39825 Fixed to work B6 and B7 correctly. (no-chip defaul...
b8cf5a112020-01-09 00:05:59yyagi#39816 removed debug trace code
10b731672020-01-08 02:34:51yyagi#39816 Fixed below. (Basically I had to backup/restore QA...

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