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0e133b862018-01-12 12:32:54Chih-Wei HuangAndroid: inital porting of efibootmgr The libefivar port...
2e018c082017-05-10 05:47:07Peter Jonesmake_linux_load_option(): check data_size correctly. Cov...
d05cd3162017-03-14 03:57:09Josh de Kockunparse_path: remove unneeded include This fixes an inva...
5c14da222017-03-08 01:07:07Peter JonesBump version to 15
2d9f9e3d2017-03-08 01:07:06Peter JonesMake conditional default loader path use EFIDIR like fwup...
ce9dbb3e2017-03-08 01:07:06Raymund WillMake default '--loader' build-time configurable. Each di...
e42b460e2017-03-08 01:07:06Raymund Willefibootmgr: sanitize `set/get_mirror()` get_mirror() - d...
61ae39052017-03-08 01:07:06Martin T. H. SandsmarkAdd support for parsing optional data as ucs2
a542b1692017-03-08 01:07:06Peter JonesRemove extra const keywords gcc 7 gripes about. Signed-o...
3466fd052017-01-07 03:18:47steve-mcintyreDon't use -fshort-wchar when building (#63) It's not nee...

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