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Letztes Update: 2010-01-19 01:16


Palm-Strip-Export is a utility to export your legacy PalmOS Strip databases to simple CSV files. Once your databases are exported you can print them, open them in Excel, or import them into a separate program. Most importantly, these export files will be directly importable to the iPhone when the desktop sync tool is released. This exporter only works with Palm Strip 2.0 databases.

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Letztes Update: 2019-05-13 08:27

GPS Datalogger Device Control

i-Blue 747 / i-Blue 757 / Qstarz BT-Q1000 / i.Trek Z1 / Konet BGL-32 / Holux M-241 /...などをJava Phones, PalmOS, WinCE (PPC), Java platforms, Windows, Linux, MacOSから制御するソフトウェアです。MTK GPSチップセットベースのloggerとの互換性があります。

Letztes Update: 2020-05-07 03:55

Crosswords for handhelds

Scrabbleのルールに準拠したハンドヘルド機器用クロスワードソフト。 PalmOSやPocketPCのようなハンドヘルド機器、Linuxで使用可。赤外線、UDPを介して他プラットフォームへの転送も可。複数の言語およびデバイスに対応。ベイパーウェアには対応していない。TIME.comでハンドヘルド用アプリトップ5に入賞。

Letztes Update: 2016-01-15 22:51


Gravity Handy Lichtschwerter - Hydrogen Solutions - Mission: Um eine globale Antwort auf die Verbrechen, indem es Kunden, sich gegen alle Arten von Aggressoren verteidigen bereitzustellen.

Databank Umgebung: ADO.NET, SQL-based, PalmOS PDB
Entwicklungsstatus: 3 - Alpha
Betriebssystem: PalmOS, MacOSX, VMware
Programmiersprache: C++, Java, Perl
Register Date: 2016-01-15 22:32


1. PalmでMSNMessengerといえばGFMessengerですが、なかなかサインイン直後に落ちるバグを解消したい。
2. PassportTicketを取得するのにAMsoftのサーバーを利用している。セキュリティ的な懸念があるため、単体でHTTPS通信によりPassportTicketを取得したい。

Entwicklungsstatus: 5 - Produktion / stabil
Zielbenutzer: Entwickler
Natürliche Sprache: Japanese
Betriebssystem: PalmOS
Programmiersprache: C
Themen: Chat
Benutzerschnittstelle: Other Environment
Register Date: 2004-05-24 22:11
Letztes Update: 2014-01-27 21:31

PUMA Repository

The PUMA Repository is a collection of Pascal units for medical informatics. It is compatible with and was developed for Lazarus and Free Pascal. The units are also partially compatible with other Pascal dialects, including Delphi and WinSoft PocketStudio.

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Letztes Update: 2004-01-19 22:40


Xibble is a crossword game for two or more human
players that runs on PalmOS. It can be played in English
or in French, providing the different tile values and
distributions for each language. It makes a great travel

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Letztes Update: 2001-06-24 22:11


PilotGOne is a GO game viewer and recorder for
PalmOS. It uses the Smart Game Format (SGF) for
input and output. PilotGOne can play back existing
SGF files with variations and comments, and it can
also be used as a board for stand-alone play. It
uses only 42 Kb of Palm Pilot memory, and it
supports comments, marks/labels, and annotations.
Other features include Zoom-In for bigger image,
editing of game records, sorting/searching of
games, handicaps, Komi, and board sizes 5x5, 9x9,
13x13, and 19x19.

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Letztes Update: 2001-06-25 00:04

DST Panel

DST Panel is a system preference panel for PalmOS which automates time change
at the beginning and end of daylight saving time. DST Panel is an application,
and does not patch any system trap (unlike a hackmaster hack).

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Letztes Update: 2009-04-29 19:58


jMeSQL は j2me の開発、rdbms と j2me 携帯技術サポートを実行している任意のプラットフォームで使用できます。

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Letztes Update: 2003-08-24 16:20


SerialBridge bridges data across two serial ports across a Palm device. It's mainly aimed at bridging the Wireless Modem and a USB/Serial port on a Treo.

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Letztes Update: 2004-09-06 05:25


Tessellation lets you create nice colorful tilings like Escher with 8 basic figures.

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Letztes Update: 2001-12-16 13:38


PCash is a simple checking account and budget
management application for PalmOS. It features
multiple checking accounts, payable transactions
to record future expenses or income with known
amounts, budget transactions to record future
expenses or income with estimated amounts, showing
posted/reconciled bank balance, current bank
balance, and a running budget balance, auto
completion of party (payee, source) for quick
entry of transactions, and automatically
incremented check numbers.

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Letztes Update: 2001-05-10 02:50


NetStereo is a server which runs on a computer with a sound card and plays
music, primarily MP3s. What makes the NetStereo server special is that it
accepts commands from remote clients. The server is written in Java, and it
features the ability to plug in various methods of playing songs (currently
mpg123 and the Java Media Framework) and various methods of communication
(currently network and serial port). Currently available clients include a Java
client which uses the Swing toolkit and a Palm client.

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Letztes Update: 2009-06-15 17:18


VeloAce is a bike computer for Palm OS. It
provides data logging, trip data estimation, a
trainer, a graphical speedometer, and display of
current, average, and maximum velocity,
acceleration, trip time, and distances. Base units
can be kilometers or miles. The wheel sensor can
be connected over RS232 or even IrDA.

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