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Letztes Update: 2005-10-20 03:12


Currvita is a LaTeX package for typesetting a curriculum vitae.

Letztes Update: 2004-02-10 14:00


Bibgrep indexes and efficiently searches BibTex
files. Its usage is similar to the command grep
and the queries use a Google-like syntax. Bibgrep
will create an index for each BibTex file it
touches, and keep the result within
"~/.bibgrep.idx" (by defaults). It watches the
modification date and the size of the original
BibTex file, and will update (and delete) its
index as needed.

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Letztes Update: 2009-01-10 20:01


fig2ps is a script for converting xfig files to PS
or PDF, processing text using LaTeX. It is
intended to help typeset good quality documents,
where the font on the pictures is exactly the same
as the font in the text. The advantage it has over
some other xfig exporters such as eepic is that
you compile the picture only once and not every
time you compile your LaTeX file, giving a great
gain in speed with complex pictures. It should
work with LyX.

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Letztes Update: 2005-02-12 17:33


Parsewiki is a program that transform a text file with a very
minimal Wiki style syntax into other formats, including HTML,
XHTML, Docbook, and LaTeX.

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Letztes Update: 2002-02-25 14:24


nuweb is a lightweight, fast Literate Programming tool that lets you write a document describing your software and extract the code for your software from that document.

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Letztes Update: 2009-04-28 00:37

LaTeX Symbols Selector

LSS is a symbol browser to help create LaTeX documents with many math symbols. All symbols are grouped into categories, and users can copy a symbol name to a system-wide clipboard (or insert it directly to the first running copy of gVIM) by selecting a symbol icon from the list.

Letztes Update: 2002-08-05 15:39


gnome-courier is a collection of programs for courier services. It
includes programs for managing clients, managing coworkers, managing
jobs (receiving, distributing, and editing), printing bills and
overdue notices, and managing the payroll. Various statistical
modules are available, and since the project is based on a modular
concept, it can easily be extended.

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Letztes Update: 2001-03-24 22:47

SyNTeX - Syntactic tree drawing program

SyNTeX is a LaTeX preprocessor that draws syntactic trees using the LaTeX picture environment. The preprocessor reads the comments in a LaTeX file and draws the tree based on commands that it finds in the comments.

Letztes Update: 2007-06-18 10:57

Aquamacs Emacs

Aquamacs is a Mac-like version of the powerful
Emacs text editor that runs as a standard OS X
application. It features extensive customization
that enables it to conform better with Apple's
standard Human Interface Guidelines (HIG) than
standard versions of the editor do. It provides a
more Mac-like user experience than Carbon Emacs.

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Letztes Update: 2001-08-15 11:41


TkDVI is a DVI previewer built with the Tcl/Tk toolkit. It can use multiple windows to display multiple pages at the same time (which can come from multiple DVI files sharing a common font repository). Each window can show either a single page, two facing pages (as in a book) or sixteen reduced pages in the space of one, to check page breaks and positioning of floating items. TkDVI supports many features from xdvi, such as a magnification glass, but also adds interesting stuff like a gv-like page selector and a `rubber line' for measuring distances. TkDVI is based on a reusable Tk `image type' for DVI files which can easily be incorporated in other programs, and it is straightforward to customize and extend TkDVI itself.

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Letztes Update: 2003-12-15 08:03


malavita (Mattia's LaTeX Viewgraph Tactics) is a package which uses LaTeX to produce nice (though not particularly spiffy) viewgraphs
intended for (mostly) scientific presentations.

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Letztes Update: 2005-11-08 07:52


TeXwrapper has been implemented to facilitate the
interfacing of (La)TeX with the quickfix mode of
the VIM text editor. It allows you to run TeX and
some tools like BibTeX or MakeIndex at once. If an
error occurs, it scans the transcript files and
sends a "compiler style" error message to stderr.
This program may also be useful with other text
editors (like SciTE) which are able to deal with
compiler's error output.

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Letztes Update: 2011-05-14 19:09


Wiki2Beamer is a small tool to create LaTeX Beamer
presentations from text files with a wiki-like
syntax. Thus, it enables the user to create beamer
presentations in a less time-consuming way.

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Letztes Update: 2002-05-07 14:13

Freehand Formula Entry System

The Freehand Formula Entry System is a research prototype for recognizing online handwritten mathematical notation, developed jointly by researchers in New Zealand, the United States and Canada. A user draws expressions with a mouse or data tablet, and LaTeX, a bitmap, and an operator tree are produced as output. Symbol recognition and expression interpretation are performed as the user draws.

Letztes Update: 2013-09-21 03:04


TeXcount is a Perl script for counting words in LaTeX documents. It parses valid LaTeX documents counting words, headers, formulae (mathematics), and floats/begin-end groups. To run the script, you can either download it and run it on your own computer, or you can use the Web interface. TeXcount is included in the CTAN TeX/LaTeX archive, and thus included in several TeX distributions. If you have TeX installed, chances are you may already have TeXcount.

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