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x9wm is a clone or fork of the 9wm and w9wm X window managers. It is a light alternative for the Mac OS X desktop. All of its source code is contained in a single file. It supports an alterate red colored cursor. It is very light on resources, quite fast, very simple, and easy for long programming, editing, or Web work sessions. You can blend it with Nitrogen and Wbar to create a simple but elegant interface without iconic or stylistic clutter. It does not decorate windows with borders, and it is modal, controlled with the mouse.

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WMNUT is a dockapp program to monitor UPS statistics through the NUT (Network UPS Tools) framework on Linux and other systems.

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wmsystray provides a system tray compatible with
freedesktop.org's System Tray Protocol
specification. Basically, it serves as a system
tray that allows other programs to show icons in
it. For example, if you enable GAIM's System Tray
Icon plugin, wmsystray will display GAIM's systray
icon. Its intended use is as a Window Maker dock
app, though it will run in other window managers
as well.

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UDE, the Unix Desktop Environment, is a new GUI for Linux. It has a new look'n'feel. The goals of UDE are to be user friendly, fast and as different from MS-Windows as possible.

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XClose is a simple tool which can be used to
either list, or close, all the current windows
within your current X session which match a
particular pattern. It can be useful for closing
particular windows programmatically, or for
killing all instances of a particular program.

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