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45db08b32016-04-25 14:19:47MasaoFujiiAdd .gitignore entries for files generated by build and r...
1fb9bb992016-03-25 15:52:10Kyotaro HoriguchiAdd stats-injection feature. pg_dbms_stats potentially h...
a913d5fa2016-03-25 10:52:30Kyotaro HoriguchiPrepare for release 1.3.7
733cff0c2016-01-15 16:57:01Kyotaro HoriguchiSupport PostgreSQL 9.5.0. Added support for PostgreSQL 9...
c45371c52016-01-15 16:50:08Kyotaro HoriguchiRefactor Makefile Simplified Makefile. Makefile gets too...
0f5914812015-08-18 21:17:45Kyotaro HoriguchiFollow the change of regression test framework. pg_regre...
86887d062015-08-18 21:17:45Kyotaro HoriguchiRemove misplaced space. Removed a misplaced space placed...
9a774b0d2015-08-18 21:16:40Kyotaro HoriguchiRename a static function to avoid conflict. CopyArrayEls...
3cc21a6a2015-08-18 20:50:03Kyotaro HoriguchiCatch up the change of representation of view definition....
670926522015-08-18 20:48:49Kyotaro HoriguchiStabilize regression test. Sort results to avoid alterin...

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