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Access SVN Versionierung

この accessprogramm、accessprogram(s) を管理し、エクスポート/インポート SVN サーバーにアセス オブジェクト。このツールは、プログラムを可能な限りチーム、d の accessprogramm ソース コード f svn サーバで accessprogramm を管理します。

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Letztes Update: 2012-05-29 10:12

RMI WebSocket

RMI WebSocket provides a library for remote method invocations between a browser and a Jetty Web Server using the HTML5 WebSocket. The idea is to enable tight method-level integration between the user interface and the server so that patterns such as MVP (Model-View-Presenter) can be applied in a Web environment. The method-level communications between the browser code and the server code allows the developer to think about the Web page and server-side components as objects in a UML world. Details such as the over-the-wire protocols in WebSockets are abstracted away in the process.

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Letztes Update: 2012-10-06 04:35

Debug Object

Debug Object is a PHP class that aids in debugging your codebase. Its output can be easily turned on and off for any section of your code. This way you write the debug code you want, and leave it in your codebase.

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The acscripts library contains a set of helper scripts that can be used by package configure scripts. This library enables common functions to be used from one central location, rather than being duplicated across packages. This provides simplified system maintenance, because build functions are centralized, and smaller packages, because build functions are no longer in packages.

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Nav Doc

Nav Doc is a simple navigation documentation script which lets you easily create beautiful multilingual documentation for your software and add documentation files very easily.

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Letztes Update: 2014-01-25 13:16

Shell Package Manager

Shell Package Manager is a collection of sh scripts for (un)installing packages that can't be installed by default with apt-get.

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Web Gradients

Web Gradients is a tool for creating simple and smooth PNG linear gradients with plain HTTP requests (or the web page).

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Zemucan assists DB2 users while writing commands, proposing options and parameters, or completing words.

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GetPath Junior

It is a tool that convert the path information of selected file(s) to a UNC path information, and copy to the clipboard. If there are no parameters ,it convert the contents of clipboard to the UNC path information, and rewriting. RunPathJr , a tool that run the contents of the clipboard multiplied by the UNC path , are also enclosed.

Letztes Update: 2010-07-16 09:25

JW Image Rotator

The JW Image Rotator is a Web component (built with Adobe's Flash) that enables you to display photos in sequence with fluid transitions. It supports rotation of images in the JPEG, GIF, and PNG formats listed with the RSS, XSPF, or ASX formats. A wide range of FlashVars (variables) are supported for tweaking both behavior and appearance. An extensive JavaScript API is exposed.

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GetVoIP Grotesque has all the qualities needed for a solid and strong font: it’s legible at small sizes; but it looks absolutely fantastic in large sizes and heavier weights; and it offers true italics.

Grotesque was designed to exhibit the WOW factor of your copy, and is sure bring out the message within the message while still maintaining a subtle calligraphic touch. Its intended use is more for page headlines than body copy, but we love the way the GetVoIP Grotesque looks at every size. Download font:<a href="http://getvoip.com/library/grotesque-font">Free Grotesque Web Font GetVoip</a>

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多言語例文集のTATOEBA project をEPWINGにして公開します。

Open Source Group Japan is a non-profit, voluntary association that promotes the spread of Open Source Software and Free Software Culture and enlightened activities, while engaging in activities to protect open source culture. Another goal is to contribute to the sound development of the Open Source community. Open Source Group Japan was established on August 13, 2000.

Open Source Group Japan works on the following sorts of projects.

  • Management of Open Source(R) Trademarks in order to protect Open Source culture. Open Source Group Japan has acquired the OPENSOURCE(R) trademark in Japan.
  • Functioning as a representative liaison for the Open Source community in Japan, engaging in public relations and working with outside organizations.
  • Offering necessary support to Open Source projects and groups.
  • Engaging in activities that promote cooperation and informal affiliation between Open Source groups and organizations.
  • Proposing and implementing plans of its own that it views as necessary to the growth of Open Source culture.


pesca de grande porte -principalmente no mar

Letztes Update: 2009-07-05 21:55

“「わかつきひかる」さんを応援するWiki”を運営しています。 このような作家応援サイトを立ち上げたいという方の支援になればいいと思い、上記のサイトの文書全部と、文書のテンプレート、Flashなどの呼び出し方(タグ)等を公開します。 また、小説等の感想、批評をよりダイナミックに表現するための小アプリを開発します。