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UnrealIRCd is an IRC daemon whose key features include full SSL support, Trojan protection, a spam filter, advanced flood protection, and WebTV compatibility. It is a highly stable and feature-packed IRC server daemon.

Letztes Update: 2004-05-04 04:15

Unreal --The next generation of IRCd

UnrealIRCd は、Dreamforge、旧 DALnet IRC ネットワークで使用されると呼ばれる IRCu のブランチに基づいた IRC サーバーです。開発始めて以来それを (1999 年 5 月) の周り多くの新しい変更、機能が追加されているし、多くのバグ修正します。非現実的な両方を実行 * nix

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Eggdrop IRC botのWindows (95/98/NT/2000/XP)への移植です。

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DCTC (Direct Connect Text Client) is a library
that gives access to the direct connect world,
like IRC but more file-sharing oriented.

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このプロジェクトは、ファイルの共有と直接接続し、ADC のネットワークでチャットを接続することができます。

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Databank Umgebung: XML-based
Entwicklungsstatus: 5 - Produktion / stabil
Zielbenutzer: Advanced End Users
Natürliche Sprache: Czech, English
Programmiersprache: C++
Benutzerschnittstelle: Win32 (MS Windows)
Letztes Update: 2011-08-13 17:51


pidgin privacy please is a pidgin plugin to stop spammers from annoying you. You can block messages from certain users, block messages from people who are not on your contact list, and suppress repeated authorization requests. Optionally, senders of blocked messages can be notified with an auto-reply.

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Natürliche Sprache: English, German, Russian
Programmiersprache: C
Benutzerschnittstelle: GTK+
Letztes Update: 2009-02-27 08:36

climm (formerly mICQ)

climm は、ポータブル、小さい、まだ強力なコンソール ベースの完全に国際化されたインスタント メッセージング クライアントの現在の v 型 8 気筒 ICQ プロトコルと XMPP を支えます。

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Letztes Update: 2012-10-26 21:27


php Free Chat is a simple, fast, and customizable chat server that uses the filesystem for message and nickname storage. It uses AJAX to smoothly refresh and display the chat zone and the nickname zone. It supports customized CSS stylesheets and a plugin system that allows you to write your own storage routines.

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Letztes Update: 2006-03-29 01:14


PhpWiki is a WikiWikiWeb clone written in PHP. A Wiki is a Web site where anyone can edit or create the pages through the Web browser, with no authentication. PhpWiki works right out of the box with zero configuration, and comes with a set of default pages. It's useful for collaborating on documentation on a project, having freeform discussions, and easy editing and searching.

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Letztes Update: 2001-05-07 06:44


この java プラットフォームに依存しないアプリケーションは、インターネット経由でファイルを共有するユーザーことができます。

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Entwicklungsstatus: 4 - Beta
Zielbenutzer: End Users/Desktop
Natürliche Sprache: English
Betriebssystem: OS Unabhängig
Programmiersprache: Java
Benutzerschnittstelle: X11 Applications, Win32 (MS Windows)
Letztes Update: 2011-03-15 15:09


Pandion は XMPP ネットワーク用のオープンソースのインスタントメッセンジャーです。Pandion を使って、友達と連絡を取り合ったり、同僚と仕事をしましょう。使いやすく、セキュアな会話ができるようにデザインされています。

Letztes Update: 2005-02-22 08:33

NullLogic Groupware

NullLogic Groupware is a modular Web-based groupware and email system designed for contact management and event scheduling. Additional features include private messaging, public discussion forums, webmail, shared bookmarks, file sharing, call tracking, order processing, an XML-RPC API, and integrated POP3 and SMTP servers.

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Letztes Update: 2008-04-07 08:24


NeoStats provides unique services to IRC via
loadable modules. It does not provide the
traditional NickServ/ChanServ services, but
instead provides services like "HostServ", which
can automatically set a user's virtual host upon
logging onto a IRC network, or "StatServ", which
can provide detailed statistics about the network,
individual servers, or channels, and produce an
HTML page. It also includes a number of "Fun"
services and services to assist IRC operators. Its
API allows developers to extend it via C or Perl.

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Letztes Update: 2013-08-20 23:36

Prosody IM Server

Prosody is a server for Jabber/XMPP written in
Lua. It aims to be easy to use and light on
resources. For developers, it aims to give a
flexible system on which to rapidly develop added
functionality or prototype new protocols.

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Letztes Update: 2007-07-10 01:28


naim is the original ncurses (console) AIM client, which also supports IRC, ICQ, and Lily CMC. For AIM and ICQ, it uses the TOC protocol, and includes many commonly-requested features found nowhere else, while still preserving naim's classic look and feel.

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