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df3185912015-03-07 15:34:23s_kawamotoUpdate PEM file. Fix bugs of IPv6 connection.
cb7413c62015-02-22 17:17:26s_kawamotoFix bugs of all settings encryption.
5c6208ff2015-01-31 22:41:39s_kawamotoFix bugs of automatic software update.
379c391a2015-01-18 22:27:32s_kawamotoModify documents.
10cd14372015-01-17 01:00:36s_kawamotoUpdate the version number for automatic software update.
363170562015-01-17 00:55:00s_kawamotoFix bugs of mirroring transfer.
c2a195042015-01-17 00:36:38s_kawamotoUpdate OpenSSL to 1.0.1l.
7b2f32da2014-12-31 14:55:21s_kawamotoModify copyrights. Change the behavior of automatic softw...
b25718f22014-12-06 14:02:17s_kawamotoAdd options to control the behavior of mirroring transfer.
1c25e2b22014-11-02 11:26:40s_kawamotoFix bugs of error handling for file transfer.

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