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このプロジェクトは、インスタント メッセージングの監視および家庭電化製品を制御することができますシステムを開発します。それは XMPP のため Java とピシャリ ライブラリに基づいています。

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CMNDBOT is a port of GOZERBOT to the Google Wave platform. It allows you to execute commands that you can program easily through the use of plugins. Web and Jabber (XMPP) access is also supported. A few GOZERBOT plugins have been ported.

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The aim of the project ButiFree is to play the Catalan cards game "la botifarra" online. "La botifarra" is played by four people (two pairs).

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xmppony is an XMPP library for Python. It's a fork of xmpppy, which was in turn a fork of jabber.py. It is currently a drop-in replacement for python-xmpp (xmpppy), with some bugs fixed and file transfer added.

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Zabbot is a Jabber bot for the Zabbix monitoring software. It can obtain information from a Zabbix server with JSON requests, and answer questions about monitoring hosts' conditions.

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Swift allows you to connect and chat with all your contacts on the fast-growing XMPP network, which includes Jabber.org, GMX, Google Talk, Google+, Facebook, and more.

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Poezio is a console-based client for XMPP, the protocol on which the Jabber IM network is built. Its goal is to let you connect to the network very easily (without having to create an account) and join various chatrooms immediately. It tries to look like the most famous IRC clients (such as weechat and irssi). Many commands are identical and you won't be lost if you already know these clients. Configuration can be done in a configuration file or directly from the client. It embodies the light, fast, geeky, and anonymous spirit of IRC while using a new, powerful, standard, and open protocol.

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Natürliche Sprache: English, French
Betriebssystem: BSD, Linux
Programmiersprache: Python
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Miranda IM is a open source multi-protocol instant messaging client. Miranda IM is Very light on system resources and extremely fast. Miranda has many plugins, and You can customized Miranda IM client what you want.

This Project make a Japanese Langage package for Miranda IM.

Links * Miranda IM official webpage

You can download japanese langage package from the following site. Miranda IM Japanese langage package

Register Date: 2012-03-17 19:22
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Missus is a PHP class that provides a simple API enabling you to connect to an XMPP server and interact with it. It supports most XMPP servers (including Facebook and Google Talk).

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Quak is a simple Jabber component (framework).

It connects to a Jabber server as a component and acts like a normal bot.

You can add plugins to make the bot react to several events (some simple
plugins are included).

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jj is a simple FIFO and filesystem based Jabber/XMPP client. jj is inspired by the ii IRC client. jj is more tool than traditional instant messanger client. It can be easily extended with normal Unix tools. It is perfect for bots and notifications. Interaction with jj is done by writing and reading files from the server directory that jj creates.

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SecuXabber is a secure Jabber-client for Android that uses strong, asymmetric encryption on top of the XMPP protocol. A key pair is generated on application start-up. Users can send their public key to other SecuXabber users via Bluetooth. This face-to-face check ensures the veracity of the public key. After the keys have been imported by both users, all communication between them is encrypted using strong 4096 bit encryption. It supports all relevant XMPP features, works with multiple accounts, is highly customizable, and has many other useful features.

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Letztes Update: 2013-06-07 23:52


uNyaXMPPD is a small-footprint XMPP suitable for embedded systems.

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Letztes Update: 2014-04-22 13:58

TurnKey ejabberd Appliance

TurnKey ejabberd Appliance is a server appliance that combines ejabberd with Speeqe to create a live chat server that supports strong encryption and works with any Web browser or XMPP client. ejabberd is a powerful XMPP server that supports clustering, live upgrades, shared roster groups and provides support for virtual hosts. It is designed to be easy to use and easy to maintain. Security patches are automatically installed. It provides a Web management interface, configuration console, and an AJAX Web shell. To minimize footprint the appliance is built from the ground up with the minimum required components. It runs everywhere thanks to multiple build formats, including an installable live CD, a VMDK with OVF support, and an Amazon EC2 AMI.

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Ibid is a multi-protocol, general purpose, instant messaging chat bot written in Python. It aims for a naturalistic interface rather than strict-syntax commands. Ibid understands many protocols, including IRC, Jabber/XMPP/Google Talk, Campfire, NMDC, and SILC. It also interacts over SMTP, HTTP, and various RPC protocols. Ibid aims to make plugins as easy as possible to write. It ships with a large collection of plugins for looking up information, performing conversions, storing factoids, delivering messages, and much more.

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