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Letztes Update: 2007-02-21 22:17

Pascal Mock

Delphi/Kylix/FreePascal were lacking a mock
library. The Pascal Mock library enables the easy
creation and use of Mock objects for unit testing,
inspired by the various Java mock object tools.
Mock objects ease unit testing by acting as
replacements for classes that the object being
tested must interact with.

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Entwicklungsstatus: 3 - Alpha
Natürliche Sprache: Japanese
Betriebssystem: Linux, Windows
Programmiersprache: Forth, Object Pascal
Benutzerschnittstelle: Console (Text Based)
Register Date: 2006-10-25 16:06
Letztes Update: 2003-09-19 01:19


Cloxten is a digital alarm clock and counter. It is able to execute a variety of events and actions at set times, such as send messages, play sounds or music, show a reminder window, open a file, or execute a program.

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Letztes Update: 2007-12-30 17:08


MKHINDEX generates HTML directory listings like
the "Option Indexes" functionality of Apache.
Other than the Web server, these listings are
static. They greatly increase the performance of
the Web server if you use it as a file server.
MKHINDEX has been tested on Windows XP, Gentoo
Linux, and Mac OS X.

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Letztes Update: 2009-12-27 14:04

Cactus Jukebox

Cactus is an audio player. It shows all your music
files in a kind of database, and you can easily
browse, edit, and search your collection. It also
supports synchronizing your music collection with
a mobile player device. It plays MP3, WAV, and
Ogg. It can also import and rip audio CDs,
automatically show album covers, tag MP3 files,
and maintain a fast library. A GTK 1.x binary is
also available.

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Letztes Update: 2005-04-26 07:30


ColorSnatch is a board game built using the
Lazarus libraries. Player 1 starts in the lower
left corner, player 2 in the upper right. Each
turn, players choose one color to add to their
territory. Then, all adjacent tiles of that color
are captured. The first player to capture 50% of
the field wins. It can be played vs. an AI or
another human. Internationalization is available.
The game is also a demonstration of Lazarus's

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Letztes Update: 2004-09-13 20:44


FastGEO is a computational geometry library
for Object Pascal. It contains a set of highly
deterministic, precise, and concise routines for
performing varying computational geometry
tasks using real-world inputs.

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Letztes Update: 2008-01-24 08:39


Pas2Dox is a pre-processor add-on for the Doxygen
documentation generator. This allows the
production of advanced documentation from
Delphi/Kylix source code.

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Letztes Update: 2003-04-23 16:21


Inhunmi is POS, Delivery, Contact, and Stock Control software for small (or even medium) companies. It was initially developed for a restaurant, but should be adaptable to other business. It is currently in Portuguese only.

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Letztes Update: 2004-06-06 03:37


Albumine is a music database program. It
treats a music collection as a structured
collection of albums rather than a chaotic pool
of songs. Its major objective is to help users
automate the process of inserting new albums
into the database, thus making large scale
music collecting less painful. It collects all
relevant data from a given directory, which
appears in the database in a couple of
seconds. It supports MP3 and potentially all
relevant formats, including CDDA.

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Letztes Update: 2005-04-28 06:31

FPC Qt binding for Zaurus

FPC Qt binding for Zaurus is a binding to
Qt/Embedded for FreePascal (FPC) which can be used
to develop applications on platforms such as the
Zaurus with the FPC cross compiler for ARM

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Letztes Update: 2008-07-28 17:13

Window Object Library

Window Object Library is a library and resource
designer for application development using Object
Pascal under Linux (GTK) and Windows (native or
GTK). The library is written in the Free Pascal

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Letztes Update: 2010-11-08 23:15

Code Generation Tools for Free Pascal

Code Generation Tools for Free Pascal is a toolbox for developers using Free Pascal or Delphi. It generates source code for some repeating programmer tasks.

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Letztes Update: 2002-02-19 20:52


QSMP3 is a MP3 Playback component for Delphi and
Kylix. It allows you to add full MP3 playback
capabilities to your application under both Win32
and Linux. It is a non-visual component, so it
should be functional under Linux CLI, X11, Win32
GUI, and Win32 (not DOS) CLI. Supported
capabilities include playback, stop, pause,
seek-by-time-index,seek-by-byte-indes, automatic
position reporting (by event), and position
reporting by function call. This component
relies on SDL, SMPEG, and the JEDI-SDL
translation of the SDL and SMPEG headers to Pascal.

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Letztes Update: 2003-06-14 03:21

Tutorial Environment for Cryptographic Protocols

Tutorial Environment for Cryptographic Protocols
(TECP) is a tutorial and visualization
environment for public key cryptography. It is
intended for students of cryptography courses
and can be used to improve understanding of
modular arithmetic-based public key algorithms,
and for lecturers who want to add some life to
boring blackboard-and-chalk presentations about
the topic.

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