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18f5d36a2016-07-23 18:49:55s_kawamotoFix bugs that the keyboard focus is lost. Show the logged...
1970bc422016-06-14 21:45:08s_kawamotoFix bugs of drag-and-drop handling. Change behavior of wo...
30ace9142016-05-14 00:20:20s_kawamotoModify installer.
a517496d2016-05-14 00:10:18s_kawamotoSupported specification changes of the server for automat...
ab22331c2016-05-04 14:43:28s_kawamotoUpdate OpenSSL to 1.0.2h.
5c9d7dc22016-04-23 13:18:56s_kawamotoFix bugs of handling of non UTF-8 encoding. Update PEM fi...
02f668f72016-03-26 13:58:16s_kawamotoModify documents. Recompile executable files.
4bb821a92016-03-24 00:08:21s_kawamotoFix bugs of automatic software update.
229d87a52016-03-23 22:47:14s_kawamotoChange behavior of automatic software update. Fix bugs of...
75a5b3c02016-03-20 22:07:26s_kawamotoModify documents.

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