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I am an indie developer of OpenGL games and ASCII games.

I dislike both Microsoft and Apple because of the freedoms and privacy they deny me, and I fully support the F.S.F. (free software foundation). Thusly, I choose to minimize my involvement with their OS's. Still, I want to reach their large audiences with my programs.

My design goals are to
A) require NOTHING of mere users. I do not require users to install nonstandard libraries or 3rd party utilities in order to execute my apps., and
B) for rebuilders/developers, require only that they install Ada on their machines.

Specifically, I do not require Windows users to install MINGW.

Please note that my repositories exists for the convenience of gamers, not co-developers. The archive *.7z, contains all the source code, as well as the runtime files for 3 platforms, headers, shaders, textures, music, game files, compilation scripts, nonstandard external libraries, and executables, including a Mac-bundle. Source code can be found in the main directory and the ./adabindings & ./adautils sub-directories.

Final Note: all releases are completely self-contained. They are NOT incremental.


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