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I18N (Internationalization)
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Letztes Update: 2007-09-24 10:11

Gettext Translator

Gettext Translator is an editor for *.po files,
which are used by gettext. It includes a
spellchecker and plural forms support.

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Letztes Update: 2012-12-20 12:55

iLib for JavaScript

iLib is an internationalization library for JavaScript that was created because with the advent of AJAX, it is no longer possible to avoid internationalization. Previously, you could format dates in the user's locale on the server. Now, Web services called via AJAX return time stamps in Unix time and formatting has to be done in the browser, but the standard library is inadequate. In addition to dates, the library handles times, numbers, currency, percentages, calendar calculations (Arabic, Hebrew, Gregorian, and Julian), time zones, string translation, string formatting and choice formats, locale info, ctype functions, and Unicode normalization.

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Letztes Update: 2012-04-28 06:43


Prails is a PHP framework that is optimized for fast and efficient Web development. It is designed to change the way you write PHP, and is so easy that it's actually fun.

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Letztes Update: 2013-01-04 21:41


wbmtranslator is a translation assistant for
webmin/usermin modules.

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Letztes Update: 2007-10-05 14:40


dbtroff uses XSLT, Heirloom troff, and Ghostscript to convert DocBook documents to PDF or PostScript. It allows you to flexibly customize the layout of the generated output by using troff instructions, and provides automatic page element positioning to avoid typographical artifacts like “widows”. Full-width and inline pictures can be included, and are also automatically positioned. Currently, only a rather restricted subset of DocBook 4.3 is supported.

Letztes Update: 2011-03-03 22:15


I18n is a method for internationalization using JSP Expression Language. It is meant as an alternative to jstl-fmt, which can sometimes be hard to read and understand, especially when internationalizing an HTML attribute value. Using EL can make this much more readable.

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Letztes Update: 2012-11-19 04:17


oTranCe offers a ready to go and entirely Web-based translation platform to your project and your translators. The files you already translated can be imported easily, and the present stage can be exported to language packages at any time. If you are using a versioning system you can, update your repository with just a mouse click. All your translators need is a login to start working on translations. The administrator will be able to adjust very fine-grained rights and roles for your developers and translators.

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Letztes Update: 2006-08-12 23:04


PostArabic adds Arabic shaping functionality to
the PostgreSQL database. The module is written in
C and adds the following functions to PL/SQL:
shape_arabic(), unshape_arabic(), and utf8dump().

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Letztes Update: 2008-05-30 06:52

TMX Localization Editor

The TMX Localization Editor allows for the
viewing, editing, and saving of localization data
in the TMX open standard. Based on locale4j and
written in Java/Swing, it is a quick and useful
tool for localizing applications. Currently, the
editor implements the TMX 2.0 draft specification.

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Letztes Update: 2005-12-30 21:55


RusXMMS provides character set conversion for
languages which can be represented with more than
one character set. It originally handled XMMS
playlists, but can be useful for any program that
works with small pieces of text in different
languages and encodings. The library features
language and encoding autodetection for most
European languages, extensibility regarding new
languages and encodings, recoding/translation of
multi-language playlists, on-the-fly translation
between languages using online services, and a
GTK/GTK2 UI library.

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Letztes Update: 2013-10-26 09:59

Language Detector

Colossal Mind Language Detector detects a user's preferred language. It parses the HTTP Accept-Language header and determines the most suitable language for the user from a list of supported languages. The detected language can fallback to a language associated with the user's country in case the Accept-Language header is not sent by the browser. The detected language can be stored in a cookie to avoid needing to detect the language again in subsequent requests.

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Letztes Update: 2005-03-18 05:45

Universal Text Recognizer and Converter

The Universal Text Recognizer and Converter (Utrac) is a commandline
tool and a C library that recognizes the encoding of an input file (UTF-8,
ISO-8859-1, CP437, etc.) and its end-of-line type (CR, LF, or CRLF).
It features automatic recognition (depending on the file and on the
system's locale, reliable in most cases), assistance for verification or
manual recognition, and conversion to another charset and/or end-of-line

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Letztes Update: 2013-02-16 03:56

Easy I18N

Easy I18N is a library that integrates GNU gettext with the JVM's internationalization facilities. Existing Java APIs (MessageFormat, DateFormat, Locale) are used to provide a much easier API for building and maintaining applications and Web apps. It includes the ability to use normal message strings in your code, use xgettext to auto-extract translatable strings, leverage the GNU gettext system and associated tools to manage translations, work with date, currency, and numeric input/output, supports thread-local Locales for Web apps (or global for apps), and more.

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Letztes Update: 2009-07-02 10:28

Openbakery Translation

Openbakery Translation is an internationalization
tool for Java. Unlike standard i18n in Java,
openbakery translation uses the text in the
default locale as the key. There is also a tool
which checks all of the source code for
translations. This tool then provides a list of
key/value pairs which have to be added to a
certain resource file, and another list of pairs
which can be removed. The translation works by
simply calling a static method called "translate".
The code works out of the box, without writing any
properties files. You only write properties files
when you really translate the program to a second

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Letztes Update: 2005-02-10 10:43

gettext lint tools

The gettext lint tools are a collection of tools
for checking the validity, consistency, and spelling of PO
and POT files. An experimental glossary building
tool is also included.

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